Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grab that gold fast. It's ours!

Wajadiri is just around the corner!!

Well, for those who have no idea about Wajadiri.. it's Silat Cekak Hanafi Tournament being held every year. It's called Kejohanan.. ok.. gimme a minute.. (after googling for two minutes) it's Pertandingan Wajadiri Nasional Peringkat PL, IPT & Sekolah (WAJADIRI 2008). Right, yeah, no Kejohanan. Dude, since when? Haha. And what the heck is PL? Poli.. Pusat Latihan.. Pulau Langkawi...

Anywayyy, I would like to wish MMU Cyberjaya Wajadiri squad all the best! Yesterday was their last training and they really made us proud with all the efforts they put in. I'm hoping this time MMU Cyber will be able to bring back a lot more medals.

Having to see all the trainings they did, I felt such a huge desire to join and be part of the team. How I wished! I know the other alumni who went to see the training felt the same way as I did. I miss Wajadiri so much I forgot how tensed yet exciting it could be! I miss the precious moments during our time (alumni) where we had our intensive trainings but still laughed all the way. I miss all the aches and injuries, I badly want to endure the pain and feel the beautiful side of it. I miss the priceless moments during the day of the tournament when we could barely talk and eat but the tension dissapeared all of sudden right after we stepped on the mat. I miss the huge suffering jolt in the stomach which made us want to do nothing except vomit. I miss the moment we received our medals and how fast I ran towards the stage forgetting my torn ligaments and tissue.

I miss every tiny bit of the tournamentt!!!

I almost cancelled my plan to join the supporters since I was supposed to go to Singapore. But since it's delayed like alwaysss.. (new date announced is on 4th august - I might have to celebrate my birthday alone in Singapore. Fuck.) So now I'll be joining them to UTM Skudai. InsyaAllah. Yeay!!

p/s: My beloved Barca keychain suddenly ripped off from my keys. Is this some kind of angry sign sent by Voldermort from Nou Camp for going to Chelsea match this Tuesday? Hmm..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'ts mine. It's damn mine.

I just bought two tickets for me and my sister.
We are going to watch a match between Chelsea and Malaysia XI next Tuesday!!

And okay, I need to make an important statement over here.
I know I have been telling you how much I hate Chelsea and there is no way I would be supporting them.
And it's still damn true. Don't get me wrong.

But Deco is coming too and there's not even at the slightest chance I would miss the opportunity to see my hubby on the field just because blue colour makes me sick. Haha.

Huh? Wha-? He's wearing the same damn jersey? Hold on.. is he? I thought it's a see-through jersey? At least semi transparent, no?

Well, my bad.

Anyway, get more details here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Out of the darkness, comes the Knight.

My team lead is back.

One bad news.

He cut his hair and looks a lot like Elmo.

One bad good news.

Now that he's back, I'm supposed to replace him as a frontliner in Singapore.

One terribly bad news.

He asked about my workload yesterday and responded, "Woah.. lots of work to do."

One possibly good news.

Now he's back to his dusty desk next to mine, I'm feeling tensed.

One horrible news.

But still I always think Elmo is crunching his banana instead of him biting his biscuits.

One disgusting but pleasantly fun news.

Why so serious?

I've watched The Dark Knight twice and found it absolutely worth the penny. Ok yeah, I did fall asleep half way through the movie during my second time watching it. Because I had only three hours sleep at the night before and spent the whole day hanging out with friends, karaoke-ing from 10am, watching TDK at 2pm, and then got back home and straight away went into the kitchen to cook some spaghetti for my friends as promised, sent it to them at hostel and Seri Kembangan (D, thanks for the durian). Then, I had to rush back to fetch my darlings and went out to watch TDK for the second time.

So that gives one good explanation why I fell asleep, doesn't it?

I really wished I could stay up.. I had tried hard enough I believe. Haha. I never fell asleep in a cinema before. I was just too exhausted, I dozed off until the movie ended.

