Friday, December 25, 2009

Senarai hajat.

First and foremost, I do not celebrate Xmas. In fact I don't think Santa can afford to get me all my wishes. So I have a new year wish list. It's pretty ridiculous though, but these are things I really wish I could have or planning to have. I can't afford most of them in a short time, but it's not impossible to own them. Well, I have one year to get to the budget, right?

I hate cars. Cars are beautiful, I admit. But they can never seduce me, not yet. So none of them will be in my wish list. Instead, I love gadgets. I think they're perfect. I mean the functions, the design, the feeling you get when you touch it.. the sensation you feel when it's in the palm of your hands. It's... seductive.

So yeah, most of the items in my wish list are gadgets. The problem with gadgets is the evolving technology. It's really fast. Sometimes it's too fast people can never chase it. People like me, who can always dream to have one but seldom actually get to have one, you know?

If only money is not a problem..

So anyway, let's get down to the list, shall we?

1) The first item at the top of my wish list is definitely a PSP. I've been longing to buy one for years, but I kept postponing it because I managed to control my lust. Hah! So yeah, I think it's about time for me to have one, I can't hold it any longer. However it's still a battle between PSP 3000 and PSP Go. PSP Go is like love at  first sight to me, it's hard to get beaten down by others that could be much better than it. I know it's smaller than PSP 3000, probably that's the only weakness that has been bothering me to not stop comparing with PSP 3000 but the functions and the new slide design blind me. Oh helppp~~

Oh wait, smaller means it's easier for you to carry it around, don't you think?

The price : RM1100++

2) Iphone 3Gs.. I'm in love with it ever since I saw it. The thing is I already have my Samsung Pixon with 8 megapixel camera and so far it has not given me any headache yet.. except the trouble I face when I'm driving while texting (so it's illegal, I know) but Iphone definitely will give the same problem.

I still wish I could have one, but as for now, let's stick with my loyal Pixon.

The price : RM2600++ for 16gb (I think, I'm not sure. Correct me if I'm wrong)

3) Samsung Portable HDD 500gb. Oh well, if you really ask me specifically, I would rather go for 1tb. But the size of 3.5 and the fact that it needs external power supply make me think harder. I'm not sure if I can get any 720gb Samsung but I believe it's out there. Anyhoos, I'm gonna get one by end of this year I think. Magico (read: my lappy) is running out of space and it's really critical, it only has 26gb left. Haha.

The price : RM330 (for 3 years limited warranty)

4) Let's go for something non-gadget. Hmmm.. lemme think. Oh let's be a little feminine, Ayu. My all-time favourite perfume, Miss Dior Cherie.. the second one. I still love it no matter how many other perfumes I smelled. Even the third edition failed to impress me. But it irritates me cause it's the most expensive among the three. The first one, oh I freaking hate the smell. The third one is just-ok.

The price : RM309 for 100ml

5) Olympus Pen E-P1. Finally, here comes the vintage looks I've been waiting for ages! The functions are not bad at all and yes, it can produce vintage photos on the spot. Uh I'm so loving it. But it's too pricey for me for a camera.

The price : RM3800

6) Sony VAIO X Netbook. I am aware I already have a laptop in fact am using it now, but my 15"  Inspiron Dell laptop sometimes can be a little too heavy for me to drag it around. This is the reason why Sony Vaio X attracts me in the first place. It only weighs at 655 grams with a 16-hour battery lifespan. So.Cool.

The price : RM4000++

7) AVerTV Hybrid Volar HX. A portable TV Tuner you can attach to your PC. Ok well, another gadget. But for someone who can't leave the PC alone and does not have a real TV at her rented house, this is the best company to have. However the tuning is quite touchy but I think the real TV gives the same difficulty. But this thing needs a tv cable, this is my only problem cause the cable is located at the living hall. Tettt~~

The price : RM260

8) LG LH70 32" Full HD LCD TV completed with Astro. Oouuhh.. hell yeah..what a beautyy~ I don't watch Malay dramas, I always skip local tv programmes except the News. Basically, I don't watch tv that much. But I love watching sports especially football and that's the reason why I need a large screen TV and Astro. Ever since I moved to the new house in Seri Kembangan I barely had the chance to watch even one game and I think I'm dying..

The price (for the LCD alone) : RM2899

9) Something non-gadget please. A new wardrobe. Haha. My current closet is crashing so yeah, I need a new one really soon but maybe next year.

10) Last but not least, a GPS. No specific brand. Perhaps Garmin? I'm lousy at remembering routes and I always go with my instinct and sub-conscious mind when I'm driving and it's quite based on my luck and my two-and-a-half-decades brain. So yeah I truly need a GPS so that I won't have to print the Google maps to somewhere I've never been to before.

The price : Around RM700+ for a good one.

The list still goes on... but I think ten items are more than enough to be one damn good reason for me to break my piggy bank.

Oh by the way, I'm organizing a Xmas Gift Exchange Day for my department.. (ever since I joined the department, I guess I can't stop organizing things. Blergh~)

And do you know what I asked for a gift?

