Sunday, August 31, 2008

A blessing.

Happy birthday, abah!

[photo removed]

Thanks for being such a great father.
May God bless you always.

Kami sayang abah. ^_^


Kepada semua umat Islam,
Selamat menyambut bulan penuh keberkatan, bulan Ramadhan.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To where I belong.

I'm back. Back from Singapore. I have stories to tell but I give an update on that later on when I have more time.

The moment I reached KLIA on last Saturday's night, I already had plans waiting for me. My parents, my sis and my cousin fetched me and then we went straight to Ampang. I had the chance to spend my weekend with my family before going back to Cyber. My boss allowed me to take a leave on Monday but I decided not to since I wanted to apply a leave on 2nd Sept.

Anyway yesterday was my 2-'s birthday. I'd like to thank everyone who wished me, verbally or non-verbally, who gave such lovely gifts and even to those who remembered it was my special day yet didn't have the chance to wish me directly.

I had a great time with my juniors (Sahli, Naema and Cma) and my dearie friend, kak Raina on Monday night (as well as last night). We went for karaoke for four hours until 1.50am and I am truly glad to see each and everyone of them enjoyed themselves. We even won RM100 voucher, thanks to Sahli for being such a lucky boy.

I think this week I won't be able to get a good long sleep since I already have plans throughout the week.

Fasting month is coming soon!! I'm going back to my hometown this weekend to celebrate the first day of the holy month as well as my father's birthday which falls on 31st August. Tak, dia tak mengaku dia anak Merdeka. Dia claimed cakap Merdeka yang ikut dia, bukan dia ikut Merdeka sebab dia lahir dulu. OK, I have no judgement on anything. You win, Abah.

Anyway I would love to share with you some silly pics we took last Monday night but I'm currently at my office (oops) so photos will be inserted later when I get home (hopefully).

Last but not least,
Mine was yesterday and today is his. Aren't we so meant to be together?

Below is a meme tagged by padfoot. I did my best to answer some of the questions truthfully. :P

1. Do you want to grow old with someone or be single?
-- Ah..lame question. Haha.

2. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
-- Taking shower.

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
-- Doing my work as usual. Fixing stupid defects.

4. What was something that happened to you in 1992?
-- I got my first love letter.

5. If you were stranded on an island with the person you hated and without food what would you do?
-- If I were stranded on an island without food, and with someone I hated who happened to be in the same condition as mine, I don't think I would have time to hate that person anymore.

6. When someone catches your eye, do you try to make eye contact or avoid it?
-- I don't deal with eye-contacts. I usually try to avoid it. I just don't want people to misinterpret me.

7. What color is your hairbrush?
-- It's a brown wooden hairbrush.

8. What was the last thing you bought?
-- Some cream and lotion.

9. How do you know when you're in love?
-- I have no idea. Maybe in four years I might be able to answer that. Only God knows.

10. Have you been to China?
-- Nope, never thought of going there until I met my coders who are from Guangzhou. Maybe one day..

11. Where do you keep your money?
-- Under my armpits... What?

12. Have you traveled outside the country?
-- Yeah. Just went back from Singapore.

13.Do you wish you were back together with any of your exes?
-- Permenantly deleted. There's no way of retrieving back the old trashes.

14. Do you like peanut butter and jelly?
-- Yup.. I love peanut butter!

15. What is your motto in love?
-- Aaa.. nape la ko tag aku meme ni, padfoot? I don't have any motto. Don't be such a love sick fool, be rational instead. Ok, that's one. Pfft~

16. The thing you love about relationships?
-- When we realize we complete each other? Thanks to Wall-E. And The Dark Knight. Ok fine, you too, Jerry Mcguire.

17. The thing you love about being single?
-- Less money flies, less hurt. Enough said.

18. Would you give up a dream for someone you love?
-- If it comes to my parents and family, it might be a yes.

19. Do you want to cut your hair?
-- Just cut it last month, and I'm thinking of cutting it again soon. My hair grow pretty fast.

20. Are you over the age of 25?
-- I can still sleep for one whole year, and by the time I wake up, I can still answer this question as no.