Anyway about the movie, bes gile ok. Tolong la pegi tengok.

Fave quotes in TDK:


  • The only sensible way to live your life is without rules. And tonight, you're gonna break your one rule.

  • You must be Harvey's squeeze. And you are beautiful. You look nervous. Is it my scars? You wanna' know how I got them?

  • I mean, what happened? Did your balls drop off?

  • [pulls out a Joker playing card] Here's my card.

  • You see I'm a guy of simple taste. I enjoy dynamite, and gunpowder, and GASOLINE! And do you know what they all have in common? They are all cheap.

  • Let's put a smile on that face!

  • I'm a man of my word.

  • This city deserves a better class of criminal and I'm gonna give it to them.

  • In their last moments, people show you who they really are. So in a way...I knew your friends better than you ever did.

  • Wanna know how I got these scars?

  • "Why so SERIOUS?"

  • This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

  • I just want my phone call.

  • I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve.

  • [To Batman] You complete me.

  • I don't want to kill you. What would I do without you?

  • I'm an agent of chaos.

  • [fake laughter done in a deadpan voice] Ha ha ha ha, hahaha, ha, ha, ha, oh, a-hee-hee, ha ha, oh, hee hee, hee ha, ahaha. I thought my jokes were bad.

  • If you're good at something, never do it for free.

  • I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger.

Lucius Fox: "Let me see if I get this straight: you are accusing one of the most wealthy and powerful men in the world, of being a rogue vigilante who runs around at night beating mobsters to bloody pulps with his bare hands...and your to try to *blackmail* this person? Good luck."

Harvey Dent: You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Fake Batman: You're just like us! What makes you so different?!
Batman: I'm not wearing hockey pads!

Credit to Reel Movie News

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mengapa kita berjumpa kalau untuk berpisah?

Semalam, aku, kak Raina, Fezal dan Snapi keluar menonton filem Sepi yang dikatakan gagal mencapai kutipan box office sekalipun penonton dijanjikan garapan cerita yang menarik dan isi yang segar.

Aku bukanlah jenis yang suka membaca review filem samada di surat khabar, majalah mau pun Internet. Aku lebih suka keluar menonton sesebuah filem itu dengan fikiran yang kosong tanpa dipengaruhi oleh mana-mana pihak lebih-lebih lagi media massa.

Begitu juga bila aku pergi menonton filem Sepi ni. Tidak meletakkan apa-apa expectation yang tinggi (lebih-lebih lagi memikirkan ini filem tempatan) kecuali membawa sepaket tisu atas nasihat seorang kawan, kot-kot ter-emosi pulak. :P

Mungkin cerita ni sedikit sebanyak dikaitkan dengan filem Cinta. Tapi bagi aku, Sepi jauh lebih menarik daripada Cinta. Kehadiran Afdlin Shauki sebagai Adam dan kelainan watak yang dipegang Nasha Aziz, sangat mewarnai filem itu. Mungkin betul minat aku pada Afdlin menyebabkan aku rasa macam tu but to me, Afdlin is truly a great actor. Dia adalah Afdlin dan tiada pelakon boleh jadi Afdlin.

Sepi mungkin sebuah filem yang agak ringan tetapi kupasan dan jalan penyampaian plot cerita masih boleh dianggap baru dan menarik. Walaupun cerita ini gagal mengalirkan air mata aku sepertimana cerita Spiderman 3, AI dan Click, tapi rasa sebak itu tetap berjaya dicetuskan, lebih-lebih lagi cerita Sufi (Tony Eusoff) dan anaknya. (Cuma aku kurang setuju dengan tindakan Sufi mengorat bini orang :P )

Apapun, aku berbangga dengan hasil pengarah Kabir Bhatia ini. Sepi adalah filem Melayu terbaik tahun ini. Maka aku kurang faham kenapa filem ini tidak mendapat sambutan selain faktor terpaksa bersaing dengan filem-filem Barat. Sebelum menonton Sepi, aku baru menghabiskan duit dan masa menonton beberapa filem seperti Get Smart (sangat lucu!!!!), Hancock dan Kungfu Panda. Tapi aku masih mahu meluangkan masa menonton filem tempatan kerana kualitinya.

