Friday, February 27, 2004

How Do You Sleep?

Most probably..ramai dah dpt info ni... tp mebbe ade yg tak penah jumpe lagi.. so ape kate kite tgk betoi ke cara tido kite menggambarkan peribadi kite sbenarnye? Err.. wondering gak nih. Kite sedar ke kite tido cemane ek? Hehehe~ So aku choose cara yg paling selesa utk melelapkan mate memandangkan aku ni payah nk lelap dlm mase yg singkat. Tp err... mende ni tak yah caye sgt ar kot.. hehe.. saje suke suki. Mebbe ade yg betul..ade yg tak.. so pepandai la judge sendirik k.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

I'm dead...

I should be studying by now... but damn, i've no feeling about exam all. I think most of my frens can definitely guess why. I juz hate to say that I've lost my handphone. Tak penah2 seumor idop aku ilang enpon... antara bende yg paling penting dlm idop aku. Aku rase mcm kene tamparan hebat jer... nak2 bile saat2 kehilangan enpon tuu.. aku baruuuu jer pas gune. Pas aku call Fad, aku masuk kete.. that's it. That's all i can remember.. ntah bile tercicir.. ntah bile lesap... wallahualam.. Allah je laa yg tahu. Semuanyer berlaku centu jer.. Aku tak kesah sgt kalau tu enpon lamer aku.. tapi enpon tu aku br jer merase tak sampai pun sebulan. hati mane tak sakit? slamer ni aku tak penah sygkan brg.. bile aku niat nk sygkan brg2 aku... dtg dugaan cenih... Aiii..sedehnyer....

aku tatau apsal aku sedih sgt.. ramai org lain ilang enset.. ade yg cam dah besa jer.. tp aku? sampai saat ni aku masih sedih sgt2.. org kate, mcm br putus cinte. setiap saat aku duk terkenang... setiap saat gak aku duk doa.. kembalikan laaa enpon aku tu.... walaupun aku rase impossible.

ade sorg member aku ni.. aku kenal die sejak form 4 kalau tak silap.. lame dah.. he's so kind to me.. whenever i'm upset.. atau ade masalah.. he's always there.. eventhough sometimes i've to admit.. i'm the one who keeps avoiding him.. bkn aku tak suke die.. juz aku ni kekadang sibuk.. but still, he's always there for me... [Thank God I found u, my fren..] Bile die tau aku ilang enpon, memcm kate2 smangat die bagi.. Yg paling aku tak sangke tu... first thing die ckp, die nk bagi enpon kat aku. HErk~! I was touched. Well.. wut can i say... i do appreciate his kindness.. tp takkan la sesedap rase jer aku nk pau die, kan? aku rase tak patut aku gunekan die. Hisk.. tak terpk langsung. Lagipun wat mase ni... mmg aku dah tawar hati langsung nk pakai enpon... Tunggulah bile hati aku dah sembuh ker.... huhu.. Paling cepat pun, kalau aku nk pakai... next sem jer... means this April. Biar padan muke aku.

Alah..tak kesah lah. Satu pengajaran.. betul tak? Memang betul2 a lesson la.. menangis sampai mata kiri aku sakit [mcm lebam kene picit] tiap kali berkelip. Padan muke ko, Ayu. Kalau aku leh turn back time.. aku pi mase saat2 enpon aku ilang... aku sepak2 diri aku mase tu sbb careless sgt. Tapi pk pk gak pasal parents aku tak leh contact aku.. haha.. jahatnyer. Biar diorang rindu aku. Perghh..silap2 pasni abah kasik 'enpon' paling canggih di dunie... [penampor..] HAHAHA!

tp bile balik cuti final ni.. ade terpk nak pau koleksi enpon abah.. huahahaha~! [Astaghfirullahalazim...jahatnye manusie ni...] ok ok laa...kidding only k!

K aku paste semua kuiz aku buat slamer ni.. hoho~ [minah ni tgh takde keje ke?]

You are an Ocean Beauty!
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You're Element is Water. You are soft and serene at
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Wednesday, February 25, 2004


I found it somewhat true..some are juz rubbish.. hahah..Oh anyway, i'm a Virgo. :P

She will be similar to Leo woman in appearance. A slim woman who walks with confident and proud.[Hahah! ye laa sgt!] She has an egg shape facial structure, high and round forehead. She likes to look straight as if she is searching. She is not a pretentious type [i am? well, i got nuthing to show off..i own nuthing even my own life belongs to God] and will always say what she thinks. [ damn true.. LOL. dat's y i got so many critics, rite?]

You will see Virgo woman walks fast. [ye ke?] She will try her best to be perfect, to look perfect and to feel perfect even though there is no such perfection.[haha.. no comment. how perfect i want to be, i still look ugly] She is very delicate of what and how she dress. [ermm..dun think so] She is bright and easily despair with obstacles.[YES! i can easily give up.. i'm not a strong girl..] She likes smart guy who will be compatible with her,[it's not becoz of the comparison..its for my own future..ekekek..of coz u dun want to end up living with a guy who doesnt have a good job bcoz he got no brain, rite?] so if you are a rich dumb guy, you can forget about her right now.[dun dare to say this is rite. hehe~ i'm not a smart ass though..]

She is not a very possessive or jealous person for she expect respect from her love one.[i juz dun let my heart rules my mind] She does not like a part time lover, or a temporary mate.[ that a reason why i never accept anyone's love till this second?] If she finds her dream man, she will not go away.[adoih..terkene sebijik!] If she does not like you, she will always keep a certain distant. Act proper and appropriate is her discipline. [hehehe.. I juz can't stand with guys i dun like. if i truly hate a guy, then i'll hate him for the rest of my life. dun worry, it's hard for me to hate ppl. i'm not perfect!]

She does not like and can not stand bad languages, cursing words or phrase. [hak hak! not all bad words.. c'mon, i'm a youngster!, you stinky rabbit] She likes a gentleman who open the doors for her. [naah..that's too kind..hehe..i mean..very kind..*blushing*] She wants to feel protected and when a man taking care of her, she will feel like a complete woman. [yeah.. :P]

She memorizes everything about other people and about herself very well. She can really keep secret, you can trust her on this.[i'm a good secret keeper since i was a kid..haha! i've met lots of strangers who came to me and tell all their secrets! till this sec, i dunno why they picked me..] She likes a refreshing and a mild scent. She is very delicate in maintaining her beauty, so you could see she is seriously picking soap which match and most suit her skin. [that's so not me..i'm not into this stuff. i use soap not shower gel.. i dun stick to one brand..i dun hav toner..i dun hav those sticky liquid that ppl called wutever 'cream'.. i dun hav perfume or i'll end up dizzy all day long..i truly madly deeply hate eyeliner! need i say more???] Do not comments her on this very picky habits, it is her happiness in working full times as a self beautifier. [yeah rite..wuteva..]

She is not an innocent angel for sometimes she can be as tough as steel. [i'm not an angel..purlizzz..] Even she easily despair, she is not the type to cry over it. She is a shy type, so making speech in front of the room can make her nervous even she walks and talks confidently. [ u know...]

She only search for true love , not just any love. [i dun fall in luv and accept luv easily..] Her love is an ideal one. She likes to think no one is neater and as effective as her, which can irritate you sometimes for there is no such thing. [huh?]She likes sweet talk, but she can slip and say something unpredictable and unbearable to you too. When she stops getting mad, she will totally forget what she just said and be an angel again. If you have a date with her , you'd better be there on time. [kih kih kih...there u go, no one will ask me out anymore..]

Flowers and sweet words can calm her down. [o'oh..not rite. i dun fall for flowers. and when i'm mad, sweet words are like fire to me.]If you want to say sorry , make it brief and straight forward. Do not drag your apologetic words into a long making it up events, it could lead you to another world war. [LOL..told ya'] She likes her man to dress nice and clean. She is good in details especially with money. Do not make she thinks that she is a clown or funny.[naah..not me..]

