Thursday, December 08, 2011


December has come!

So hard to believe, time flies so fast.

Kalau istilah mengejar masa itu boleh direalisasikan, aku kurus. Confirmed.

Bila dah masuk bulan Disember ni, otak mula mengorek rekod-rekod pencapaian sepanjang tahun. Agak-agak ada ke yang tercapai.

Resolusi macam terbiar hangit di celah ketiak.

Setiap tahun aku target untuk belajar sekurang-kurangnya satu benda baru. Alhamdulillah banyak jugak la benda baru aku belajar sekalipun tak baru langsung bagi orang lain. But this is about my personal achievement.

Antaranya aku belajar main tenis.

Sebenarnya dah lama nak main tapi takde kesempatan. Tempat kerja aku ni ramai perempuan minat sukan lain macam badminton, ping pong dan netball.

Netball. Jangan harap aku nak main sukan ni. Tak tahu lah kenapa aku tak suka sejak di kerusi sekolah lagi. The sport just isn't for me. Even to watch it pun aku tak minat.

Port kami di Stadium Ipoh.

So tennis ni mungkin bukan benda asing bagi orang lain, tapi aku rasa ramai jugak tak pernah main. Akhirnya aku berkesempatan untuk main sebab kawan aku seorang ni terbuka hati nak belajar. So ada geng la kan. Hehe. Bila dah beberapa kali datang main tu, akhirnya kami ingin bergiat secara lebih serius lantas membeli raket tenis! Hahaha semangat.

Boleh dikatakan tennis ni best jugak lah.  Tennis ni rally dia selalu pendek-pendek. Court pun luas. Jenuh kekadang penat kutip bola je. Hahaha.

Tapi aku lebih enjoy main badminton. Lebih pantas dan lebih banyak peluh yang keluar. Nak kutip shuttle pun tak susah kan. Haha.

Cakap pasal badminton, aku siap masuk tournament bebaru ni. Kejohanan Badminton Terbuka anjuran Kelab Sukan di office aku. Kategori ada satu je, beregu campuran. Memang mulanya takde terfikir nak masuk langsung sebab aku bukan hebat mana pun.

Tapi sebab ramai yang join, takpe la semangat kesukanan punye pasal aku join la. Mesti lah kalah kan. Takyah tanye plis.
Peringkat saringan

Antara injury yang paling tragis

Pengiraan mata menghadapi sedikit kesulitan

Ada jugak lah target yang aku nak capai tahun ni terkubur di longkang berdekatan hospital Ipoh.

Nak buat camne kan.. kita hanya merancang.. tapi Tuhan yang menentukan target nak kurus ku ini diluluskan atau tidak. Hahahahaha alasan.

Selain daripada kisah target ni, adalah benda-benda baru yang aku terpaksa hadapi dalam tahun ni. Rasanya dulu rajin gak aku cerita perihal penyakit-penyakit aku ni. Tapi sekarang ni pendam je lah dalam-dalam. Tahun ni aku didiagnosis dengan satu lagi penyakit baru.. yang kesannya amatlah besar dalam hidup aku.

Yang lepas-lepas tu tak settle lagi pun, datang yang baru lagi kan. Sekali lagi dikaitkan dengan pra-kanser so susah jugak lah nak cerita part ni.

Berat mulut nak bercakap, berat lagi bontot yang mengeluarkan angin kus kus. Haha.

Kadang-kadang bila member tegur, "Ayu apa khabar? Cemane dengan sakit you?", terpaksa tanya, "Sakit yang mana satu ek?"

Semalam follow up, dan aku sekali lagi di-refer untuk jumpa sejenis lagi pakar. Tahun lepas hematologist dah buatkan surat tapi aku taknak pergi. Tapi kali ni no excuse, dia reprint surat tu, tukar tarikh semalam dan suruh aku pergi jugak. Sobs. :'(

Apapun, aku redha dipilih menghadapi ujian ni. InsyaAllah ada jalan penyelesaiannya. Kena usaha lebih sikit. Doa lah untuk aku ye, kawan-kawan!