An apron.

A good one, just so you know.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Blast from the past.

I'm on MC today because of medication allergy. Again.

It was just Panadol. Can you believe it? Ok well I do know that I'm allergic to paracetamol but I was so not well this morning thus I decided to take two tablets of Panadol during lunch hour.

To be frank, normally Panadol didn't do anything bad to me. Only once or twice I had the allergy. But this time, it was pretty bad I had to leave the office and went to the clinic.

I went into the consultation room and said, "You can see it on my face. I'm having allergies." My face was swollen.

"What did you take?"

"Panadol," with a silly tone being sarcastic to my ownself.

"It says you're only allergic to Ponstan?" the doctor asked referring to my medical record with the clinic.

"Ah.. before you give me anything, I think you need to update the record. Lignocaine.."

"Lignocaine you alergik?? Bius pun you alergik?" he cut me off.

I nodded and continued, "Prednisolone.."

"Prednisolone??" he cut me again.

"Yea..the steroid."

"That's the medicine I want to give you.."

"Cannot.. or else I'll be having difficulties to breath."

"Then what should I give you?" he asked me. Excuse me, who's the doctor here?

"I don't know," I said, making a funny look. "Normally they give me injections. Maybe you can give me one?" I suggested dumbly, while scratching my itchy face.

He was thinking hard. I knew perfectly what he was thinking.

"Semua ubat pun you alergik. I don't know what to give you.."

I knew by that moment he didn't want to take any risk. I started to doubt whether he is truly a certified general practitioner.

"Just.. give me something for my itchiness," I finally said. Hopeless doctor.

So he gave me two medicine for itchy. And something for swelling. And a pain killer. When the lady at the counter showed me the pain killer, I started to feel furious.

"Ni apa ni? Pain killer?"

The lady nodded.

"Ni Ponstan kan?" I asked sternly while pressing hard on the yellow tablets.

She nodded again.

"I'm allergic to Ponstan la!"

Nak marah, bukan salah dia. So aku sabar je lah. Nak marah doktor, dia kat dalam pulak. So far, Ponstan gives me the worst allergy.

"Dia nak Ayu mampos agaknye," I said to my friend who accompanied me to the clinic in front of the counter.

So yea I got my MC but I only left my office around 4.40pm. Haha. Serupa tak payah MC.

Anyway, tu lah dia kisah seorang doktor yang tidak best.

This Thursday ada Annual Dinner and Dance company aku. Tema baju, Blast From The Past. I am the Area Leader for my department, so Area Leaders ni incharge untuk hal-hal berkaitan tema ni la.. to encourage them to dress up, to update them on the info about the dinner, to provide them information on what to wear based on our theme because each department will represent different era.. etc, etc.

Department aku dapat era 40s lepas based on the draw lots. Memula aku blank betul la apa nak pakai. Lepas google dan buat research sikit, dapat la idea itu ini..I gathered and e-mailed it out to my department.

Lepas tu aku kena select pulak 4-6 people to participate in Battle of Departments.. Macam fashion parade, kena catwalk and do something creative on the stage while showing off our dresses. It's really challenging for me!! Al-maklum aje lah technical team ni macamana.. where all the nerds and geeks come into one place.

I didn't want to participate cause I want to give chances to other people in my team since I'll be doing a dance performance on the night itself so karang macam gila glemer pulak kan. At first dapat la 5 orang.. but one of them asked me to join also. I refused. Alih-alih 3 daripadanya tak dapat datang dinner tu cause they have to do year end support sampai 10.30pm. Aduii... tensyennye.

BAU manager tried to reschedule but it wasn't that easy so I understood.

Last minute, dapat la pengganti 3 orang. Itu pun jenuh la aku force.. pujuk.. encourage.. tunjuk gambar2 aku poyo try out this and that.. After I submitted their names to the social committee, they seemed to be excited on what to wear.

Tadi aku join my colleagues pergi amik suit dia dah sewa, John Travolta. Surprisingly lepas tu bebudak team aku pun sampai. Wooo.. this is a good sign. One of them even asked me what do we need to do on stage. To be frank, aku memang malas nak pikir part ni cause I thought they're not that sporting. Then they asked me to think what to do.

Biar betul..

Kan bagus kalau daripada awal sporting camni!!!!

As for my dance performance, yesterday's rehearsal was so much fun. Kitorang booked dance studio kat Cyberjaya Community Club tu so prektis kat sana lepas keje. Gila bes la.

Lepas tu lepak makan ramai-ramai.

Balik dengan kepenatan.. Kul 12 lebih tido.. kul 2 pagi terjaga.. Demam mengejut. Letih sangat kot. Pastu kepala macam nak pecah. Tak tahan sampai bangun, mencangkung tepi katil sambil genggam rambut. Hahaha. Saiko sungguh.

Ok lah.. itu lah cerita saye yang terkini. Sekiannn.