In the beginning of knowing her, please try not to glance at other pretty woman so much. Early period of dating her, try not to hold her so much in public, [dun u ever dare to even touch my nails!] it would not be a proper thing to do. She loves books, stage play and music and likes to criticize about them too.[yup yup thing, i luv to makes me feel alive]

Criticism woman is her icon including big and small things in life starting from your hair, your dress , and the way you talk.[i dun give a damn bout wut ppl have. i only critic bout rite and wrong.] If you are in love with her, be as almost perfect as your can. [duh~]

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Seimbas lalu...

20hb Feb - Jumaat

- Balik ke Kuala Kubu. Boleh lah aku tolong family packing barang utk diangkut ke Terengganu. Abah cakap 3 lori Polis akan dtg ari Sabtu kul 9 pagi. Terdetik gak di hati, cukup ke mase nak packing? Cukup kot. Family datang amik aku kat CJ kul 4 petang, bertolak pukul 9 dari Terengganu. Abah mesti seharian. Kalau aku, dah gile agaknyer.

- Abah ckp aku makin gemok. Aku dah lali dah..asal balik je, makin gemok. Tak penahnye kurus! Hahah! Tak kesah pun. Isk..apesal tak kesah ha? Bahye ni. Esok2 dah tahap obesiti...tak kesah gak, cemane? Ape nak jadi la aku ni. Dua kali aku kekununnye try nak diet.. huk huk. Poyo.. dedua kali tu gak, aku kene cirit-birit, gastrik, siap dengan demam panas. Padan muke. Doktor perli baikkk punya~ Sabau je aku.

- Sampai je KKB...Mak tam dah sampai dengan sepupu2 aku, Nurul dan Faqirul. Belum ilang penat, diorang dah start packing. Mujur aku dah packing brg2 aku mase cuti mid term dulu. Abah beli makanan untuk dinner banyak betul. Tp langsung tak berusik. Biase ler..bile dah penat, ilang dah selera makan. Aku lak dah lunch mase kat CJ. Sudahnye semua makanan berbuang. Ruginyer~

- Kene attack asma lagi. Aku rase cam dah tua. Asyik asma je. Aku pun tak tau punca sebenar. Ni yang buat aku nak duk ostel je sem depan. Tp ostel skang susah nak apply. Diorg nak surat doktor dr spital kerajaan. Ah sudah..ngarut ape. Aku paham la dorang wat centu sebab ramai tipu sblom ni. Jahat laa penipu2 tu sume! Tak pasal2 orang yang bebetul sakit terseksa cenih. Tp bile mase pulak aku nak pi spital wat medical check-up? Parents pun dah ciau ke T’ganu. Aku tak penah pi spital sorang2. Malaslah. Tak reti.

- Tp kalau kene kejar ke spital, best jadi asthmatic ni. Bley terus masuk jumpe doktor..takyah queue. Pi jer bahagian emergency. Daftar nama, pintu bilek doktor dah terbukak. Mengikut keutamaan, 1st..pesakit jantung. 2nd, asthma. Nyeh nyeh~ Untung2 bile dapat doktor encem.. hehe.. [tanduk dah kuar].

- Plan nak jumpe Syakiera mungkin tak jadi... Igt nak paskan teddy2 McD yang die pesan dulu. Last2 kitorang berserah je. Kalau ade rezki, ade la..

21hb Feb - Sabtu

- Awal2 pagi lagi dah kene kejut. Adoi la..payahnye nak bgn. Maklum ler, tido lmbt. Rancak berborak dengan sepupu & adik sambil main tenet. Pergh..breakfast banyak gile. Ibu masak..abah beli kuih-muih. Nak jamu org2 abah yang datang tolong angkut brg. Tp kitorang [aku, adik & sepupu2] sambar dulu.. mueheheh.. Bukan ape, kene la cas betri dulu kan? Egegege~

- Ramainye orang yang datang tolong. Penuh sesak umah. Kelam kabut aku bungkus mane yang blom. Adek aku pepagi dah chow jumpe kekwn die. Ampeh! Brg bukannye sikit. Heee~! Sepupu aku, si Nurul...amik kesempatan 'cuci mate'. Perghh...hebat. Sat2 kang die ckp, muke orang tu macam ni.. muke orang tu macam tu.. Macam Jaafar Onn pun ade! Aku tak minat lak nak usha. Cukup la bapak aku je beruniform. Sbolehnye aku nak ngelak orang beruniform ni. Hehe~ Tp yang tak bestnye.. teruk aku kene usik dengan sorang anggota ni. Aku pun taktau apsal. Mane aku pegi, die ikut. Hisk.. last2 aku nyorok kat bilek je. Dok diam2 kat situ. Alih2 sampai ke bilek aku, die datang. Nurul dah berair2 bijik mate gelakkan aku. Yang geramnye, aku bersin pun orang tuu nak tego. Sebok je~ Nurul ckp, orang tu asik tengok aku je. Heeeh..mintak mahap. Aku wat bodo jer. Ape je die ckp kat aku, aku diam je. "Ar..ape? saye pekak la incik!" Duh~

- Tetibe, tetengah aku busy mengemas meja.. satu kelibat muncul depan mate aku. Ya Allah! Syakiera? Terharunye aku! Die senyum je kat aku. Punyelah aku hepi tak terkate.. die nak bertolak ke Batu Gajah.. so die singgah umah aku kejap. Mak aku pun terkejut besar tengok Syakiera. Aku pun grab teddy2 McD die..dan kitorang menuju ke kete. Alamak aii.. ade parents dan adek die, A'lieeyaa [sori Sya kalu salah eja, payah la!]. Eee..segannye aku dengan ayah die. Terkujat2 jugak laa aku jaga manner. Maklum ler..keluarga die alim belaka. Sya pun pakai tudung labuh. Dah la time tu, aku pakai.. err.. nevermind. Huwaa~ pilunye hatiku bile A'lieeyaa dah tak kenal aku.. Sebak ati aku. Dulu, mase aku salu pi umah Syakiera, A'lieeyaa tak bagi aku balik. Die siap ley panggey nama aku.. errr..walopun pelat.. [jadi, 'Kak Aju' instead of 'Kak Ayu']

- Dalam kul 1, umah aku clear. Alahai, tetibe sebak pulak rasa di hati. Aritu ari terakhir aku kat sane. Ehee..byk sangat kenangan. Lame jugak aku menetap kat situ.. erm.. jap kire.. 4 tahun. [Lame ke?] "KKB, I will be back!!"

- Pas Zohor, bertolak ke Ipoh. Ibu nak jumpe intan payung die, Along. Mulenye nak drop aku kat CJ sblom balik Ipoh sebab esoknye nak balik Tengganu terus. Kalau dr Ipoh, leh ikut Deli.. lagi dekat. Aku tak kesah sebab aku kene paham situasi mase tu [err..walopun sedey sikit..isk isk..]. Last2 abah sanggup anta esok je.. sblom ke Tengganu.. Jauh tu, sebab pas pi CJ, kene patah balik. Perghh..terharu. "Eleh bah, ngaku je la abah windu kat anak dara abah yang tembam ni!"

- Manjoi [kampung aku] happening malam tu pasal PM datang sempena Maal Hijrah. Alahai.. teringinnye nak pi mesjid. Ade ceramah Maal Hijrah. Tapi aku tatau, dah habis ceramah, baru Mak long singgah umah. Mak long ckp, masjid sesak sampai orang duk kat tangge. Seronok dgr mak long citer pasal ceramah tu. Banting duk sangkut sana sini..bebetul depan pagar umah aku pun ade, aku tak perasan langsung. Maklum ler, nak sambut PM. Meriah la malam tahun baru..

22hb Feb - Ahad

- Sampai CJ kul 12.. ehem2.. Sha tengah watpe tuu?? Hehehehe~ As I expected, Fieza lom balik. Rase arini ileks betul.. sebab? Esoknye cuti! Muehehe.. Secara otomatiknye, minggu ni takde tutorial. Yeah baby! Err..taktau ar pulak pasal replacement class. Sha cek MMLS, tak inform pepe pun. That's a good sign.. nyeh nyeh~ [tanduk tumbuh agi..].