Abah dan ibu dah balik ke tanahair!! Alhamdulillah. Kami sampai di airport pukul 10.45 malam dan tunggu je la dalam kereta, agak-agak diorang dah nak keluar, kami pun pergi la ke arrival hall. Hall dah penuh dengan ahli keluarga yang nak menyambut kepulangan mereka yang tiba daripada Mekah.

Kami masuk je hall, adik aku terus nampak kelibat Abah yang baruuu je keluar. Pergh perfect timing woh. Dia dah teruja "Iena nampak abah! Tu tu! Iena nampak Abah!!" sambil tangan-tangan dia menepuk-nepuk belakang aku penuh excited. Sampai pakcik kat sebelah tergelak tengok gelagat dia (dia bukan sedar pun), "Ha pergi pergi."

Muka penat dan lapar

Malam tu kami bermalam di hotel de Art, Shah Alam. Best woh hotel ni. Setiap bilik designnya unik. Tapi aku malas la nak buat review sekarang. Haha.

Ok nak pegi breakfast. Daa.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I may not see it, but I can feel it.

Oh hey look, it's the special date again! 11.11.11 ey?

It looks special to most of people especially those who are very particular about dates (I don't know why but we all have different ways of thinking). It's cool though, I don't really have a say on that cause I sometimes wished something special would happen on this special date.

Just like people liking numbers or having some specific numbers to be their favourites. Some are being superstitious as well cause of numbers.

As for me, I have no interest on numbers. None. Zero. Including dates. I don't mind if people forgetting my birthday. I forgot once. And I forgot most of my friends' birthdays eventhough I used to remember them. This is absolutely the problem between me and numbers.

But I still remember some irrelevant birthdays including those I wished I forgot.

I still remember Brian from the Backstreet Boys's birthday. 20th February 1975.
I still remember Nick is on 28th Jan, AJ is on 9th Jan and Howie is on 22nd August. I don't remember Kevin's though.. but I know its in early October.

I also remember my first puppy love's birthday (can't tell you the date but it's in June).
Even my crush in MMU... somewhere in August.
And my old long lost bestfriends.. surprisingly most of them were born in May.

I even know Mawi's birthday, 25th August, one day before mine. Deco's is one day after mine.

Anyway enough about numbers. I'm gonna do a meme instead.

Here are the Rules (WHICH I WON'T FOLLOW):
1. Respond and rework; answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention, add one more question of your own. -- I'm just gonna answer the questions.

2. Tag eight other people. -- Most of my friends have left blogging world. So I'm gonna tag only one or two people.

What is your current obsession?
I gotta say it's Macbook. I've been thinking since early this year whether to purchase it or not. There are pros and cons and I barely familiar with it so I can't stop googling about it sometimes. Just staring at the specs, recalculating over and over again in my head. Don't know for certain whether I really need it but I'm totally in love with it.

If only I could get it for free! Gah. I should marry a prince.

What are you wearing today?
I was late again this morning. Just grabbed an old blouse that doesn't need ironing with a pair of black pants.

What’s for dinner?
Oh well it's not even lunch time yet! Mmm.. maybe cereal and oats again. Yummy.

What would you eat for your last meal?
You mean really the last final one? Would I even bother to eat? Geez.

What’s the last thing you bought?
Papago! H8 GPS Navigator. Very helpful indeed. :P

What are you listening to right now?
A Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

Which language do you want to learn?
Definitely Spanish! Sexy language that is. Me gusta!

What do you love most about where you currently live?
Near my relatives and family. No traffic jams. Peaceful days and nights. Cheap food. And the best thing is you still get to see that old designed busses that KL people probably have no chance seeing them. It's epic yet it's everywhere here.

