Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The differences.

Sometimes I think you're okay.
Sometimes I feel you're not.

Sometimes we are okay.
Yet sometimes it feels awkward.

Sometimes I think I know you.
But sometimes I forget who you are.

This inconsistency is not healthy.
Somehow it needs fixing.

But I don't know how.
No, not even a clue.

What should we do then?
Tell me, where do we start?
Where do we go from here?

Monday, March 29, 2010

New house.

Last Sunday, pindah rumah baru. Dekat je.. around 5 minutes journey by car. Dua kali trip guna 2 kereta. Kereta ibu dan kereta ku.

Mula ingat nak pindah petang Sabtu but then parents aku cam malas je. So tukar, pagi Ahad baru pindah. Rasa seperti barang tak banyak pulak.

Dulu dari Cyberia pindah ke SK.. rasanya 5,6 trip kot. HAHAH.

Kali ni decide takmo pasang aircond. Tengoklah bape lama aku boleh tahan. Hua hua.

Bulan ni rezeki sangat murah. Alhamdulillah sangat. Kadang-kadang aku ni lupa dekat Dia tapi Dia masih beri rezeki. Huhu..

This weekend nak gi shopping sikit la.. Kasut dah terkopak siot. Begitu cepat sekali.

Hmmm.. sekian dulu untuk update kali ni. Tiba-tiba stuck pulak. :P

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hard moment.

So hurmm.. where do I start?

This week kena start packing cause this Sunday I’ll be moving in to a new house nearby. Tadi baru start sikit pastu layan FB. Sambung sikit, pastu tengok berita. Bungkus sikit, pastu gi masak nasik. Jadik laa dapat bungkus dalam 4 kotak je. Hahaha.

Then, last weekend kena admit ke Pantai Hospital kat Bangsar. Buat test itu ini. Sebelum buat test tu, doctor advised dulu risks dia semua, then kena sign form. Sign je lahhh aku malas nak baca. Haha. Takut. Sebab dalam tu dia cerita complications yang mungkin berlaku.

Al-kisah first day of admission tu, boring.. doctor datang pas solat Jumaat. Abah pun pergi solat. Lepak dengan ibu kat lobby..kat Starbucks yang dah lima tahun aku boycott. Akhirnya pergi jugak, sebab dah sangappp sangat tak tau nak lepak mana. Isk isk. Tapi sebab dah lama tak pegi Starbucks ni, blank taktau nak pilih ape.

Last-last tanya budak tu, “Err.. orang salu order yang mana?”

Tengah pilih coffee, ada orang tunggu kat sebelah. Oppss Harith Iskandar.

Then lepak kat lobby, tengok orang lalu lalang. Sungguh la tak macam pesakit aku ni. Hahah. Tiba-tiba ibu cakap, “Tu.. doctor kamu dah sampai.” Aku pun, “Hah? Alamak! K ibu, Ayu naik dulu.” Zrasss.. berlari menuju lif. Orang tengok pun pelik agaknye.. ‘Dia ni inpatient, tapi aktif je nampak.’

Ingat nak masuk lif before my doctor. Tapi misi gagal. Bertembung depan lif. Cis.

“Eh?” dia terkejut.

Aku sengih je la cam kerang busuk. Borak-borak bodo then sampai tingkat dua, terus aku kona masuk bilik. Dia pulak gi kaunter.

Pastu datang buat test. In half an hour, everything settled.

Malam tu bosan jangan cite la. Duk sorang-sorang dalam bilik. Turun bawah, beli magazine lagi. Naik atas, baca, 10 minit habis.

Esoknya baru test yang ditunggu-tunggu. Perghh.. kena dos ke-lima, macam nak pecah muka. Nak bernapas susah, hidung dah blocked. Tekak makin swollen. Muka dah jadi belon. Mata tak leh nak bukak. Sakitnya masa tu. Nurses yang duk monitor dah blank tengok aku. Terkebil-kebil.

“Tolong bagitau doctor, saya tak boleh nak swallow,” aku cakap jugak la dalam pelat-pelat tu.

Doktor sampai-sampai je, “Astaghfirullahalazimmmm..”