- Wahhh..tetibe tersedar mid term exam Statistik dah dekat. Tak study ape pun. Giler tol. Notes pun tah ke mane. Perghh... Ayu, Ayu. Tak igt ape pesan ibu? "Tengah belajar, wat cara tengah belajar." Keletung~! Terase paler cam kene ketok dek frying pan. Ayu, bile ko ni nak sedar? Heee~~

- Tah mane silapnyer... salah sedut udara kot.. malam tu teruk kene selsema. Alahai, bencinye flu! Seb baik ade stok ubat. Alamak, tinggal 2 biji je Clarinase. Kene pi beli esok2 ni. Sudahnye, kul 1 tak silap.. mate dah ngantok, kesan ubat. So masuk tido. Cis cisss... kul 2.30 terjage lik. Pusing kiri..pusing kanan, tak mau lelap. Bangun.. pi bilek air.. tido lik.. Kroh krohh.. zZzzz.. Herk! Kul 5 lebih terjage lik. Cisssss~! Tak leh tido sungguh aku malam tu. Bangun.. pi minum air. Try tido lik. Kul 6.30 jage balik. Terus pi bilek air amik wuduk. Pas subuh, tido tak hingat duniye, jangan tanye bangun kol bape. Biarlah Sha dengan Fieza je tau. Wahahah!

23hb Feb - Isnin

- Yeay! Cuti lagik.. bestnye. Arini takde pape yang best. Duk lepak kat bilek jer. Ade gak terdetik nak pi taman yang Mimi bgtau tu.. tp rasenye malas pulak nak turun. Ape lagi nak keluar. Lebih2 lagiiii driving. Herrr..tak minat! So duk je la kat bilek.. konon nak study..huk huk... last2 bantai tengok Italian Job lagi.. best lah cite ni... sebab..ade... 'Napster' yang kiut tu.. hik hik! Sambil tuu cuci mate tengok my fave car, Mini Cooper [really I know nuthin bout cars, so ask me nuthin bout it]. Lagipun cite ni takde adegan romance. Alhamdulillah.. leh tengok dengan senang hati.

Seth Green @ Napster/Lyle

Pssst :- Missing my family already..

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Salam Maal Hijrah

Tahun baru Hijrah 1425 dah nak masuk time Maghrib nanti.... jom kite baca doa pendek ni dulu... mudah-mudahan hari2 yg mendatang akan lebih dirahmati Allah dan dihindari olehNya sebarang malapetaka.. InsyaAllah....

~* Doa Awal Tahun *~


Allah SWT berselawat ke atas penghulu kami Muhammad SAW, ahli keluarga dan sahabat-sahabat baginda dan kesejahteraan ke atas mereka.

Wahai Tuhan, Engkaulah yang kekal abadi, yang qadim. yang awal dan ke atas kelebihanMu yang besar dan kemurahanMu yang melimpah dan ini adalah tahun baru yang telah muncul di hadapan kami. Kami memohon pemeliharaan dariMu di sepanjang tahun ini dari syaitan dan pembantu-pembantunya dan tentera-tenteranya dan juga pertolongan terhadap diri yang diperintahkan melakukan kejahatan dan usaha yang mendekatkanku kepadaMu Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Agung dan Maha Mulia.

Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha pengasih dari mereka yang mengasihi dan Allah berselawat ke atas penghulu kami Muhammad. Nabi yang ummi dan ke atas ahli keluarga dan sahabat-sahabatnya dan kesejahteraan ke atas mereka.

~* Doa Akhir Tahun *~


Allah SWT berselawat ke atas penghulu kami Muhammad SAW, ahli keluarga dan sahabat-sahabat baginda dan kesejahteraan ke atas mereka.

Wahai Tuhan, apa yang telah aku lakukan dalam tahun ini daripada perkara-perkara yang Engkau tegah daripada aku melakukannya dan aku belum bertaubat daripadanya. Sedangkan Engkau tidak redha dan tidak melupakannya. Dan aku telah melakukannya di dalam keadaan di mana Engkau berupaya untuk menghukumku, tetapi Engkau mengilhamkanku dengan taubat selepas keberanianku melakukan dosa-dosa itu semuanya. Sesungguhnya aku memohon keampunanMu, maka ampunilah aku. Dan tidaklah aku melakukan yang demikian daripada apa yang Engkau redhainya dan Engkau menjanjikanku dengan pahala atas yang sedemikian itu. Maka aku memohon kepadaMu.

Wahai Tuhan! Wahai yang Maha Pemurah! Wahai Yang Maha Agung dan wahai Yang Maha Mulia agar Engkau menerima taubat itu dariku dan janganlah Engkau menghampakan harapanku kepadaMu Wahai Yang Maha Pemurah. Dan Allah berselawat ke atas penghulu kami Muhammad, ke atas ahli keluarga dan sahabat-sahabatnya dan mengurniakan kesejahteraan ke atas mereka.

Barangsiapa yang membaca doa akhir tahun ini, maka syaitan akan berkata:
"Hampalah kami di sepanjang tahun ini".


Ayu ucapkan Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah 1425 buat kekawan, rumet2 tersayang, dan para pembaca yg menyukai mahupun membenci penulisan blog ni.. ihiks! Semoga tahun baru nanti, kite pertingkatkan lagi amalan... memperbaiki kelemahan.. dan jugak bersikap positif dan terbuka.. okie?

Ayu mohon maaf jika slamer ni ayu ade guriskan hati mane2 pihak... Ayu sedar kelemahan ayu.. InsyaAllah, tahun baru ni ayu akan cube perbaiki kesilapan.. [maklum ler, tahun baru Masihi dah terbatal azam.. haha!]

Special dedication for my roommates [Sha n Fieza]... u girls really make my day.. sori laa atas segaleeee keterlanjuran kate, terlajak bicare.... sori yek? Pasnih aku akan lebey berhati2...hehe.. insyaAllah.. [jentik tlingeku jike aku wat jahat lagik..ekeke!]

K la...tu jer kot... Epi new year!

Credits to Darul Numan dan sume yg duk fwd doa tu kat YM. thanks!!

Pssst :- Mengenang dose lalu...

Malaysian Princess of Pop

Smalam...kebetulan aku tgk brite tv3... ade lak poll yg menggunakan sms sbg undian. Soklan dier, kureng lebey gini ar... nape ct nurhaliza berjaye bertahan lame.. seriyes aku tak igt ayat betul dier.. tp gitu lah maksud poll tuh...jwpn ade due jer... (a) pemilihan lagu yg sesuai (b) suara dan penampilan menarik. Perghhh... aku tau musti ramai yg pilih (b).. dan bile tv3 tunjuk result, 92% pilih (b). hehe.. hebat. aku pilih ape? well...aku tergolong dlm yg lagi 8% tu.. I have my own reasons k..

secare bestnyer, aku ckp sesiap.. aku mmg peminat ct nurhaliza. aku mengikuti perkembangan die sejak die menang Bintang HMI lagi.. [sblom die bergelar artis]. aku agree kalau org kate ct bertahan lame sbb suara dan penampilan yg menarik. tp pade aku, tu bknler punca utama die bertahan. this is my own opinion k? kalau laa ct tak pandai pilih lagu, aku rase ct akan jadi sebaris dgn artis2 lain yg mempunyai vokal yg bagus tp tak kekal di tangge teratas. contoh??? cube kite tgk ziana zain, dayang nurfaizah, nora dan liza hanim... they have superb vocals beb.. tak ley celennyer... memasing hebat. kalu masuk American Idol, mmg gulung tikar ar pengkritik pasai tak tau nk kritik ape.