What style is your current home decorated in?
It's more like English, mixed with local typical Malay taste. Hard to tell. Our main hall is English, our tv hall has leather sofa so modern style? Haha. Dining table, one set is wooden, one set is marble and another is plainly wood. Yes we have three. Don't ask how many cupboards we have. Frames are everywhere, we have too many given as gifts we could hold an exhibition. Half of them are laid rest in the store room. And my room has a style called total disaster.

If you were a time traveler what era would you live in?
Future. I love technologies.

If you could be anything (career wise) what would you be?
Someone in the medical line perhaps.

What is your favorite color?
Gold. (it changes, trust me. the next day i might say silver)

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?
Ok hard question. None. There you go. Tough decision.

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was busy preparing for SPM.

What is your favorite sound?
The sound of rain and waterfalls!

Describe your personal style?
Casual and simple. If I were thin, I'd definitely wear better clothes.

If you had $300 now, what would you spend it on?
Buy new clothes. It's not that much. Even in USD.

What are you going to do after this?
Continue writing my proposal.

What are your favourite films?
Harry Potter movies. (too lazy to think honestly) Oh I love Step Up movies too. Brilliant!

Your favourite books?
Harry Potter books, Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, etc.

Do you collect anything?
Yeah.. I collect postcards and fridge magnets.

What makes you follow a blog?
I typically follow my friends' blogs.

What was the most enjoyable thing you did today?
I haven't done much today, it's only 9.48am. But so far, hmmm maybe having my yummy spicy breakfast (and feeling guilty after that).

What makes you comment on a blog?
I like to comment when I know something informative about the entry, or when I can't stop expressing my opinions or feelings about it.

What is your favorite thing to do when you have some free time?

Do you have a blogging pet peeve?
Hmmm no, not really. Maybe what annoys me is my lack of mood and ideas to update my blog nowadays. Oh well and when people judge you just because they don't agree with your opinions on something. But that hasn't happened to me for ages.Thank God.

Tagging two people : Lovely Eita and Fingahlicious Iena.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Simple yet sweet

I requested my sister to design a t-shirt for our mother's birthday since I purchased a groupon from ZiccoTees

Cantik kan? Thank you, sis for such attractive design. 

Unfortunately the tshirt did not arrive on time hence the delay. I had to wait more than two weeks when I finally decided to drop them an e-mail expressing my frustration and claiming for their explanation. 

They gave a prompt reply and apologized for the delay..

Hi Ayu,

Firstly we would like to apologize for the delay in your tees being processed.
We have been overloaded with unexpected number of orders recently hence we have been very busy.
We will push your tee up to the urgent category and get it done as soon as possible.
You will receive an email from us once the tee is ready.
Once again we are extremely sorry and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you and have a nice day.

ZiccoTees Admin

I received another email on the next day informing me that my t-shirt has been completed and is ready for shipping.

Thank you, ZiccoTees for your great service.

Yet my mom is currently performing her hajj so I have no choice but to wait for her to fly back home safely before we get to give her the t-shirt.

But I'm sure she would be delighted to see it, right? Hehe.

Please come home safely. We miss you.



Ye, saya dah kembali single. Dah lama pun.

Semoga ini dapat menamatkan spekulasi dan pertanyaan tentang perkahwinan kepada saya.

I'm perfectly okay and we are still good friends. :)

Credit Image : Strawberry93oO

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dag Dig Dug

Di dalam daaaadaaaaa~~
Jantung berdebar, hati berbungaaa~


Tak tahan plis nak berdangdut sekali sekala. :P

Okey lah, time for iphone app review!!

(konon sambutan hangat der~)

Instant Heart Rate by Azumio.

Bak kata iTunes,

Instant heart rate uses your iPhones camera to detect pulse on your fingertip. A technique used by medical pulse oximeters now available on your iPhone.

Place the tip of your index finger on iPhone’s camera and in a couple of seconds your Heart Rate will be shown. Instant Heart Rate will beep with your pulse.