21. Do you talk a lot?
-- I believe, yes.

22. Do you watch The O.C.?
-- I did. For the first season. And then I hvn't got time and missed it. Don't feel like watching it anymore.

23. Does your MSN name have an 'x' in it?
-- No, I don't have any MSN name so I don't have any character in it.

24. Anybody you know with a unique name?
-- How about Siti Mas Indah? Fakhrati? Taksiyah? They are all once-my-friends. How about Zuma? Gwen Stefani's newborn baby. Duh.

25. Favorite ice cream?
-- Aiskrim doposen, perisa asam boi. Slurrp~!

26. Could you date someone who has been only your friend for a long time?
-- Gawwwddd.. thanks again, padfoot. It seems hard. It's not impossible though, but it's a bit awkward for me personally.

27. Are you typically a jealous person?
-- Not really. If I feel jealous, I tend to fight it.

28. Is there such thing as a perfect relationship?
-- I don't believe there is.

29. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'I'.
-- Igor Karkaroff.. ok that's Harry Potter's name. Eee.. sape ek. Intan, my cousin.

30. Who's the last person to call you?
-- Sahli, my clown.

31. Last magazine you bought?
-- Football Weekly kot namanye. Lupe dah.

32. Do you chew on your straws?
-- Nope, it's a bad habit.

33. Do you have curly hair?
-- No. But I love to perm my hair.

34. Can you dance like a chicken?
-- Can chicken really dance?

35. Last concert?
-- No idea. I've never been to a concert I think. Except those gigs and battle of the bands. Not into it, though.

36. What is something you say a lot?
-- Shit.

37. Favorite color(s)?
-- Apple green.

38.Believe in karma?
-- Hurmmm.. I have my own way of believing.

39. Do you know what a plectrum is for?
-- I know after I read shinizzle's answer. I don't play guitars.

40. Who was the last person you said I love you to?
-- A friend of mine who wished my birthday.

41. What should you be doing right now?
-- Fixing defects on the programs. Too lazy. No mood to do work cause it's soon going to rain and rain makes me lazy.

42. Do you have a nickname?
-- Besides the ones from my full name, yes. But let me keep it personal. :)

43.Are you a heavy sleeper?
-- I used to be a heavy sleeper. But now, I can't.

44. Do you watch tv?
-- Not really. Except to watch football matches.

45. Is there anyone you like right now?
-- Apart from Deco, no.

46.When was the last time you fell in love?
-- I am not able to answer that.

47.If you were stuck in a situation and could call someone for help,who would it be?
-- Depends, though. Probably my bestfriends.

48. What was your last craving/want?
-- Gulai tempoyak ikan patin. I'm a true Perakian, there you go.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Slot Membebel.

Dah banyak kali aku pesan, jaga-jaga. Akai ada, pakai. Ini semua nak ikut hati. Sikit-sikit, hati. Naluri kunun, berangan je lebih sebenarnya. Mat Jenin tu kalau tengok pun tepok dahi empat puluh empat kali, tak sangka ade orang lagi tengin* dari dia.

Bukan tak boleh berangan, takde sapa larang nak cipta impian. Tapi berpada-pada. Kenapa mesti nak letak perasaan kat depan? Bukan tak boleh fikir habis-habis tapi sebab perasaan punya pasal, nak redah jugak, tak kira. Last-last, sendiri tersungkur, sendiri yang sakit.

Kadang-kadang kita bukan tak boleh dengar nasihat. Kita dengar, kita pun duk cakap, kita memang jenis boleh mendengar. Tapi cakap je.. bila orang bagi nasihat, angguk-angguk. Mata melilau, konon dengar lah ni. Tapi tak lekat pun. Ada sesuatu dalam fikiran dia yang cakap, "Jangan dengar. Orang lain tak faham." Tapi duk angguk lagi ni.. ye lah, tengah mendengar. Dia ingat kita buta?

Yang bos aku ni pun mangkuk jugak sikit-sikit. Aku duk terangkan apa masalah, dia duk ulang soalan lagi. Kalau aku boleh cakap Cina, lama dah. Hokkien, Mandarin, Kanto, semua aku campur. Tapi aku boleh cakap dua bahasa rosak je. Satu Melayu, Satu Bahasa Inggeris, tapi dedua memang rosak. Manada orang Melayu cakap bahasa Melayu dengan betul dah. Kecuali Dato' A. Samad Said. Sungguh ni, bukan aku main taip je nama dia. Bila dia keluar TV, memang aku perati ayat dia satu-satu. Kagum, aku tak mampu cakap Bahasa Melayu dengan betul.