tp kenape diorg tak leh naik? cube bgtau single terbaru diorg? atau yg paling last laa penah dipopularkan.. aku pun tatau! ahahaha! setengah org yg memang peminat setia, of coz la tau. tp ct.. pemilihan lagu die mmg tip top.. jarang2 skali laa kite dgr single ct tak naik carta. for sure ade punyer. org dgr pun sedap.. dah la suara mmg power. lagu die hebat2 lak tu.. very catchy and radio-friendly. mcm contohnyer lagu nirmala.. lagu balqis tuh.. seblom ni mane ade artis yg brani nk ketengahkan muzik camnih. nak2 plak irama mcm ni tak ramai ley trime. maklum laa irama tradisional..bape kerat jer yg layan. [dun misundazstood, aku minat irama asli. heheh!] aku rase ct punye taste yg cukup baik dlm pemilihan lagu. well for ur information, lagu nirmala tuu cetusan idea ct sendiri..sbb die yg mintak Pak Ngah cipta lagu yg ade unsur padang pasir. [jgn lupe, mase ni Yassin tak popular lagi].

ct brani berubah dan membuat perubahan dari segi lagu dan persembahan.. tu yg aku respek tu berbanding dgn artis lain.. alih2 lagu jenis centuuu jer diorang bwk. lame2 org buhsan la kan? nk ckp ct sorang suara power... dgr dulu suara artis2 yg aku nyatekan td.. hebat.. seriyes. liza hanim penah dikatekan meniru ct. aku ade album liza dan ct. jauh beza la.. nk2 part lenggok dgn key yg tinggi2. sorry to say, bab jerit nih, aku puas ati suara liza lagik. lantang. ct lak, lunak. lain tu. ct jerit kuat cemane pun, suara die tetap lunak. berlainan dgn liza, suara liza ni bile low key, jadik lunak.. bile high key, jadik lantang.

dulu aku minat gak kat liza hanim ni..aku hanye meminati artis yg punye vokal CT, Christina Aguilera, dan Jessica Simpson. tp minat aku pade liza mule pudar bile lagu die kurang menyengat. org nk beli album pun, pikir 10,20 kali. suara die maintain jer powernyer. tp disebabkan lagu2 die kurang diterime ramai, tu pasal la die tak mampu saingi ct. [dan of coz, advantage buat ct, sbb die comey kan? hehe! kiut tul!]

tp sepanjang tempoh ct jadik artis...bukan tak penah die berada di ambang kejatuhan. wartawan siap tanye die, aii ct.. nk jatuh dah ke? ape perasaan? huhu~ ct ileksss jer. tp kenape die penah berada di bwh? sbb suara die tetibe sumbang ke? tak, kan? sbb... mase tu, single die tak menyengat. aku tak igt lagu ape mase tu.. tak silap Gelora Kasih kot? ntah la.. tk sure. lagu tuu berade kat carta pun tak lame.. alih2 dah kene kick out. tu pasal la ct jatuh sekejap. tp die bangkit balik dgn lagu2 yg mmg menepati citerase pendengar.

sampai skang die masih kekal sbg penyanyi no.1. konon misha omar nk beat die.. c'mon..bagi misha mase, jgn push die mcmane dayang kene push dulu.. alih2, mana dayang pigi??? misha br popular satu lagu beb! jgn cepat melatah. kasik die can..die pun tertekan bile org meletakkan burden yg begitu besar di atas bahu dier... sume ni mainan wartawan jer. pd aku, ape yg wartawan kate tuu bukan facts, tp hanye kate2 yg diorg andai sendirik. betul ke misha beat ct? hehe..tipu. nk bukti gak? bebaru ni.. mtv asia awards...sape gondol beb? tak puas ati? paling latest, ct menang 3 awards kat Anugerah Planet Muzik 2004 [Artis Wanita Popular,Lagu Popular (Bukan Cinta Biasa) dan Artis Wanita Terbaik]. so kasik misha gilap bakat dulu..die masih perlu byk mase la... tp lagu2 misha dlm album die, mmg besh. aku suke sgt dgn 'lilitan asmara' dan 'kau yg amat ku sayang'. jiwang tak hingatnyer~ tp besh!


juz a lil addition 'ere...

pehh...kat tenet skang ni.. esp. kat kemain lagik depa kutuk ct kaw kaw punyer..tak hingatnyer~ sume gara-gara si ct kununnyer tersasul sebut 'pleasure' jadik 'pressure' mase nk present award kat MTV04.. [aku tgk 2 kali tak pasan pun??]

ape hebat ngat ke bahse inggeris ni sampai salah sikit pun nak kecoh? yg mane salah, diperbetulkan laa.. nk nak hentam. ape ni? omputih sendirik ckp bahse diorg pun kekdg tersasul, apesal tak gelak?? kite ni pun ckp broken malay everyday, apesal tak hentam dirik sendirik???

cube kalu suh depa cakap omputih depan2 audience yg beribu2 lemon tu... sanggup ke cik abg, cik kak, cik adek sume??? baper kerat je yg brani? ade yg english tahap a-level aa... tahap A1 [siap plus plus kononnye]... MUET band 4-6 laaa.. kire english ni setakat sesenang mengorek lobang idong jer pade still kalut bile ckp english... ade hati nk kutuk ct yg cume pangkat 2 dlm spm tp brani ckp dpn org ramai???

muahahah..tu yg lawaknyer... org kite ni suke sgt kutuk sesame sendiri. megah benar bile org kite sendiri wat salah..dan diheboh2kan seantero duniye dgn mende kecik centu.. ape nk jd ni?? isk isk.. bangge ke?? bangge yek?? suke laa??

ok laa..aku dah melalut lebih2 ni...perut lom isi lagik nih.. lapau lah pulak..ok ar..tata!

Pssst :- jgn sume nak terase lak.. sape makan garam, die la terase masinnyer.

Credits to and

Friday, February 20, 2004

Juz Me..

I've waited a long time for this
It feels right now
Allow me to introduce myself
I want you to come a little closer
I'd like you to get to know me a little bit better
Meet the real me
Sorry you can't define me
Sorry I break the mold
Sorry that I speak my mind
Sorry don't do what I'm told
Sorry if I don't fake it
Sorry I come too real
I will never hide what I really feel Huh, so here it is
No hype, no gloss, no pretense
Just me

Sorry if I ain't perfect
Sorry I don't give a -what-
Sorry I ain't a diva
Sorry just know what I want
Sorry I'm not a slut
I won't let you break me
Think what you want

To all my dreamers out there - I'm with you
All my underdogs, ha - I feel you
Lift your head high and stay strong
Keep pushin' on

Stripped Pt.1 & 2 [Christina Aguilera]

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Written all over my heart...

Arini terrrcuti 'tak rasmi' lagi...terlepas klas kul 8 pagi... tu jer la klas yg ade ari Rabu.. ley lak terlepas. sha punye alarm ade masalah teknikal... payah tol takde alarm sendirik ni... hp aku yg skang ni takde alarm! bungok tak? bungok gilers ah... time beli, tak cek lak. cisss~ pasni terpakse la kembali ke cara dolu-dolu, gune jam loceng.. hehe~ nanti kuar, terpakse la beli. igt nk beli iron skali..hohoh~ ntah mane pi iron kat bilek solat... ley ghaib lak tanpa jejak. cehhh~! ye ye aku smangat nk pi iron arituh.. tetengok takde?! ade yg ley jwb persoalan ku ini??

tp yg beshnyer.... arini aku hepi cam fiza gaks.. atas punce yg same.. ehee~~ tp takyah la cite lelebih.. hepi lak aku dpt miskol dr die..nyeh nyeh... igt lagi die kat aku... best tol.. tak silap ipta tgh bz exam skang.. uiyo beshnyer depa..pastu cuti panjang ar ek? mmu ni cemut giler cuti.. nyampah aku.. tp yg bagusnyer, takde la rase buhsan sgt cuti lelame.. kang sangap tatau nk wat per... aniwei, aku arap die dpt flying colours laa.. senang sok nk sara aku anak bini.. warhahahah~! poyo~ takde ah..memain jer tu..