A real-time chart will show your every heart beat. (ini kalau beli yang tak free punye la :P )

Mulanya aku doubt jugak la kan nak guna.. biar betul. But boleh dipercayai. Kalau tak, takkan lah boleh menang the best Health & Fitness app on Mobile Premier Awards 2011 .

Untuk tahu jantung korang ni spesis sihat ke tak, boleh lah measure guna app ni. The result may not be accurate but the best way is to make sure you're doing it with a good lighting. The app measures your pulse according to your blood flow in your finger.

It's good to measure your resting heart rate, so bila tengah duduk-duduk tu, boleh la measure. If korang duduk relax goyang kaki pun heart rate korang still tinggi, masa untuk mengubah lifestyle kepada yang lebih sihat! 

Aku dah test app ni since I was on drugs due to my asthma. Doc kat klinik bagi salbutamol pills untuk asthma bila aku kena asthma attack that day. Dah lah guna nebulizer, balik tu gwa tibai salbutamol pulak. Pil ni ada side effects, si pemakan jadik menggigil, dan jantung berdebar laju. Senang je nak terkejut. Even sudu jatuh dalam sinki pun aku dah rasa nak pengsan. Punye lah terkejut. Susah nak explain macamana perasaan bila terkejut tu. 

Itulah side effect Salbutamol ni yang paling ketara. Tak boleh drive bila dah makan pil ni. Sangat bahaya. Even ada doktor yang ban pemberian pil ni kepada patients sebab side effects yang sangat tak bagus. Like my doctor in KPJ hospital. He hates it. He's also an asthmatic so he knows best about about asthma.

So resting heart rate aku tanpa pengaruh Salbutamol yang aku ambil apabila bangun pagi adalah seperti berikut.

Manakala ketika di bawah pengaruh ubat, adalah seperti ini.

Kedua-dua measurement ini dibuat ketika aku sedang baring atas katil. Means I was not working out or doing anything. Bezanya cuma pengambilan ubat.

Pernah jugak aku measure ketika penat naik bukit dan tangga pergi kelas. Ini bacaannya.

Beza 1 beat je daripada bacaan ketika aku ambil Salbutamol. Punye lah berdebar jantong ku ini kerana dadah.

Maybe kalau jumpe Ashraf Muslim, berganda-ganda lagi gundah gulana di jiwa! HAHAHAHA.

Ok lah, try la app ni but you can't rely on this app as your medical record pulak! Setakat precaution or suka-suka boleh la. Kalau reading duk tinggi je, it's a sign of unhealthy heart ler tu kan.. so jom makan Quaker Oat. Kakaka.

Friday, October 28, 2011

3 + 2

Ok another event yang aku nak cerita adalah Library Week yang dianjurkan pada 3 hingga 7 Oktober lepas. Agak sudah lama ya tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.

Closing ceremony

Library Week ni dianjurkan oleh staf Library untuk students dan staf tapi aku tengok students sini agak pasif. Kami pulak mesti la nak support staf yang anjurkan event ni kan..sebab member-member sendiri jugak. So kebanyakan contests dimonopoli oleh staf dan setiap penyertaan dikenakan bayaran sebanyak RM1.

Ada game-game tradisional macam dam haji, congkak, carrom etc.. dan ada jugak yang berbentuk submission macam crosswords, crack your head quiz, guess the coins etc.

Bos saye tewas di tangan pelajar.

Carrom peringkat saringan.

Dam Aji - sesi saiko.

Aku tak masuk lah game-game tradisional tu.. aku hanya masuk 4 contests dengan total 7 entries, iaitu crack your head quiz, guess the coins, crosswords dan create your own quotation.