Kat mana tadi? Susah jugak bebel-bebel ni, cepat lari topik. Ok pasal bos. Dia kat Temasek sekarang ni. Nanti Isnin depan aku join dia kat sana. Akhirnya ke Singapura jugak aku. Sorang-sorang. Takpe, aku nak lalui sendiri. Semua orang ade first time. Tak, aku bukan nak cerita pasal ni, aku nak cerita pasal bos. Halaa.. susahnya.

Dia ni kadang-kadang ok, kadang-kadang lemau lah. Kalau ada team meeting (guna conference la pasal dia kat Temasek), kitorang kat sini nak tertidur dengar dia bebel. Kadang-kadang lost gila.. ape term lah mamat ni guna sampai aku rasa bodoh sangat ni. Merepek-repek. Pastu kalau tak lebih sejam, memang bukan dia la tu. Aku siap boleh lukis-lukis kat whiteboard sambil dengar dia bebel. Tu lah, multi-purpose aku ni sebenarnya.

Pastu al-kisah semalam aku jahat sangat aku rasa. Semalam aku merajuk dengan ibu bapa ku. Adalah kisahnya, malas la aku nak cerita pulak kan. Pastu konon-konon tak mau balas SMS, tak mau jawab call lah ni. Pagi-pagi buta dah merajuk ni, tak senonoh betul. Cakap terus terang, aku susah nak merajuk. Letih! Tapi semalam aku nekad nak merajuk. Gila, nak merajuk pun kena nekad betul-betul. Untung lah sapa kahwin dengan aku, tak yah sibuk-sibuk nak pujuk. Kalau aku terasa ke, aku cakap je. Hahaha.

Pastu, aku balas SMS abah ku, then aku off handphone. Tiba-tiba terpikir, eh eh tak pernah off handphone ni. First time ni. Kasik dia rileks sikit. Tarik napas, tarik napas, hembus. Sambil-sambil buat kerja (tak berapa nak fokus sebenarnya, maklum lah tengah merajuk), mata duk tengok jam digital kat PC ni. Ish.. baru tige puloh minit. Lama betul. Seksanya merajuk ni.

Otak duk ligat la fikir, agak-agak abah ada try call ke.. reply sms ke. Sejam berlalu punyalah seksa, akhirnya on handphone. Eceh konon-konon nak cek sms orang lain. Maklum lah tengah sms dengan kekawan. Alasan je tu. Dengan diri sendiri pun nak cover-cover, susah tul jadi manusia.

Sekali sms masuk. Eh eh, lah.. orang lain. Cis cis.. hati yang tengah kecik, makin kecik pulak. Takde missed calls lah. Memang betul lelaki lah ayah aku ni. Off handphone balik. Nekad tunggu sampai nak lunch. Tapi 11.59 dah on handphone. Eh ada sms, ibu.

Dah set dah awal-awal, nak merajuk, so tak boleh lah reply atau kasik respon pape kan? Macam tu ke rules and regulations untuk merajuk? Tapi aku balas. Pendek jer. Tiga ayat, tapi enam patah perkataan je. Kira boleh buat slogan pertandingan kat surat khabar tu. Pastu off balik.

Macam budak-budak ye bila merajuk ni. Baru tau..

Dipendekkan cerita, akhirnya sepanjang hari tu aku off handphone, sekali sekala terpaksa on sebab duk sms orang lain. Biasalah, i'm a busy woman. Bila on je dapat notification dari Maxis, ada missed calls. Banyak jugak. Tega betul lah hati aku semalam.

Mood aku pun tak berapa nak baik. Eee.. seksa merajuk ni. Elok pulak bila aku on handphone je, call ibu masuk. Dua kali. Haishh.. macam tau je kan bila aku on. Tapi masih kekal jahat, aku off. Pastu balik rumah lewat sikit, biasalah bos aku ni kurang memahami hati wanita, kesian bini dia. Sampai rumah, housemate cakap ibu call cari aku. Puh, mujur tak balik lagi. Mujur??