Kepada yang masih belum menonton Sepi, ketepikan soal jiwang, selami mesej-mesej bermakna menerusi filem ini. Siapa tahu selama ini anda sepi, tetapi tidak menyedarinya. :P

"Bisikku pada bulan
Kembalikan temanku
Kekasihku, Syurgaku

Tanpa dia malam menemaniku
Sepi memelukku

Bulan jangan biar siang biar alam ini kelam
Biar ia sepi sepertiku.."

p/s: most awaited upcoming movies - The Dark Knight, Wall E and The X-Files: I Want To Believe. Looking forward to watch Journey to the Center of the Earth soon. (^_^)v

Hey, you dropped something! Your face.

How far would you travel for love?
To the moon and back?
But how far would you go for friendship?
Does even the word 'friendship' mean anything important to you?

Lately I've been thinking about my past friendships with friends that I used to care. When they were still part of my stories. But time flew and everything had changed. Every, thing.

I miss them. I do. How I wished our ends would be a whole lot different. How I wished they were still my friends. They still are, but somehow I can't feel that strong bond anymore. Some of them, I don't even know where the hell they are.

We did not end our friendship because of fights or misunderstanding. We did not do anything wrong to each other. But how could someone who used to be my bestfriend, someone who used to be always by my side through thick and thin, is now totally gone?

Where did we go wrong?

No, nothing was wrong. Everything was at the right place. We always had great times together. A week without seeing each other would be a complete mess. Because we were good friends. So good, we couldn't stay apart for too long. We would find an excuse to meet no matter how silly it was. Because we were too ego to admit we missed each other.

Friendship is not something we would mess with. We were loyal friends, for God's sake.

I miss you, friends. I never forgot how we promised to be good friends till death do us apart. I know it could be my fault for stepping back and said, "Go on, buddy. I'll be fine without you."

You did not have the slightest idea how hard it was for me, just to see you happy. I always treasured our beautiful moments. I do not know whether you think like I do, but I wished you made a better decision.

Why must you changed when love hit you? Why couldn't you take it as a gift and share with other people around you? Why did you let it ruin our friendship eventhough I had nothing to do with it? Why couldn't you just let me be your friend when love hurt you? Why must you got me involved in this and let me bare the pain I did not deserve?

You blamed me, I left you and I was not being loyal anymore. I changed, you claimed. I stepped back, because she asked me to do so. I left, because accusations are not something that I can just close my eyes and swallow them hard down to my throat.

I treasure friendship so much I let them accused me and still smiled at them. But after all, I am just a girl. I don't value people who love to do finger-pointing. I believed you were not that type of people, but I also believed, people change.

How easy for my friends to say "Just ignore whatever they say as long as we know what we're doing." Easy for them to say because it's not them who have to pay the price. I'm a person who do not take words seriously but when I'm being accused to be someone I am not, someone who jealousy is her middle name, this is where I know I have to leave.

After all the past memories I had, I can't believe I'm experiencing it again. Don't people know when to stop? Don't they know when not to cross the line?

Why can't bitches just fucking leave me alone?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm here, not because of you. I'm here because I can't be there without you.

tagged by padfoot

1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Now dump everything out and neatly adjust them, and take a picture (no matter how embarrassing)
3. Talk about the items inside. Detail.
4. Tag 6 people. (don’t tag the person that was already tagged)

Thank God I just changed to a new handbag a few weeks ago so it has no mess and trash. ^_^

1. Note book
I need a small book where I can scribble anything important. I wanted to put in my organizer but it's just too big.