1. Crack Your Head quiz
Ada 20 soklan kena jawab. Aku main beli je borang without checking the questions first. Alih-alih bila nak jawab, aku tengok 6 soalan pertama adalah soalan berkaitan dengan medic. T________T

Soalan memang pecah kepala la kan. Makanya aku pun scan dan mintak someone tolong jawabkan :P

At the same time, aku dapat gak jawapan dari colleague aku yang masuk quiz ni dan of course, Google la. :D

Bunyi cam senang kan.. tapi sebenarnye susah please. Confusing. Tak tau mana satu jawapan yang betul. Akhirnya kumpul-kumpul jawapan, aku pun submit lah sekalipun tau tak akan menang. Pemenang akan dipilih mengikut the best marks and time of submission.

2. Crosswords
I had fun doing this contest sebab budak-budak department aku ramai yang beli borang ni dan kami jawab lah sama-sama. I found out most of the answers sebab aku tau kat mana nak cari jawapan-jawapan tu, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

Tapi kitorang stuck kat satu soalan ni. I was pretty sure we could find it in DBP web tapi tak jumpa. Then diorang ni tak dapat nak tunggu bagi jawapan yang last ni sebab masing-masing kena pergi compete untuk carrom dan dam haji. So I stayed in the office, searching for the answer. Akhirnya jumpa! Memang ada dalam DBP tapi dalam web tu ada typo error.

So I called them to come back to the office cause I had found out the answer, tapi diorang ni lama gila aku tunggu tak muncul-muncul sebab game tak habis lagi so I decided to submit my entry first.

3. Guess the Coins
So ada empat gelas Coke yang penuh dengan duit syiling, you just got to guess the total value. I submitted two entries for this contest, RM204.20 and RM189.30.

Tabung siapa lah kena pecah ni..

Aku bab teka-teka macam ni memang fail k. Tak pernah menang. Value tu pun aku submit after asking that someone to guess it for me. Hahaha...

4. Create Your Own Quotation
Contest ni agak funny sket. Sebab aku tak perasan akan kewujudannye. Aku hanya dapat tahu bila ada student datang nak print kat department aku, then mintak membe aku adjust sikit design quote dia. Since aku dah biasa browsing Tumblr, aku agak familiar dengan design quotation ni. Contest ni syarat dia kena create quote sendiri dan design lah layout dan print dalam bentuk A3. Kalau menang, diorang akan frame kan dan gantung kat library.

Aku dapat tau tu waktu pagi, hari terakhir untuk submit penyertaan. Terus aku pergi beli 3 penyertaan. Hahaha.. Tapi masa dah suntuk. Alkisah pagi tu ada meeting department, lepas lunch baru aku sibuk nak design. Kebetulan hari yang sama aku sibuk pulak dengan hal-hal kerja. So dalam pukul 3 petang macam tu baru lah aku sempat nak design.

Aku guna Adobe Photoshop je. Tak sempat nak cari background pun, aku just browse Tumblr untuk cari image yang sesuai dan ambik mana yang sempat. Confidentnye lah beli sampai 3 entries. Dalam kul 4 baru siap dua. Tapi bila tengah design yang ketiga, baru lah aku teringat kena print dalam A3. Size gambar kat Tumblr ni kecik je. So bila print, gambar akan pecah lah. Hadoiyaiiii!!

Dah lah aku tak sempat nak fikir quote apa nak letak. Maka aku terpaksa lah buat balik yang lagi dua tuuu.. Kul 4.30, staf kat Library dah call, "Ayu, nak submit tak quotation? Dah nak close ni.."

Sepantas kilat la aku print dan pergi submit. Fuh! Berpeluh.

So, menang kah aku dalam keempat-empat game yang aku join ni?

Aku kalah untuk Guess the Coins. Total value adalah RM185.. berapa sen tak ingat.

Third place untuk Crack Your Head Quiz..

First place untuk Crosswords!

And lastly, first place untuk Create Your Own Quotation!

I think no one noticed it's actually a time turner. (Time what??) See.

Hahahaa.. Alhamdulillah.. Rezeki :) Based on kisah aku ni, siapa sangka kan balik-balik muka aku je naik atas stage amik hadiah?