Bila malam, aku dah exhausted dah. Pastu bila pikir takot ibu call lagi, aku cabut wayar tepon rumah tu. Gila, aku tak pernah bertindak sedemikian sebelum ini. Maha kejam dah aku rasa masa tu. Tapi kejap je, pas mandi, basuh baju apa semua, aku pasang balik.

Tak sampai sejam pun, aku tengah layan cerita "Definitely, Maybe" (pergh.. Ryan Reynolds ni bikin hormon gwa gegar lah), housemate aku panggil, "Ayu! Tepon! Mak Ayu kot!"

Aku cabut headphone, terpinga-pinga. Bila masa pulak ada bunyi tepon ni? Tak dengar pun. Aku pun pause cerita tu, bangunlah pergi ke tepon. Bismillahirramanirrahim..

"Hello," tegurku ala-ala sayu. Tak tau la menjadi ke tak nada merajuk aku.

"Helloo~" jawab ibu, dengan nada penuh ceria.

Padan muka aku. Merajuk konon! Ibu rileks, selambak rock je. Aku je macam nak cirit menempuh detik-detik rajukan.

"Kenapa ibu call tak jawab?" ibu tanya ala-ala manja seperti biasa.

"Saje.." balas ku lemah, ingin bertindak sedikit kejam tapi menyesalinya sesaat kemudian.

Tapi lepas dengar suara ibu, aku surrender. Ibu je pandai lembutkan hati aku. Harap-harap dapat suami macam tu. Takyah nak argue-argue, sebut nama aku, terus cair. Ini tak, orang laki kalau nak tegur, main redah je. Nada nak macho aje, ayat nak pedas je. Dia je lah betul, dia eksplen berapi-api, kite pompuan kena telan. Suka tak suka, itu problem kita. Itu yang makin teruk bergaduh tu. Dua-dua nak menang je.

Tak payah macam tu. Tak caya try taktik ni kat pompuan. Bila dia tengah marah-marah, membebel-bebel macam aku buat sekarang ni, seru je nama dia pelan-pelan, dengan penuh tenang. Insyaallah stop la dia tiba-tiba. Paling teruk pun, korang dapat penampar je.

Ok sekian slot membebel aku kali ni. Letih siot. Merajuk dan membebel adalah dua perkara yang menggunakan banyak kalori, itu hasil penemuan aku hari ni. Boleh kurus macam ni.

*Tengin = loghat perak, membawa maksud 'budow'.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A total chaos.

My convo was held last year. I did miss a few things I wished I did because I spent my whole special weekend with my beloved family, so I missed the celebration with all my good friends. I never thought I would have the same opportunities for this year's convocation. Yea, of course things were a little bit different because I was not the one who was being celebrated but I did have a great time spending the precious moments with my buddies.

One of the things that I missed the most is certainly taking those kinds of silly photos. But I'm willing to share only two of them. :P

[photo removed]

Glad I had the chance to do it this year eventho it doesn't mean anything special to me personally.

[photo removed]

[photo removed]

[photo removed]

Thanks to all my friends especially padfoot and shinizzle for all the priceless moments.

And of course, how would I forget about the incident happened on last Friday evening?

I was working in front of my PC and was busy completing my crucial tasks when suddenly I received a message from shinizzle, "Dude, rumah jiran ko berasap do. Fuck, sekuriti datang." At first I really thought I read it wrongly. I glanced thru it again and that's it, I'm calling Azwa (shinizzle's phone couldn't receive calls and I had no time to type sms).

I was a little panicked because I live in apartment, at level 9 for God's sake. If my neighbour's house got burned down, do you think I would be able to get home and have a good sleep?

Before I put down the phone, Azwa said to me clearly and carefully, "Ayu, yang berasap rumah jiran kau tau, bukan rumah kau."

I know I had the panic attack, but I tried my best to remain calm. I left my pc on, hastily grabbed my handbag from the drawer and said to my officemates, "I have to go home. My neighbour's house could be on fire."

And so, they laughed.

Yes, they did.