2. Bus tickets
Still had them when I took this pic but trashed them away after that. I just got back from Ipoh by the time this pic was taken.

3. Purse
Just bought it last month. So can still be considered as brand new but I already started feeling bored with it. :P

4. A few cash
I used to keep a small amount of money in my handbag, just in case I dropped my purse somewhere. I'm a careless person. I have a few experiences leaving my purse behind. Last happened was last month in Melaka, where I carelessly left my purse after buying a pair of slippers and luckily a Chinese guy picked it up and asked my friend whether it belonged to her.. and turned out that friend of mine remembered how my purse looks like. All my friends were like, "My God.. Ayuuu..?" and I was like, "Ok well, new to you. Not to me."

5. Eye drops
My eyes can be terribly dry especially since I wear lenses 13 hours a day. When I take the lenses out, they are totally dry. Believe it, can you? And I need it badly when my eyes become tired and heavy.

6. Vaseline hand lotion
Just like my eyes, my hands can become very dry too. I don't know when this started to happen cause I remember I used to have sweaty hands years ago.

7. Body Shop Blusher and its brush
I love blusher. Simply said.

8. Business cards
Just in case I meet Donald Trump on my way to anywhere so that I could drop him my card. Well, think ahead, think future, think money. Heck~

9. Inhaler
Busted~! Ok well this thing.. it's cursed. I'm not being superstitious. I'm an asthmatic (now you know). I need to bring it wherever I go cause I usually get attacked by asthma when I don't have it!

10. Spare brooches
Just in case I break my brooch I'm wearing, y'know.

11. ZA Compact powder
Ah, I'm a girl. What do you expect? :P

12. Lipstick and lip gloss
I combine these two when I use them cause the lipstick is too red and the lip gloss is too pink. My perfect lip gloss is lost.

13. Eno
My stomach can easily get bloated. I need this to make me feel better. Bloated stomach due to indigestion is damn painful.

14. Maybelline eye shadows.
Just in case I need some touch up. :P

15. Pens
I have a note book, so without pen, what do I use to write? :P I need two for unknown reasons.

16. Earphones
Bring this everytime I go to work. I listen to radio when I'm in office because I want to be 'outside' of the office while doing my work. I hate to be realizing I'm actually working. I owe JJ & Rudy big time.

17. Scicssors. Sics Sicss Sick. Scissors.
Just in case I need to stab someone. No kidding. Ok, no, kidding. I'm not good at tearing snacks wrappers or whatever. Scissors can be really helpful cause when you need scissors, you just fucking need them.

18. A packet of tissue
I don't use tissue that much. This packet has been inside my handbag ever since I bought it. It's people who's around me used to ask for some cause when you need tissue, you just fucking need it.

19. Nail clipper
I hate long nails.. I don't tolerate with long nails, na-ah. They drive me crazy! I feel like I have shit all around my fingers. So, I need to have clipper wherever I go.. cause when I need it, I just-- ok stop it.

20. Sweet
OK. I bought this like months ago but I don't really like it.. and I don't have the heart to throw it away. I wanted to give it away but thinking I don't like it, I don't have the heart to give it away too. Bloody hell. What a piece of crap am I talking?

Ok there you go. Do include my handphone (I'm terrible at remembering the series..I'll check that later on..Ok it's K850i Sony Ericsson) since it's not in the pic cause I used it to take the photo. Too lazy to use my digi cam cause it runs out of battery, and its charger isn't working bla bla.. There's one more thing I don't feel like revealing. Not because it's too personal.. it's that thing women wear approximately seven days a month sooo... ok, that's revealed enough.


p/s: I just realized I left out my keys in the photo. Sorry about that. :P

Friday, July 11, 2008

Do you know when not to take less than you deserve?

What a weeeek..

The workload seems to reduce but I've been going home very late lately, around 1 am. Not because of my job, but some activities I was involved with. Pretty exhausting but nevermind that. In fact, I'm going out again tonight after work to somewhere with someone. Hehehe.