tadik tgh buhsan....aku takmo tidow..mata gile punye ngantok. tahan, tahan... asyik nk tido ptg jer.. payah ar cenih. dah cukup tembam, ade ati nk tambah lemak yg melebih-lebih ni.. heee~ ape nk jadi la ngan aku. igt nk jogging.. cam membe2 lain.. tp takleh, ade sakit. tah aku pun tatau ape ke peliknye sakit ni.. tanak la aku cite. cam klakar. tp kalu aku lari, aku akan menderita diserang sakit ni. fuh~ nk pi gym? MUAHAHA! gilers. blom terbukak ati lagi. ahaks! so nk tahan ngantok...aku tgk Gothika. sha pun join. suspen dowh cite ni.. ade la beberape kali terbabas menjerit. jenuh dah aku cekup mulut ni..tahan jgn jerit. tak mau nye jugak. tu br tgk kat pc. kalu tgk kat wayang. alih2 semua org kuar panggung jd pekak. jln crite ni aku dpt bace.. muahaha.. sblom die bgtau hal sbenar, aku dah berjaye teka sape killers die. yesh yesh..

yesh la sgt.. alih2 pas tgk, 'pengsan' gak aku.. haha. mak aku duk bebel... "aiii tak kawen laa anak aku.." ceh..kalau aku kurus pun, ade ke yg nk kawen dgn aku? hahah! gile. taknak aku kawen. lom lagi laa..bkn tanak.. wakakak.. poyo yek ckp pasal kawen. blajar pun tak habis lagi. hishh.. takde sbb aku nk kawen skang. mepek~ ayah aku tak caye lak tuh bile aku ckp aku takde boyfren. hehe. yg call2 atau sms sume tuu kawan je bah.. caye lah. berbuih dah aku ckp. tak cayenye die. tak caye sudah.. aku hati batu skang.. haha.

aku salu mimpi ngeri ar.. tensi aku. apesal tah. kalu aku lupe bace ayat kursi..for sure aku dpt nitemare punye la. bebaru ni nitemare aku cam hape jer... dah laa seram.. tp aku tau aku tgh mimpi. aku cube nk bgn. gile hah sampai sakit tgn aku nk gerakkan badan supaye terjage. ye la..time tidow, jasad dan roh kan terpisah. ley lak tgh mimpi, aku 'halau' roh aku masuk jasad aku balik.. sbb aku nk bangun! berpeluh2 aku sbb mimpi ngeri tu. tp sampai sudah tak berjaye bgn.. kalau bgn jer, cume imaginasi. aku sangke aku dah bgn, tp aku still dlm mimpi tu. tp dlm kepayahan memakse diri utk bgn tu, aku sempat bukak mate sesaat jer. dan aku terase betapa berat dan payahnye aku nk gerakkan tgn sampai bantal aku jatuh ke lantai. ye la...roh takde, ko nk gerak cemane kan?

last2, aku serender. aku tidow balik dan pasrah utk menghadapi nitemare tuh.. hahah! aku try bace ayat kursi. perghhh...aku ley kawal mimpi sendiri. hebat tak? tp mmg sangkut2 la aku bace. sbb terganggu dgn mimpi tu.. but at last, aku berjaye tepis nitemare tuu dan tidoq dgn nyenyaknyer... kroh krohhh..zZzzZz..

awal muharram dah dekat nih... tp aku tak balik la.. isk isk... malas pulak nk balik. gile ape balik tengganu? iskk... makan ati tul aku sejak family pindah sane ni.. homesick siyott~~ nk wat camne..pasrah je ar.. huhu~ tp maybe parents nk turun ke sini... nk angkut sume barang2 kat kkb tu.. lom abis angkut lagi. len kali duk umah setinggan.. kan senang.. barang pun tak byk..

arini cyber ujan jer...besh.. aku suke ujan. walopun kadang2 ujan menyusahkan org. ujan itu mendamaikan. ye ker? hehe..

k lah...dah dekat kul 1. arini kene tido awal. pagi ni smangat nak pi klas statistik ni. perghh~! kul 8 pagi lagi... berjaye kah aku bangun? insyaAllah.. we'll see.. Oh God, pls pls pls wake me up. aku nk beramal ni.. dgn menuntut ilmu.. hehe...

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

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This overnight star is really quite shy, preferring his hometown of St. Paul, over glitzy Los Angeles. And that's exactly why a dream date with this Midwestern heartthrob might consist of a burger, fries, and a chocolate malt in the back row of a drive-in movie (though he'd never take you to one of his). After the flick, you just might find yourself engaged in a conversation about what it's like for him to pretend to be someone else for a living.

Still this Pearl Harbor flyboy will be the first one to tell you that he'd prefer to just fly under the radar of Hollywood's celeb scene. One look at him—especially if you're on his arm—and you know that's not going to be easy.

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This is funny..honestly.. Din expect I could get this high.

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The right kind of wrong? I dunno... duh~

[jangan yg ni pon nk kritik dah la yer..kuang kuang kuanggg~!!]

~ TeLL mE hOw yOu DrIvE ~

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Satu kenyataan, seribu penangan...

Kali ni... entry ni cume nak memberi respon terhadap beberape tanggapan dan jugak kritikan yg dilemparkan kat ayu. Fuh.. best jugak. wat blog utk suke2. tp bkn saje dikritik, tp jugak dituduh bukan2. kat tagboard, sms, dan mcm2 lagi. takpelah. ayu dah biase. sejak dr bangku sekolah, pendpt ayu sering berbeza. kenape? ayu pun tatau. maybe sbb ayu left-handed, so pemikiran gune otak kiri kot? apepun, ayu tegaskan.. at least ayu tak hipokrit mcm sesetengah manusie. ayu terime kritikan. ayu terime teguran. thanks! at least ayu tau org bace ape ayu tulis, betul?

menjawab pade artikel 'typical malays'...tak perlu ayu ulas panjang. sbb ayu dah komen balik dgn pnjg lebar kat bhgn komen tuh. yer ler..bkn niat nk lawan, tp terang sesiap seblom kene 'attack' lagi. nasib baik lah Tuhan anugerahkan sifat berani menjawab pade ayu. bkn niat nak riak..cube kalau ayu takut dikritik, mau terkencing2 ayu bace kritikan2 yg ayu dpt slamer ni.

apepun, jgnlah salah paham pade ayu. ayu letak artikel tu sbb ayu nak kite org melayu ni...amik tau pasal hal2 cenih.. ape yg org mengate.. ape yg menyimpang dr agame.. kene concern la mende2 cenih. takkan nk biar org pijak paler kite kan? dan juge, ayu letak sbb ayu tau ramai yg tak brani letak, kan? artikel tuu spt ayu katekan dulu, ayu dpt menerusi email2 fwd. yg fwd tuu semuanye melayu tau. diorang sume suh kite amik iktibar.. renungkan.. dan same2 sebarkan utk kesedaran semua. dan ayu buat mcm yg diorg suruh. sebab ayu rase patut.

keduanyer.... entry ayu pasal filem Mr. Cinderella 2 tu pun tak kurang hebat penangannyer. Maklumlah, filem Melayu kene kritik dek org Melayu sendiri.. ayu lah tu. cube pk, bhgn mane ayu perlu puji? jenuh ayu pk tau... bkn niat nk berat sebelah.. tp dah mmg ayu gagal mencari bhgn dlm cite tu yg patut ayu puji. ayu tgk pun tak habis. kenape? takkan sbb crite tu best sgt? mestilah sbb tak mampu menarik hati ayu. ayu byk kutuk filem melayu ke?? cube pk..ayu kritik ape sebenarnyer? mutu lakonan kan?? Sbg penonton.. ayu berhak kritik sape saje yg ayu nak! ayu kritik bknnye membabi bute. ade sebab. ayu bkn bodoh. pengarah kate bagus, ayu pun kate bagus. silap tuh. ayu bkn mcm tu. ayu ade pandangan dan citerase ayu sendiri.

ayu dikatekan mencemuh industri tanahair sendiri..dan terlalu membangge-banggekan filem barat. Jap.. bile mase ni? ade bukti? ade ayu ckp sumthing yg menampakkan betapa obsessnyer ayu dgn filem barat??? cube tgk bhgn 'current movie'.. ayu taruk cite omputih ke? [ketike entry ni ditulis, current movie ialah Trauma] ayu peminat setia amy mastura tau! jgn memain! lakonan die best! bkn die jer..byk lagi pelakon ayu respek habis.. azean irdawaty, ngasriah ngasri, rosyam nor, faizal hussein dll. Tgk balik entry My Cinderella 2 tuh... last skali, ayu puji cite Cinta Kolesterol. Tu cite kaum ape lak tuh? Bajau? Dayak? Bidayuh? atau Indonesia?