"I'm not joking. Do you think I'm-? Can't you see I'm scared right now?"

They giggled. Ok this is what you have to pay when you do stupid jokes all the time.

"I've to go," I finally gave up. No time to make things clear.

"Bye, bye!" they responded cheerfully like they always do when I'm leaving the office.

Crap! By the minute I reached home, I looked up to see if there was any smoke but I saw nothing. Yeah okay, the house is facing the pool, how am I supposed to see? There were two boys at the ground floor in front of the lifts, looking anxiously upstairs, and I stupidly joined them. They exchanged strange looks with me and oh okay, that was stupid.

I hit the lift button and went to level 9. The lift was already crammed with unknown people that came from Lower Ground floor and I hated to hear them talking about something I was afraid of -- the fire.

Level 9 was like somewhere located in the seventh layer of the sky. But still, as the lift reached it, I walked out calmly and saw a few more people were already there. They were securities and staffs. Shinizzle called out my name and I found her, Azwa and padfoot were sitting on the stairs nearby.

The smoke was not there anymore and the kitchen's windows were widely opened. Shinizzle told me she called the firemen and I was like, "You did??" And later, I heard the sirens.

Ok, she did.

Five minutes later, four to five firemen came out from the lift (I don't know why I felt funny to see them coming out from the lift instead of climbing their incredibly long flight of stairs from outside.).

They broke the grill (nobody's home), and went into the kitchen to find that somebody forgot to turn off the stove and the cooking pot had turned all black. Oh well, if nobody noticed, the house would certainly burned down.

Then we went outside to see it for ourselves and I was more stunned by the condition of the house. It was so ridiculously dirty and messy and looked like a total disaster. Just like a place where the kidnappers hide their victims. Eeeuww! I went in for a few seconds and couldn't stand it. My throat was tingling, I felt like throwing up.

Bloody hell, I have no idea how those foreigners could be living in that kind of crappy place! Erghh.. I even feel like vomitting now.

After everything seemed okay, I went back to office and found out the firemen came with two fire engines. Cool, heh?

We spent our night talking about all the funny stuffs happened that day especially the part where shinizzle called the fireman and asked, "Hello, ni bomba ke?"

Monday, August 04, 2008

Can I just come over and lend my shoulder?

Weee.. I'm so happy today cause I just received three books of Twilight series which I ordered last week from E-Bay. Bought it only RM27 each. MPH price is RM35.50 for Book 1, RM39.50 for Book 2 and RM41.90 for Book 3. Would you mind calculating for me how much I saved? RM 35.90. MPH sells the books online and you'll get 20% discount. But I would still save RM12.52. Told you, buying at E-Bay is worth it. (^_^)v

Anyway, I've been tagged by padfoot to do the following meme. So here it goes!

13 random things you love: (in no particular order)
[1] you. wtf. ok hurm.. my pillows... (yea, u're right, i'm currently sleepy)
[2] rain. it makes me feel relieved because it washes away the pollution.
[3] anderson luis de souza. delicious~ finger lickin' guwd? haha. (ya, u're right again. i'm on drugs.)
[4] fireworks. make me feel light-hearted, like y'know, flying into the blue sky~ (damn right. i hit my head on the wall)
[5] my mom. i love ibu.. muah muah muah muah muahhh~
[6] nescafe. uuhh la la la~
[7] english novels. i love reading and writing.
[8] kinokuniya. i miss that place so much.. i can spend hoursss in there.
[9] my car. eventho i wished really bad it's an autobot, waiting to emerge and say, "hi, i'm technically a car but i'm actually a robot. tadaa~"
[10] mom's cooking. yummy.
[11] mails! i love receiving mails.
[12] theme parks. i love rollercoasters.
[13] guys with a good sense of humour.

12 movies you like: (in no particular order)
[1] Just Like Heaven. -- sometimes you have no idea that you are in love..
[2] A.I. -- the only science fiction movie that made me cry.
[3] Step Up 2.
[4] Bring It On 3 (All Or Nothing)
[5] Transformers!! Best movie ever.
[6] Ironman.
[7] Tentang Bulan. Suka budak-budak dalam citer ni.
[8] Monsters Inc.
[9] Finding Nemo. Paling suka part Dory cakap bahse dolphin!
[10] Deco. Eh.. ok, it's not a movie. Erm.. White Chick is cool too.
[11] Get Smart. Nice one. I didn't expect it's a comedy movie. I watched it alone and laughed the loudest.
[12] The Dark Knight. Good one, definitely.