Today I'm wearing baju kurung to work (second time in almost four months) as I agreed with Jannah and one of our officemates, Lim asked, "Why you both wear so nice today?" That proves how 'simple' we are when we go to work. Haha. After lunch, he came to me and asked again, "You got plan ha today? Wearing so nice."

Tomorrow I will be working (I know it's Saturday) but I have something to do on the afternoon so most probably I will take a half-day leave. I don't care what my team lead wants to say.. Boo~!

On Sunday, I have another plan. Wait, what is it? Hurmmm.. Oh yeah, I'm going out with my friends to watch a movie.. err.. can someone recall for me what the title is? Ow crap. Nevermind that, I'll watch whatever it is.

And next weekend, I've a plan too. My girls are coming to my home and we're going out to watch Dark Knight. Yeeehuu~~ So I'm planning to make some spaghetti for them and some of my friends. We'll see. InsyaAllah. Wow, I'm fully booked, as always. Ha-ha.

I'm very much attracted by this one article written by whoever-he-is-God-bless-you. I take it as a humour, no personal judgement whatsoever. Asked me nothing, I'm also a confused citizen like what Bern feels. Haha.

Last Sunday, as I mentioned in my previous entry, me, Icun, Shidi and Faiz had a bowling tournament organized by Msjbox. Damnnn they were all professional players! Guess what place we got. Duh, 25th of out 28 teams! Luckily my father, my mom and my sis came to see me playing and I straight away insisted my mom to replace me as I truly suxx at bowling. I scored 111 pins for the first game. Nice number anyway. Got only 3 strikes. My mom came at the right time, so she played for 2nd and third game.. and she played wayyy much better. I'm not saying this because she's my mom but she was so cool, she waited for her turn while reading newspapers with my father like having a cup of coffee on a lovely Sunday morning and that caused my friends a great depression. Haha.

[photo removed]

And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't get Ratu Longkang title since my mom replaced me. Oh yes, we were also on the newspaper. Ahaa.. no kidding. View it here

My sis plays better than me too. Ok fine, in fact in my family and cousins, I am the worst bowler. Deal.
[photo removed]

[photo removed]

[photo removed]

After the tournament, we went to watch Hancock which everyone said it's a good movie. To me, it's just okay. It's funny but I did not expect that love can cause Hancock to be weak. Please be noted I don't like movie reviews and I don't read synopsis. I feel like somehow the movie brings a message to people that everyone is made for each other and love can cause you pain no matter how beautiful it is. There you go.

Last Wednesday, I met someone who has my highest respect and gratitude. He gave so many advices and talked about so many things that I did not realize I was doing. It hit me like a rock but I truly grateful to endure the pain. I came to my senses that I was being plain choosy in my life and I slipped off things that I thought I did not deserve. As well as things that I thought I needed. Things that I thought could complete me. Things that I thought would make me happy. You can't tell what you deserve and what you don't. You can't tell who you will end up with, who is waiting right at the end of the path that we wish one day we will walk through with blessings and happiness.

There's been a few things I've been thinking lately but I couldn't get a hint. Some were answered that night. I nearly cancelled my plan to see him but it's already written I would get what I seeked for at last. Thus for this, I thank God.

Anyway, I'm going home now. Before I end this, I'd like to quote something that my coder from China, Spring shared with me today.

"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot- proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."

To Spring, thanks for sharing. Now let's get back to our defects.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

5 minutes injury time added for its funeral.

Keli gergasi mati tercekik bola sepak

BERLIN 2 Jun - Seekor ikan keli gergasi mati setelah cuba menelan sebiji bola sepak di kunci air sebuah terusan di Bavaria.

Polis Jerman memberitahu, ikan sepanjang dua meter itu ditemui mati semalam dan ditemui terapung-apung di permukaan air dengan bola berwarna biru dan putih tersangkut di mulut.