Org bute...dgn org yg pejam mate ni.. lain. Org bute menggunekan deria die yg lain utk membuat pertimbangan dan mencari hala tuju. Tp org celik yg pejam mate, ilang tumpuan bile deria penting die [mata] tidak digunekan dan die lupe die ade deria lain utk mendengar, menghidu, merasa dan menyentuh.

Kepade sesetengah kritikan... ayu hargai.. ayu nampak ape yg diorg cube nak sampaikan. yg suke mencemuh mengikut emosi semate-mate tuh.. luaskan sikit pemikiran. think twice. jgn main redah jer. ikut sedap je nk lempar ape tanpe usul periksa dan pertimbangan.. karang ayu ckp, inilah org melayu.. ayu kena maki balik ye dak?

Hal ni buat ayu teringat pade bekas PM kite, Tun Dr. Mahathir bile beliau buat teguran pade bangse die sendiri. Sajak die, Melayu Mudah Lupa mendpt respon yg pelbagai. ade yg melatah, ade yg mencemuh, ade jugak yg tersedar [tp byk mane?]. "Ape la PM..kutuk bangse sendiri!" "Hek leh..die tu bangse ape lak?" "Cam dah perfect sgt!" Tp die rileks jer, sbb die sygkan bangse sendiri kot.. ayu salute kat dier.. Makin byk die bertindak, makin byk cemuhan dan makian die dpt.

lastly, ape yg ayu nk bgtau.... ayu takkan berhenti kritik selagi ayu rase patut. walau org cemuh ayu sekalipun, ayu bukan hipokrit dan emosional.

peace~ a'kum.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Bandaraye bersejarah..

Akhirnyer.... sampai jugak hajat aku, Sha n Mael nk ke Melaka jumpe kekawan kat saner... MMU Melaka terlalu byk kenangan buat kitorg... impossible la kalu kitorg dah lupe kampus pertama tempat kitorg menuntut ilmu tuh. Lgpun, rate2 kekwn sume pun mmg asal dari kampus saner...

Mule cadang nk pi pas solat Jumaat.. Tp tibe2 Mael ajak gerak malam tu jugak.. [hari Khamis, malam Jumaat]. Of coz la kitorg tak setuju...sbb kitorg ade exam mlm tuh sampai kul 10. dah tu, takmau la rushing2 sgt. at last kitorg janji nk gerak pagi Jumaat tuh... [a'a, pagi la sgt... kul 10 br gerak.] Semangat tol si Mael kejut aku kul 7.50 pagi. But then aku tido balik ar..ehehehe.. Dlm kul 8.15 br aku bgn.

Sampai je Melaka..tah apsal, memasing wat muke batak tgk Melaka.. mcm dah seploh tahun tak jejak kaki kat sane laa.. ceh~ Sume bangunan kunun taknah tgk lg.. Padahal, byk yg mmg dah bertahun kat situ. Smangat gak kitorg.... alhamdulillah..sampai jugak kitorg. Yg lawaknyer, biler suh anta Akmal ke Melawis.. Mael terlajak jalan..sbb die dah konpius jln kat situ! Kecoh tol kitorg gelakkan Mael.. pdhal jln ke Melawis tuuu laa jln yg paling kerap kitorg pi dulu..sbb nk dinner kat Sempoy.. Ade ke Taman Dahlia diingatnye Melawis.. ko ni, Mael.. lupe lautan ke???

Byk sgt memori kat Melaka.. tak dpt nk cite semua. Mmg sronok. Ptg tu...lepak kat bilek Icun.. Mule ayu yg pi sorang..last2 sume serbu... sha, azwa, zurin, wa. Bergosip la dedulu. Hehe.. Huuhh..angin kat Melaka mmg tgh kuat... cam nk melayang pon ade. Mmg sah2 teringat mase mule2 masuk MMU dulu... angin kuat gaks. Ptg tu, ikut Zurin pi Mini M'sia.. join die wat research utk Malaysian Studies. best la.. awal2 dah pi meronggeng.

Malam tu igt nk dinner kat Sempoy.. tp ramai tak pat kensel la.. akhirnyer aku, zurin, sha, mael ngan stap pi makan kat medan selera ayer keroh jer. tp sedap gak mee sup kat situ tau! thanks to stap sbb die la kwn laki kat Melaka yg paling rajin join kitorg pi memane jer.. balik dr ayer keroh, lepak kat cendawan.. huhu..windu saat2 dulu.. sempat gak borak dgn abg anas dan abg emon, yg kebetulan berjanji nk jumpe, pi kua makan. alang2 kitorg kat situ, diorg pun join borak.. huhu... takdelah lame sgt...sejuk gilers.. angin tiup kuat tak hingatnyer.

Ari sabtu, aku, sha, zurin, icun, wa, mael, dan stap turun ke MP dan Bandar Hilir... pi jenjalan..makan angin.. best. we took lots of pictures.. memacam kenangan dan kegembiraan kitorg dpt. Balik tu, lepak kat RSI [ke RSU? tah la..dah konpius lak].. igt nk beli air kelapa kegemaranku..uhuk uhuk.. tp tak pat la.. kempunan siyottt~! oh ye, spanjang kat Melaka, kak Nora willing nk bagi aku dgn sha tido kat sick bay. giler la..pasal luas dan ade air-cond. mueheheh.. so memalam, kitorg tido reramai ler.

sempat jugak aku jumpe dgn ramai senior dan kekwn... bonda, abg fird, abg emon, abg anas, abg mukhlis [isk....muke abg betol2 mengingatkan saye pd someone!!], kak erin, zul, nora, abg bario, eddy [thanx for the choc!], nik, iskk...terlalu ramai kot nk disenaraikan. dan ramai jugak laa yg tego aku makin 'sihat'!!! huwaaa~!!

malam sabtu, kitorg makan kat sempoy.... ayamz pun ade. isk isk...susah tol nk jumpe ayam. tp takpelah, at least sudi gak die jumpe kitorg. sempat jugak tgk MTV Awards kat sempoy.. yeahhh~!! CT was great! terpegun tgk kecantikan dan kehebatan vokal die menyampaikan lagu 'Say It Isn't So' dgn Gareth Gates. Bravo2! Nampak gaye, yg tak minat CT pun tak alih mate dr skrin TV tgk CT nyanyi.. muahahaha!

then pas dinner...aku anta Mael ke Melawis.. then lepak2 dgn icun, sha, zurin, syuen [sori kalu salah], nora, dan zul kat SCC OR. Slamber jer.. Actually aku ade satu feeling di mane aku tak brape suke lepak @ pergi @ menjenguk @ mendekati SCC Room tuh. Kalau korang [kekwn rapat aku] prasan..aku suke bg alasan..dan air muke berubah tiap kali org ajak aku pi situ. Why? aku tak dpt nk kongsi dgn sume... tp korang yg close ni musti tau kan....satu ketike dulu..ade memori2 indah kat situ... akhirnye jadik debu. eceh!dan satu lagi, aku tak suke sbb kali pertama aku jejak kaki ke bilek tuh, aku kene pi intebiu utk masuk ostel. gile tekanan jiwe siot~!! nk masuk ostel pun kene pi intebiu.. hine nye diriku ini..isk isk! tp bkn aku sorg laa kene intebiu..ade dlm 16 org kot.