11 Band/Artists: (in no particular order)
[1] I am still a fan of Backstreet Boys.
[2] Christina Aguilera. She may look 'dirrty-er' than Britney, but she has a better family than her now. She ain't faking it.
[3] Natasha Bedingfield. I love her husky voice and her songs have beautiful lyrics.
[4] Cranberries. I was their big fan when I was in secondary school. Animal Instinct is still one of my favourite songs.
[5] Leona Lewis. I'm not really her fan but I love her songs.
[6] Same thing goes to Jordin Sparks.
[7] David Archuleta. He's adorable and innocent. :)
[8] Carrie Underwood. Maybe you're not aware, but I'm into country music.
[9] Celine Dion. I truly admire her powerful voice.
[10] Brian Littrell. Ok he's a Backtreet Boy, he has a solo album and that tells differently.
[11] Ahh.. who to put in.. no idea. Ok, I always like Amy Mastura. ^_^

I don't really favor bands. So that's why you find most of my faves are solo artists.

10 things about you physically and personality wise:
[1] I voice out when I believe I'm at the right side.
[2] I love my friends so much, I tend to forgive and forget when they do mistakes eventhough it hurts me like hell.
[3] When people complain, I don't listen to their sides only.
[4] Compared to other girls, I think I'm always braver.
[5] I can cook but not that great, but still, acceptable. :P
[6] I'm a fast learner.
[7] I choose things to buy based on my interest, not others.
[8] My nails are always short.
[9] I just cut my hair and within two weeks, I can already tie it up. Magic, huh?
[10] I believe I am a very open-minded person. I can talk about almost everything.

9 songs for your wedding: (in no particular order)
[1] My Valentine - Martina McBride.
[2] Destiny - Misha Omar.
[3] I'll Be There - Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz.
[4] I Finally Found Someone - Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams.
[5] Save Me From Myself - Christina Aguilera.
[6] Your Faith In Me - Jessica Simpson.
[7] I'll Still Be Me - Martina McBride.
[8] Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias.
[9] Stupid Cupid - Mandy Moore.

8 fav drinks/food: (in no particular order)
[1] Iced Milo.
[2] Fruit juices.
[3] Bubur Lambuk.
[4] Mom's cooking.
[5] Mashed potato.
[6] Banana split.
[7] Nescafe and coffee.
[8] McD's fried chicken (original).

7 things you always wear:
[1] Lenses.
[2] Wrist watch.
[3] Moisturizer.
[4] Deodorant.
[5] Blusher.
[6] Lip gloss.
[7] Foundation.

6 pet peeves : (in no particular order)
[1] Hypocrites! One minute they say things like this, and when they meet other people, they claim they said differently. Fuckers.
[2] Snobbish people. When they think they deserve only the best in the world, and that they can be picky even in choosing who can be their friends.
[3] Selfish drivers. Erghh.. I hate it when I meet this type of drivers, who don't use their signals, who can't decide which lane to use and end up using both at the same time and who don't tolerate at all to other drivers.
[4] Late people that show up without looking guilty and pretending like they do nothing wrong.
[5] people who sneer a lot.
[6] close-minded people. these people can never change! fucking losers.

5 things you touch everyday: (in no particular order)
[1] my personal computer.
[2] my handphone.
[3] my pillows.
[4] my car.
[5] my personal stuffs.

4 shows you watch: (in no particular order)
[1] Grey's Anatomy (all seasons).
[2] American Idol (season 7).
[3] Ellen Degeneres Show.
[4] Heroes (both seasons).

3 celebrities:
[1] William Moseley.
[2] Sandra Bullock.
[3] Rupert Grint.

2 current wishes:
[1] I wanna go home..
[2] Full-recovery from all the sickness I'm currently having.

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:
[1] He who must not be named. HAHAHAA..

A weekend to remember.

Ok time to talk about Wajadiri tournament and my trip to JB.