"Keli itu cuba makan bola dan ia tersangkut," kata jurucakap polis, Karl-Heinz Kuberlein.

Apakah perlawanan akhir Euro 2008 Ahad lalu yang menyaksikan Jerman kalah 1-0 kepada Sepanyol mempunyai hubungan dengan insiden ini?

"Sama ada ikan keli ini terkena demam bola sepak selepas kejuaraan Eropah dan kemudian cuba menelan bola tidak dapat dipastikan," ujar beliau sambil tersenyum.

- AP

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Slap me, so that I have a reason to kill you.

I barely have anything to say on Euro 08 finale. The game was so-so, the score line was so-so but ya, Spain deserved to win. Ah well, to be honest whether it's Germany or Spain, it makes no difference to me.

I realized this time Euro had so many bleeding injuries thus when Ballack injured his eye, I felt nothing. I don't know whether it's just me or anyone else noticed that Ballack had been a lot calmer compared to the last world cup. I once liked him but then I hated him when he transferred to Chelsea. And now.. Deco is testing my love for him.

You're not being fair!

Ok, take it and deal with it.

I have one personal reason not to like Chelsea and another plain reason which is how Chelsea and Barcelona are playing tug-a-war between them. It's just sooo Real-ManU. It's always Chelsea trying to mess around with Barca and I don't get why. Just back off, man.. and find a wizard's chess to play with.

And now I can imagine how happy they are to see Barca is on the brink of a melt down.

I came to a decision where I can't simply hate Barca and they will still have my support but the new thing I have to deal with is I have to start liking EPL (eww~) and I have to watch Chelsea on the field (another eewww~) in order for me to see my favourite footballer playing. This is nottt an easy thing for me.

I'm putting my highest hope that later I won't fall for Chelsea. Duh~ No way, hose-ay, whatever it means.

Everyone has been complaining about Ronaldo's super talent in acting (maybe he could follow Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's steps) and I know how bad shinizzle wants to jerk him off from Man U. But I personally think Man U fucking needs him in the team or else Man U wouldn't be that good anymore. Trust me.

Anyway, glad that Euro's over and I can finally have my life back on track.

This Sunday, my friends and I are having a bowling tournament organized by Ah well, I'm totally suck at bowling eventhough I've been playing for eight years or so. I'm just not good at sports, that's why I just love watching them especially football (duh! Do I really have to mention?), badminton and tennis.

I just had an argument a Business Analyst (BA) here. She kept blaming things on what System Analysts (which includes me) had done. We always have troubles with some of the BAs. They don't understand IT stuff and everytime there's an issue, we have to think business-like and use business terms. The funniest thing I ever encountered was one of them told us not to use IT terms when we only used the word "printer driver".

She said, "What's driver? Don't talk IT terms to me. I don't understandd~"

My team lead answered (I was chewing my laughs down to my throat), "It's a driver we use to install in our PC in order to use our printers. All printers got onee~~ If not, printer cannot runnn~"

My sister didn't have to go and get a degree to find out what printer driver is! How long has she been using a computer for God's sake? My hands itched for a stray hammer to beat some sense into her so that she realized she's working in IT hub right now.

I always hate how people are being plain stupid but they claim they're good at doing their work. And now that this one BA tried to argue with me, she didn't stand a chance. She had once messed around with me when I was still somewhat new and now she was doing it again.

Damn she's messing with the wrong person.

Ah well, she was trying to use this game I called "reverse psychology" and I was fucking ready.

Thanks to my mom for giving me this talent (she's freaking good at encountering people, she's the best 'lawyer' I could ever met).

When I newly joined this company, I always heard how BAs always give SAs headaches. I hate how they act like they're playing the major roles here and all SAs must obey to all their requirements. The fact is, they're the only ones who stand in Business side so they think we don't know anything about business.

God, I was from Faculty of Management for heaven's sake.

And I God-damn-know what printer driver is.