Tp mlm tu..nk tanak ku gagahkan jua lah.. takkan aku nk lepak sesorg kat bilek... tak profesional la plak kan? ekeke.. lame jugak kat saner... hurmm..lame ke? tak sgt kot... dlm kul 3 lebih, kitorg balik ke bilek.. sambung borak.. hehe.. then dlm kul 4...memasing pun 'pengsan'.

ari ahad...terbangun lmbt la plak...maklum ler..penat bergosip... mael lak tak kejut pon aku pagi tu.. kate suh amik die kol 10... sudahnye kol 12, msg aku, ckp die br bgn..ceit! dlm 12.15 aku bergegas pi depan library... [huhu..bkn tok study..jgn salah paham..] jumpe member, die nk pulangkan buku eri poter Goblet of Fire. lame gak borak dgn dier... dlm kul 1, mael call suh amik.. so aku pun mintak dirik.

ari ahad, tibelah mase utk balik ke CJ.. isk isk.. Mael nk balik awal, kitorg lak sebulehnyer takmo balik... keh keh.. Mule kate tengahari..then postpone ke Zohor.. alang2 dah lajak sampai kul 2 lebih kat RSI.. lajak sampai pas Asar.. sudahnyer mate ngantok...berborak kat sick bay ramai2... Mael call suh siap.. muahahah... pujuk punye pujuk... [ayat manje gile tak hingatnyer] Mael bertegas nk balik kul 5. memasing dah sedey2.. ecehhh... tak sampai seminit mael call balik, "nk balik pas maghrib ke?" AH AH AHHH!!! Dipendekkan crite, kitorg balik pas Isyak!!

Begitulah alkesahnyer.... seronok mmg seronok.. Diorg nk turun KL satu ari... nk pi Times Square.. sbb excited bile dgr kitorg dah pi.. Huhhh..pi reramai..sape tanak??? aku dgn sha tersangat laa mengalu-alukan..!

K la... len kali sambung lagik...cau cin cauu...~!

p/s: akhirnye aku berjaye gak minum air kelape ari ahad tu! yeay! alhamdulillah!

Personality Disorder Test


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

hurmmmm....tak best la result aku. tak gempak ponz..

oh btw, i'm too lazy to update my blog.. muehehe.. will be updated soon..insyaAllah.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Rentetan Seorang Aku

Bukan itu kemahuan aku!
Bukan itu yang aku perlu!
Tapi siapa aku??
Kenapa aku degil?
Kenapa aku keras kepala??
Kerana sayang!
Kerana mereka!
Kerana di sini aku mengenal dunia!
Aku tahu aku lemah...
Aku tahu aku perlu pasrah...
Tapi aku tak berdaya...
Aku tak bertenaga...
Melawan takdir..
Menidakkan yang benar...
Mensahihkan yang palsu...
Aku manusia kerdil!
Bagaimana dengan perasaan aku?
Hati aku?
Naluri aku?
Sanggup aku menepis semua itu?
Kerana keputusan yang satu itu...
Aku hilang segalanya...
Tanpa pedoman..
Tiada pegangan...
Aku hilang arah!!
Aku perlukan pautan...
Aku dahagakan sokongan...
Aku mencari-cari jalan kebenaran...
Agar keputusan bukan lagi bebanan...
Agar aku mendapat ketabahan...
Mengharungi detik perpisahan...
Meredhakan pemergian...
Melangkah longlai meninggalkan kenangan...
Cita-cita... harapan... dan angan-angan...

- Juz Me... –
11/2/2003 [10.25pm]

Typical Malays....

Maybe most of you have read this.... I even got this article more than once. Who sent it? Malays. It's annoying..very irretating... but true. Why deny? We can get angry.. we can curse whoever wrote this.. but damn.. we must admit, it's so true. Feel hurt when reading this article? If yes....we are juz the same..the typical malays...

Think about it.... till when we want to be like this.. I dunno... Anyway...some people said that chinese wrote this.. if yes [i said IF], i think it's kinda funny.. becoz some of the facts are suitable for them too. Dun get me wrong.. I'm not racist. I've lots of non-malay friends..they're cool. I'm only saying to those..err..typical chinese.. HAHAHA~ Gotcha.

Last word... ENJOY!

01. You MALAY call each other 'BODOH' for fun, and
too 'BODOH' to realize it's an offensive word.

02. You're the LAZIEST person on God's earth.

03. Always update with "lagu-lagu A-
minor", "lagu-lagu rindu" and "wayang

04. Always give a very long honourable speech
start from Duli Yang Maha Mulia, Tan Sri, Puan
Sri, YB-YB, Yang Berbahagia Datuk, Datuk-Datuk,
Datin-Datin, Tuan Haji, Tuan Pengerusi Majlis..
and last sometime least...."rakyat jelata"
sekalian......."terlebih dahulu saya ingin
membuka majlis dengan

05. Many Malay ended at "pusat pemulihan dadah"
for common drug abuse.

06. "Air sirap" is the cheapest drink you can

07. You like to tease and act perverted when
someone with sexual appeal passing by.

08. You self proclaimed from a superior race

09. You love to eat, especially FREE FOOD.

10. Malay favourite quote = REZEKI JANGAN DI

11. Malay least favourite word = JANJI MELAYU.

12. Your girls got a mouthfull of chicken's ass

13. You can't stand it and always keep on
staring at someone who are better
dressing/looking rather than your back-dated

14. You wear your shirt more than 4 times before
wash it.

15. You feel it's not right to eat first before
everybody gets their meal (while your meal is
getting cold).

16. You got that annoying habit of wanting
people to acknowledge you.

17. You know for the fact that you are
supersticious (bomohs and dukuns).

18. You know for the fact that Malay jokes are
decently lame and you always force yourself to
laugh when other malay joker telling their lame

19. You always try to take advantage on other
people work..

20. You are trained to be a sweet talker.

21. You love to offer drinks to your boss while
polishing his shoe.

22. You always pick on juniors.

23. You don't care if everyone in your
class/office know for the fact that you are

24. You are very protective on your seniority.

25. You are quite a slow thinker.

26. You prefer to borrow people's stuff rather
than buy it, but hardly return it back.

27. You also always use other's property without
asking permission.

28. Many of you are not sincere when making
friend with non-malays.

29. You always waste your time in the public
phone talking about "janji-janji manis", "omong-
omong kosong", "aku hidup dalam blues", "Hindi
superstar" and "cinta-sayang". (these are direct

30. Malay most popular ambition...
* to the public = "ingin menjadi seorang insan
yang berguna"
* in reality = to be a clerk, despatch, factory worker

31. Gossip are number 1 favourite past time.

32. Malay favourite magazine are URTV, Mangga,
Jelita, Remaja and Variasari.

33. Mark as "bangsa pendengki" by other race in

34. When someone giving a speech, a Malay
usually will nod their head (kepala terangguk-
angguk) not to show that they understand, but
just simply to act that they understand in a
serious manner.

35. Deep in the eyes of Malay, the meaning

36. Malay got less friend from other races
* Malay are too proud of their own language
which makes them stuck-up
* Malay also ignore that other etnic groups and
foreign people are willing to learn to speak in
Malay while got other knowledge in other
language. (so now you know why this email is
written in ENGLISH)

37. In Malaysia, people said "wear condom and
don't forget to take a bath with Dettol if you
make love to a Malay".

38. An example of a Malay with good grades =

39. A Malay boss are known as
* intimidating his staff
* Sexual harrasing & Blackmailing
* Welcome more family member and friends to join
the company
* Corruption
* Always bring company's item home for personel

40. Malay, as the biggest population in
Malaysia, are always feels threaten with the
minority Christian in the country.

41. Malay chicks always dream to have sex with
White Man but always ended get f*ck by their own
species. (Im sorry if this offended you, but it
was a promise)

42. Most babies found in the bushes and dustbin
are Malay.

43. Most adultery/incest cases are by Malay.

44. Most divorce cases are by Malay couple.

45. Most yuppie wannabes are Malay.

46. Malay man got the habit using sink/wash hand
area to rinse and wash their penis mostly in
their bathroom, hostel and also in the public

47. Malay love to make fun at people who use
toilet paper to wipe ass because they love to
touch their sh*t with their hand.

