Friday, March 30, 2012

Me now and a few years back.

Who I am today compared to a few years back:

1. I barely take a book and read. Gadgets make me less read.
2. I no longer boycott Starbucks.
3. My swimming skills have been dramatically declined.
4. I have forgotten all the piano lessons. Including the notes.
5. I barely eat fast food since I am living with my parents.
6. I love my current job and department.
7. I still can't sew. Except for buttons and simple stitches.
8. I seldom cook.
9. I take too much rice.
10. My glucose is not in a satisfactory level anymore.
11. I am fatter.
12. I play badminton better than last time. But still I suck.
13. I barely go to the cinema and I can say that I have no idea what movies are in the cinema nowadays.
14. I know cars better. Last time, I hated talking about it.
15. Learned new recipes but they are still not enough.
16. I can now play ping pong and tennis. Still I suck at sports.
17. I have found a platform to start brushing up my drawing skills that I have left since 1999. Its Draw Something application.
18. I am still single.
19. I am still lazy to do my assignments eventhough I am now in my final semester (insyaAllah).
20. I am now involved with two new fields, MC-ing and designing.
21. I barely sing now.
22. I have lesser close friends. But more real ones.
23. I go to bed way too early.
24. I seldom watch football.
25. I still dislike Facebook.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Oh well here goes nothing.

I actually have zero story to write about. But I really need to scribble about something right now (a distraction).

Hey it's already March!!

Cepatnya masa berlalu and it scares me cause I practically had done nothing.

Well hmm lets see.

Oh well a news to share.

I'm now entering my final semester ! Alhamdulillah.

Final semester is definitely the toughest one. I hope I am ready for this challenge and be able to get a good grade as a beautiful ending for my Masters.

Pursuing to PHD?

Tough tough decision.

Well a friend asked me two days ago, "Ayu tak sambung buat PHD?"

My spontanious answer was, "If still tak ada boyfriend jugak, then yes."

Haha. Lame answer. Din really mean it though. We'll see, we'll see.


Actually if I had a pretty good title for PHD, then why would I not do it, right?

Well, I am still searching for a good title and since I'm not doing a dissertation, it's gonna be a lot tougher!

Buat PHD bukan senang ye. Alangkan buat masters pun ramai kecundang. Huhu. Rezeki jugak lah.

Like my friend said to me,

"Masters is not for the smart ones. But especially for the determinance ones."

Yes. Determination actually determines your success!

So buat masa ini, apa kata fikirkan pasal final semester ni je dulu. Ekekeke.

Ok enough crap. But more crap are coming soon. LOL.

Oww yes, I'm doing my photobook (a custom album) right now since the groupon voucher is expiring this 12th March!! (purchased it like 6 months ago.....zzz)

So here's a sneak peek of the album cover. (yes pretty embarassing since I'm no good when it comes to designing and this is absolutely last minute). I may alter it again but we'll see.. Probably too lazy.