First n foremost, of course I would like to congratulate MMU team for their excellent achievement. Below are the categories they won:

Menangkis Serangan Tongkat (Male) - Silver.
Hero : Yussamir.
Crook : Ezwan

Menangkis Serangan Tongkat (Female) - Silver.
Hero: Fa Nadia.
Crook : Cma.

Menangkis Serangan Kaki (Male) - Silver.
Hero : Ezwan
Crook : Syazlan aka Lan Rock.

Persembahan di atas Papan Sekeping (Female) - Bronze.
Hero: Fiena.
Crook : Elya, Cma, Ina, Amni, Fa.

[photo removed]

We, the supporters wore yellow attires which was absolutely cool. Sometimes we looked like Maybank employees, but most of time we looked like Digi Mascots. Hahaha. I didn't have any yellow dress or shirt so I had to buy a new piece on the same day we went to JB.

We arrived UTM at around 1 am. UTM is soooo wide, there was no signboards to lead us to the hostels and we were lost quite a time but Shidi was great enough to find the blocks. Ah.. I was so exhausted because I barely ate that day (only had my breakfast and a light snack for dinner). I went straight to bed as we needed to wake up early to see the tournament.

[photo removed]

Anyway the tournament was held successfully but I noticed the participants were much lesser. After it ended, me, kak Mar and Melal followed Zura who was staying at his brother's house in Masai. We managed to drop by at Bern's house (nearly cancelled though, as we were rushing for a formal dinner that night). Tercapai jugak impian nak pergi umah ko, Bern. :) Thanks for granting my wish. The noodles and 'lengkong' (yeah, takmau sebut agar2 dah.. lengkong sounds better. hehe..) were delicious. I didn't know Bern has such a *ehem* jambu *ehem* brother, pretty sister and definitely a very very lovely mother (I love talking with old people, I don't know why).

[photo removed]

We spent only half an hour or so at his house, then we had to rush back to Zura's house cause it was very late already. So yeah, we arrived late for the dinner but it was okay. The food was great.. Eee.. ada tempe, taufu goreng.. my favourites! Kitorang disajikan dengan persembahan zapin oleh kanak-kanak (they're not just children, they're state champions).. sangat comel!! Seeing their performance, I couldn't stop squealing and grinning. I wish I could share with you the video but my streamyx sucks so bad I can't open youtube. Maybe I'll try something else, we'll see if I have time (read: I never got time).

The next day (Sunday), we went to several places. I was glad I joined Melal's car instead of MMU bus cause we had more time to go wherever Shidi brought us (Shidi is Johorian and he was incharge as our tourist guide :P ). Edi provided us walkie-talkie so that we could communicate easier (without being charged of course). We laughed like crap while in the cars because Snapi, Edi and Faiz couldn't stop talking nonsense and cracking silly jokes.

[photo removed]

I don't remember my last time visiting JB so I couldn't tell how different it was from my last visit. We stopped by and visited a few places including this one place Shidi used to 'merendek' haha. We also visited his former school, one of Rumah Persatuan Silat Cekak Hanafi and Shidi brought us to his granny's house (nice Mee Bandung!). I won't forget how me, Faiz, Kak Mar, Kasim and Melal laughed into tears because of the stupid jokes Faiz and I created. Sorry Shidi if we were too noisy. And sorry too that you missed it. :P While driving around the village area, Edi, Faiz and I couldn't stop feeling like we were in Manjoi (it's Faiz's and my village. And all three of us are Perakians). It looked a bit like the same atmosphere. I felt a little homesick but nevermind that.

[photo removed]

To sum up it all, I had a great time in JB eventhough the next day I fell sick. Haha. I bought a pair of new shoes, little teddies for people I care for, and a small cushion! My personal thanks to Edi and Faiz for teaching me about new animals I didn't know they exist. Haha. And also to Melal, for being generous enough to reserve a seat for me in her car.

Enough for now. I need to go home early as I feel so dizzy and woozy (come on, I skipped only a few medication demmit).

Till then.

p/s: more photos will be updated later. [too lazy]

Count that blessing.

Finally, my dream came true.

Finally, I got to see my favourite footballer live on the pitch.