On top of that, aku menang cabutan bertuah.. dua kali! Hahahaha...

Begitu lah kisah rezeki di hari Jumaat. :)

My lucky draw numbers. 54 and 57 got lucky if I'm not mistaken.

Games camni pun dapat sijil doh. Haha..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bowl for Charity.

Where have I been? Been neglecting my own blog for weeks. Came back with a copy-and-paste article and gone again.

I wasn't going anywhere. But I barely had time to check this blog. Not even to take a quick glance over it. I was tied up with my schedule, my work and a charity event. Well that event is what I wanna talk about in this entry.

Sejujurnye banyak kisah-kisah yang berlaku yang aku nak kongsi tapi sebab dah lama terabai, cerita pun dah membukit, so aku amik je la yang paling senang nak cerita dan mempunyai beberapa keping gambar :P

Sebenarnya tak lama dulu aku, somewhere in July, I decided to join a charity team kat tempat kerja aku ni, atau lebih dikenali sebagai Humanitarian Aid Team (HAT). So rasanye korang pun boleh tau la kan basically apa yang team kami ni buat. Melawat ke rumah-rumah kebajikan, berikan bantuan pada yang memerlukan, kumpul dana, dan lain-lain lagi lah yang berkaitan dengan tugas kebajikan ni. Ada event yang berjaya memancing tumpuan media cetak jugak lah.. Ni antaranya..

Click for larger view

Click for larger view

Click for larger view

Tapi rata-rata event yang diorang buat ni memang aku tak dapat join sebab selalunya kunjungan ke rumah kebajikan ni diorang buat pada hari Sabtu.. dan hari Sabtu aku takde, pergi kelas di Shah Alam.

Event yang aku nak cerita ni ialah event terakhir yang kami buat setakat ni iaitu HAT Charity Bowling Tournament. Yeahhh.. bowling tournament, bukan melawat rumah kebajikan haha. Tujuannya adalah untuk mengumpul dana bagi aktviti seterusnya. Mungkin bagi yang tak pernah terlibat dengan charity events macam ni wonder untuk apa dana tersebut kalau setakat melawat je kan. Biasanya kami bukan pergi dengan tangan kosong, ada sumbangan yang diberi, samada pemeriksaan kesihatan secara percuma (since tempat keje aku ni penuh dengan medic/nursing/physio students), ataupun sumbangan dalam bentuk alatan atau kemudahan yang diperlukan, bergantung pada keperluan sesuatu rumah kebajikan tu.

Kalau ikutkan bowling tournament ni pun aku tak boleh nak join sebab tarikh asalnya jatuh pada hari Sabtu, tapi entah cemane diorang putuskan untuk tukar hari Ahad. So aku agak sibuk lah dengan kerja belakang tabir ni since aku handle promotion. Mula-mula agak mencabar sikit nak cari penyertaan sebab sambutan agak dingin. Dua minggu sebelum tournament, kami hanya berjaya dapat 6 team sahaja. Bulan Oktober ni banyak aktiviti lain dan students pun ada yang sibuk nak exam, mungkin dari segi tu dah impak jumlah penyertaan. Tapi Alhamdulillah berkat kegigihan komiti, dalam masa dua minggu tu, kami berjaya dapatkan lagi 16 team. :)

Hadiah yang mendapat banyak tajaan dari doktor-doktor pakar di kolej.

Juara longkang dapat real pin okey!

Aku pun masuk bertanding please. Walaupun tak hebat langsung kan, masuk je lah. Ranking peribadi, aku hanya berjaya dapat no 15 daripada 40 orang peserta perempuan. Hahahaha. Tapi team toksah cite dapat nombor berapa. Hahaha. Ibu pun masuk jugak tau! Supportive kan dia? :P Team dia dapat no 7 dan ranking ibu ialah no 8. So lagi hebat la daripada anak-anak dia (adik aku pun masuk!!).

COO merasmikan kejohanan boling.