48. Malay knows that other races could not dare
to eat malay food not because of the spices but
because the food was process by their ass-wiping-

49. Malay use toilet paper in Malay
restaurant/food court/warung to wipe customer's
mouth and hand.

50. A typical malay Ready-to-wear.....
*a long, torn jeans,
*a T-shirt
*a pair of loafers

51. Malays can't live without rice and chilli.

52. A malay who check in a foreign hotel will
cook their food inside the hotel room with water
boiler and a portable mini cooker to save cost.

52. Malay knows their favourite fast
food......KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN hot and spicy.

53. Malay will eat fried chicken and burger just
like in the manner of eating rice with hand "one
hand lean on the table, slouching head to the
plate and other hand with finger close to each
other to enter mouth".

54. Malay toilet always smells like "petai".

55. Malay love to remind people to have their
morning shower but they themself always ended up
having a BO in the afternoon. (BO=body-odour)

56. Backstabbing are malay greatest asset.

57. Cheating in examination or test are

58. Malay favourite brand are G.A Blue Jeans,
Lady-like Jeans, a fake Ray-ban.

59. Upper class Malay favourite brand are the
cheapest Versace t-shirt, Malboro Classic
sometimes fake sometimes not jeans, an old
fashion (erik estrada CHIPS) Ray-Ban glasses and
a discount sales Mark and Spencer.

60. Weekend are racing paradise for "Mat Motor".

61. Malay never learn to accept people's opinion
as a giude or challenge.

62. You feel that you had to support Moslem
terrorist just because their are Islam and not
because their are a serial killers.

63. Malay favourite living concept = BIAR PERUT

64. The only musical instrument you can play is

65. You Malay will pretend to ignore and deny
that you are typical.

66. You MALAYS dreaming to become rich, but not by
working or studying BUT with ALL KINDS OF SKIM CEPAT

67. Dont have money but always want to action -buying
like Waja, Wira and other expensive cars while you
you can only afford a KAPCAI.

68. Parents very rich but still go overseas using
scholarship. Go overseas to enjoy and not to study.

69. You will start to wondering about yourself
after reading this.


Quite busy at the mo.. busy doing last-minute study..muahaha.. Lusa ader mid term Econz... thank's only 20 MCQs. But nway, that doesn't mean I have to study nothing. My current CGPA really makes me feel like losing my head.. but I am..writing this entry..agagaga.. Still got a text book on my lap...but anyway, I still managed to stumble across quizilla and did some quizzes.. ehehehe..jgn mare..

Unity. You Turly Desire Unity. You wish that the
world was together as one, and world peace was
among us. You enjoy sitting in natures peaceful
spots to get away from war and hate.


What Do You Truly Desire? *PICS*
brought to you by Quizilla
~~It's hurmm..true.. WORLD PEACE! WORLD PEACE!~~

Youre gonna slip in the shower cause a hand-made

Choose your Dramatic Death (Now w/pics!!)
brought to you by Quizilla
~~ it dramatic?? It's funny..~~

Your man is King Aragorn (The rating takes place

The last 'WHICH LOTR GUY IS FOR YOU?' quiz you'll ever have to take - and you won't be able to pick your outcome!
brought to you by Quizilla
~~ Huahaha..Aragorn again? 1st I got Frodo, but I checked again my answers..there was one question I ticked wrongly. Thank God..then I got this sexy fella.. ekekek~! ~~

in my eyes i see you as mysterious and strange alot
of people wish they could know you better and
you are probably an artist? i really wish there
were more people like you out there..i really
do. (rate?)

in my eyes you are...(pics and different outcomes)
brought to you by Quizilla
~~ juz another quiz which i think the result is kinda true.. ~~

So wut do u think? Dun wanna give it a try?

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Mr. Cinderella? Anyone?

hehe...well..aku br je pas tgk cite Mr. Cinderella 2..huhu..lmbt gilers. gosh gosh..oh my goodness... inikah filem yg perlu kite banggekan...? malu nye aku menjadik rakyat mesia....

aku tak tgk pon sampai abis..pasal cd 2 stuck lak.. try 3,4 kali takmo lak dier... aku yg smemangnye tawar ati nak tgk... membatalkan jer hasrat aku utk terus tgk. aku rase takde rugi pepe pun kalu tak tgk..muehehee...

sblom aku tgk cite tu, aku tgk cite lamer...Clueless lakonan Alicia Silverstone. Cambest gak la..not bad.. eventhough taklah kick-ass. tp aku rase cite tuu lebih ok drpd cite Mr. Cinderella 2 tuh...

Lakonan?? Nih aku nak kutuk perabis from A to Z!! Erra? Everyone says she's a good actress.. well she is..but not in this film. Giler haprak menyampah aku tgk. aku tau laa watak Puteri Megawati should be seorg yg lemah lembut....manje.. jelita hebat.. maklum ler, PUTERI. tp Erra gak telah menambah perwatakan yg tersendiri... Mengade2..over manje.. dan kononnye kiut wat muke seposen. tak salah perwatakan manje tuh, tp jgn la melampau2. she got that look, nape nak memalsukan yg asli?

Yusri laks.. omigod omigod.. die boleh sometimes kaku.. dan serba tak kene. Gaye dan mimik muke die dibuat2..tak natural langsung.. C'mon laa Yusri..takkan nak tumpang populariti bini semate-mate kot??

Lagi sorang... Maya Karin.. die seorg pengacara yg bkn pelakon maupun penyanyi yg berkaliber. lakonan die, ZERO. yg paling obvious di mate aku, cara lakonan die tuuu... die nak maintain sgt keayuan die sampai menjejaskan mutu lakonan die. Dear Maya, wut were u thinking??

Yg ape tuu.. Helmi Gimmick..sori kalu silap, tak igt nama die. MMG TOTALLY OUT! Opie lak bkn takley berlakon..ok jer.. tp tak brape ummph. Anita Sarawak... Astaghfirullahalazim... Ni lah filem Melayu...nak wat lawak sampai terpakse jadikan diva Msia sebongok yg mungkin.. Wut is wrong with u, kak Nita? U got the talent..but u used it in the wrong way!

Wut's worse.. Jalaluddin Hassan. Isk iskk... ni betul ke abg Jalal ni.. Aku paham laa die nak mempelbagaikan lagi watak2 yg penah die lakonkan...skrg die amik langkah brani, try wat komedi. tu bagus tp..caranye salah lah. biar org kate kite bodoh, tapi jgn jadi bodoh!

i know it is wayyy too late to give comments bout this film.. but hey, kire baik laa aku nk tgk filem Melayu. walopun kat vcd cetak rompak. bukan aku beli ar...aku tak beli cetak rompak, pinjam jer.. tanye la rakyat mesia...brape ramai yg brani angkat tgn bile tanye sape peminat setia filem melayu?

dan berape ramai pulak yg tak penah beli cetak rompak..hanye tgk kat wayang atau vcd ori melayu? huhu~

tp..aku ade tgk cite Cinta Kolesterol kat Mid midnight lak tuh... bayar lebih laa.. rm10. Seb baik la aku rase berbaloi... crite tu ok gak laa walaupun jln cerite cenih dah basi kalau nak dibandingkan kat luar negara. tp dlm negara, consider still fresh lah.... aku paling suke bab Erra kene maki dek Yusri... mmg yg tuu real.. aku respek. Ape? igt aku ngutuk je ke cite Melayu? Kalau patut diberi pujian, ape salahnye kite puji kan? kalau dah tak elok, aku kutuk laa.. mueheheh..




ooohh ooohh..readers, check this out.. there's a joke going around the internet..bout typical malay movies... read it HERE. It's quite funny... I juz had a glance over it..din have much time to read it all.

So lucky that Mr. Cinderella himself or.. Yusry KRU..gave his comment about that well.. JOKE. It's quite interesting.. read it HERE

Credit to and

Susah biler kite rase org lain rase tak...