Ye, aku tau dah lama lepas.. tapi nak cite jugak, tak kire. :P

Actually I applied for a leave on that day so that I wouldn't have to rush to Shah Alam to see the match. But, I don't know if it should be called as lucky or not, but I was not well on that Monday, so I went to see a doctor and found out my blood sugar was low. Padan la aku rasa weng-weng dan pitam for a few seconds. Ye ye slama ni aku cut sugar (especially rice) sebab sedara-mara aku ramai diabetes. Ter-over cut la pulak kan. :P

So I got two days MC (Monday and Tuesday) and I had to run a blood test because the doctor was concerned about something. So okay the result was not so good cause he found out I got blood infection. Entah macamana aku bole dapat tah.. My platlet was higher than normal rate. So he wanted me to run a full blood test. Luckily I have no problem with needles. :P

I should rest for the whole week tapi tak bole lah sebab workload bertimbun-timbun. Aku pergi gak keje ari Rabu dengan Jumaat. Mujur tak pitam lagi hari Rabu tu weng habis. So since aku dah dapat MC untuk hari aku pergi tengok Chelsea match tu, aku pun suruh team lead aku reject leave application aku.. rugi woo kalau dia approve, ilang satu annual leave.

So on Tuesday, which was the same day I knew I had blood infection, I went to Shah Alam all by myself at around 5pm and drove straight away to UiTM to pick up my sister who is also a big fan of international football (she's supporting Werder Bremen and Germany, and her favourite player is Miroslav Klose who has transferred to Bayern Munich and broke her heart into pieces just like Deco did to me).

Luckily padfoot and her sister had reached stadium much earlier so she promised to reserve our seats. Muchos gracias, darling! My sis and I reached stadium at around urmm.. 6pm I guess. The stadium was still empty, only a few people were already in.. most of the people were still loitering outside.

With padfoot.

I don't support Chelsea, so does my sister. I came to see only Deco and Scolari whereas my sister was dying to see Ballack. So we had nothing to buy.. no caps, no blue jerseys, no scarfs etc. I would love to buy my sis anything she liked but she claimed there is no way she would betray her team. lol.

[photo removed]

With my sis.

I must say I was completely stunned by Deco's appearance. I just couldn't believe my eyes.. I couldn't believe I was actually looking at him.. not on tv screen.. it was live.. all live.. I had a hard time to accept the fact that all of sudden I had my dream came true.. To be frank, I never dreamt I would get a chance to meet him.. never. I did wish though, that how great it would be to meet him. But damn, my wish came to reality.

It's just marvellous.

The game.. well well, hurmm.. previously, I never enjoyed watching Chelsea in any match so it bored me quite a bit except all the moments when Deco had the ball. He was super cool, playing so good, looking so delicious perfect. I was so much in love with the combination between him and Lampard. Anyway, Chelsea players semua macam kena salai! Kulit merah habis.. tak biasa dengan cuaca Malaysia yang panas membahang ni. Hehe.

[photo removed]

after the match ended.

Ooh, Malaysia played well too. Good attempts to shoot a goal but obviously they're no match compared to high-experienced Cech. But Chelsea managed to score 2 goals only. I expected for at least *cough* six *cough*. Boo Chelsea.. haha ok sorry.

And damn you're right, padfoot.. the Mexican wave during the break was super exciting!

Overall, I was truly glad I had a great time with my sister. The main reason I bought the tickets is because of her. I was glad I made her so happy that night eventhough she was frustrated Ballack didn't play. She was hoping he was going to play on the second half but I ensured her that wasn't going to happen cause Ballack came out wearing sandals.

We left the stadium around 11.30, made a few wrong turns before we finally reached UiTM. :P I was going back to Cyberjaya alone so it was kinda freaky but I had my mom calling in every five minutes before I finally reached the highway. I was not so keen driving in Shah Alam, I got lost everytime. That night, I was counting on my instinct. Haha. Giler.. tapi Alhamdulillah selamat sampai rumah lebih kurang pukul 1 pagi.

Thanks to a friend of mine who was concerned enough about me. ^_^

And to you too, padfoot. (",)

p/s: I'll tell about Wajadiri tournament and my trip to JB if I have time.