Nak tiup semangat punye pasal.

Alhamdulillah event berjalan lancar dan habis seperti yang dirancang. Kalau aku organize event, aku paling tak suka ada delay yang terlampau panjang. So aku make sure semua bermula on time atau at least delay dalam 10 ke 15 minit sahaja. Aku rasa berkat aku spam email ofis untuk mengingatkan diorang tentang punctuality telah berjaya sebab peserta yang seramai 88 orang berjaya hadir on time. :)

Group photo: Winners and crew.


By the way, merujuk pada entry bulan lepas, Celoteh ala bundle, department kami menang first place untuk deco raye tu. Weeeehehehehehe..

Okay lah nanti pos cerita lagi satu. Daa.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Romancing the Unromantic Stone

This is to remind us of the boyfriends, girlfriends, hubbies, wives, or even friends and family members whom we sometimes take for granted.


My husband is an engineer. Since I met him, he was always an unflappable rock in my life. I knew he always had his feet firmly planted on the ground, and it seemed that no matter what else went crazy, he would be the one constant.

Three years of romance, and two years of marriage later, I got tired. He was the most unromantic man I know. He never bought me flowers, he never surprised me, and nothing changed in our marriage.

After some time, I finally found the courage to tell him that I wanted to leave him. He just sat there, speechless. My heart froze ... what kind of man was I married to that didn't even know what to say to make me stay?

After a while, he spoke, "What can I do to change your mind?"

"I will stay if you can give me a good answer to this question," I replied coldly.

"If I asked for a flower that grew on a cliff, and you knew that getting it for me means certain death, would you get it for me?"

His face grew troubled.

"Can I give you an answer tomorrow morning?" he asked.

Hearing that kind of answer, my heart died. I knew that I could never be happy with a man who couldn't even give me a answer straight away.

The next morning, when I woke up, he was missing. In the living room, under a warm glass of milk, was a note. My eyes grew misty as I read it ..

"Dear, I have my answer. I will never pick the flower for you if it meant certain death. But before you leave, I hope you can give me a chance to give you my reasons ....

You will always sit in front of the computer and type about for the whole day, but every time you will end up in tears cause your formatting will always go all over the place... I need my fingers, to do the formatting for you, so your tears will become smiles.

You like to travel, but would always get lost ... I need my eyes, so that I can bring you to the nicest places on earth.

Every time you leave the house, you would always forget your keys ... I need my legs, so that I can run home to open the door for you.

You never knew how to take care of yourself... I need my hands to help you get rid of the pesky white hair you hate so much when you grow old, to trim your nails, to feed you.

So you see, that's why I can't pick the flower for you. Until I find someone who loves you more than I do, I will need my body to take care of you.

If you accept my reasons, then open the door, where I will be waiting with your favorite muffin."

With tears streaming from my eyes, I opened the door, and there he stood, with a extremely worried look on his face. He still had nothing to say, but just stood there waving the packet he had in his hand in front of me. And then I knew for a fact that I will never find another man who will ever love me as much as he does.


Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean that they don't love you with all they have ...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Celoteh ala bundle.

Lama tak berceloteh panjang dalam blog ni. So in this entry aku nak sum up lah few things yang berlaku recently.. (not so recent, last month punya cerita pun ade hehe)

1. My birthday

Alhamdulillah dilanjutkan usia untuk tahun ni dapat lagi menyambut hari lahir yang ke dua puluh tujuh. Ye tiada penyorokan umur berlaku dalam blog ini kerana tiada manusia yang semakin muda dan tiada kehidupan yang semakin menjauhi kematian. :D

Well, (uhuk uhuk).. ni kali ketiga birthday aku jatuh pada bulan puasa so seperti tahun-tahun lepas, aku tidaklah berhajat untuk meraikan ulangtahun ni dengan upacara menghembus lilin dan memotong kek. But, I did receive a surprise from someone special.. Just like last year. Tapi kali ni lagi special lah pasal aku dapat macarons, cuppies and marshmallow salut cekelat sekaligus! Hahaha... Amboi, amboi.. mentang-mentang aku seekor overweight unicorn.. dia duk pakat kasik aku makanan saja naaa..

Anyway thank you ye encik. Sangat menghargainye. Maklum la aku teringin nak makan macarons sebab kat Ipoh ni tak jumpe pulak. Biase la mase duk Selangor dulu takde pun mengidam nak makan apa-apa. Sekarang ni semua benda yang takde kat Ipoh la yang aku duk mengidam. Seb baik takde mengidam tenuk goreng kunyit ke kan..

2. Hari Raya

Harapnye masih tak terlambat sangat lah untuk aku mengucapkan Selamat hari raya pada kawan-kawan semua, yang jauh yang dekat..begitu juga pada semua yang membaca blog aku ni (tapi yang omputih-omputih tersesat masuk blog ni mintak mahap la ye). Mohon maaf pada semua jika ada terkasar bahasa, terdiam seribu bahasa, mahu pun tertulis benda-benda yang menyinggung hati kalian. 

Raya kali ni disambut serba sederhana sahaja, kecuali part baju kurung tiga pasang mungkin sedikit terlebih dari kebiasaan tapi itu pun sebab ada orang hadiahkan kain pasang. Oh bestnye. Thank you!!

Aku tak keluar sangat kali ni, prefer to stay at home je. Budak-budak pun tak ramai yang datang. Mungkin sebab cuaca yang tak menentu. Tapi aku memang suka tengok suasana hari raya pertama di luar, nak-nak aku duduk kampung kan, so suasana raya tu sangat terasa bila tengok sana-sini orang pakai baju raya. Pemandangan yang dapat lihat setahun sekali je. Yelah ada yang isi minyak pakai baju Melayu bersongkok dan sampin, ada yang beli ais pakai baju Melayu, naik motor, kereta semua berbaju raya lengkap, berhenti kat trefik light, motor kat depan penuh dengan baju Melayu berwarna-warni.. Begitu juga orang-orang yang lepak kat kedai mamak.. yang berborak di tepi jalan.. macam-macam lah.

Ok stop melalut. 

Last year, aku kehilangan iphone 3gs pada raya ketiga. So raya ketiga tahun ni, saye duduk di rumah sahaja! Trauma please. Siap ada orang pesan jangan keluar rumah. Haha takut badi le tu kan. 

Dia punyee posinggg!!!

Ofis aku ada pertandingan Raya deco. Ape lagi bukan main lagi bebudak ni pulun decorate ofis. Memula taknak masuk bertanding. Tapi bila dah separuh jalan rasa macam best pulak, join je la bertanding.

Menang atau tidak hanya akan diumumkan pada Selasa ni. Taktau le kan boleh menang ke tak. I'll let you know soon.

So ni antara sudut-sudut yang dihias. 

Meriam buluh pun ade plis!! 

3. His birthday

I have one special friend whose birthday falls on September 11. LOL. Epic. Aku send hadiah kepada beliau pada hari Khamis, pakai pos Laju so Jumaat dah sampai. Birthday dia hari Ahad. Terpaksa send awal la kan. Member punya excited nak bukak hadiah pada malam birthday pukul 12 tu sampai menggigil. Hahaha. 

One of the gifts. Saje publisiti nama sendiri plis. Haha.

Leteran dalam bentuk sopan.

Anyway, happy birthday dear you. Hope this year will bring you joy and happiness and more fat please. HAHAHAA.. Please take care of yourself. Appreciate all the beautiful things around you. Count your blessings, not your problems. :) Be thankful always and less worried on every thing! Hehe.

Good luck and all the best!

4. Hari Raya Haji.

Alkisah pasal hari raya haji pulak..

Memang takde pape la kan sebab belum raya haji lagi.. haahahahah ape deyyy~

Ok sekian dulu, daaaa..