Terus kena inject.

“This is a tough call,” antara yang dia cakap.

“We’ve to do this test again after 6 weeks,” dia bagitahu. Dalam hati aku, boley tak kita bincang kemudian? I am already traumatized.

Tapi dia siap comfort aku. “Ok tak duk sini? Makan ape? Rice with beancurds..” dia baca menu.

Wrong timing, doc. I wanna go home. Aku mintak discharge hari tu jugak. Malam tu dengan muka swollennya, parents bawak gi makan kat Johnny’s. Ye, banyak mata memandang. Pekerja Johnny’s tu siap lap cawan sambil mata fixed kat aku.

Takpe, tengoklah. I didn’t even look like myself that night. Probably if I come back, they won’t even remember it was me. :P

Anyway, to friends who were concerned about me, thank you so very much and thanks for all your good prayers and wishes. Sangat menghargainya.

Ok I’m hungry. Time for dinner.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

No turning back.

Alice in Wonderland did not reach my expectation. I was quite frustrated with the storyline. Macam cincai. I think Tim Burton made a mistake when he focused more on the graphics rather than the plots.

Very disappointing indeed.

I'm not going to comment any more further. The cast who played Alice failed to portray her character brilliantly (I don't even bother to google her name). But Johnny Depp is always fantastic in his own way.

I would rate 3 stars for the movie, solely on the effort they put on the props and graphics. But somehow I found it funny though.. The props were so amazing yet Alice's dresses were so dreadful, except one. The one Queen Big Head (sorry, can't recall the actual name and again, too lazy to google) gave to her.


Last night I went to watch Green Zone. I was (read again: was) Matt Damon's fan and war movies are not my kind of things. I dozed off  for a few minutes when it just started but then Shidi noticed and elbowed me. Not that I'm saying the movie really sucks, but we watched the movie at 12.30am, what did you expect?

The thing is, I didn't know these soldier terms they were using like WMD... err.. ok that's the only term I could recall.. hahaha. Oh another one, C-BIST. I only know sniper... and..

Anyway, luckily he was involved with this army thing.. Wataniah or whatever it is. So he explained and I started to catch up and did not feel bored anymore. I struggled a bit to stay awake and almost dozed off again for like ten times.

The movie was not that bad, trust me. Again, it's about conspiracy and politics.

But the camera shots.. God, they were pretty annoying. The shots hurt the eyes and made us dizzy. It was too chaos.

Also, 3 stars for this movie.

Today I went to KLCC with my bestie cause I needed to purchase some Parker pens for my Master upcoming event. We went to Kino and the only thing I bought for myself was World Cup 2010 match schedule. Hua hua. No jokes, but I must have the table everytime the WC comes. It's, vital.

Anyway, this week I only have 3 days to work which is pretty cool. Heheh.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Unstoppable me.


"A journey of my own..."

*Photo was taken using my M8800 Pixon mobile phone.*

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bulan-bulan. (eh cam comel pulak)

Tengah pening nak mengatur cuti..

Bulan 3 kene medical leave..

Bulan 3 jugak nak kena amik study leave..

Bulan 3 jugak mungkin kena apply annual leave..

Tapi bulan 3 dah amik dua hari annual leave..

Bulan 6 kena amik annual leave semingguu...

Bulan .. raya bulan bape? 9 ke?


Bulan 3 tu bukan bulan ni ke?



Here comes the moment where I love updating my blog. It will soon fade away. Trust me..

So allow me to update as much as I want while I am still having the mood.

Today my coder from China made a really unexpected silly joke I couldn't stop myself from bursting out laughing in front of my monitor.

WZ : Buzz Buzz..
Me : bizz bizz
WZ : Hehe.. need your help on a sit deployment.
WZ : it is SIT ya.
Me : what is SIT?? i only know UAT..  (I was just teasing him)
Me : la la laa~~~
WZ : SIT ... meaning sit .. little dog, please sit...
WZ : if foward it because i miss a porgram
WZ : miss out*
WZ : please noted it ya :)
Me : hahaaha thats very funny.
Me : ok i will deploy
WZ : ok. Sugar, sit.
Me : hahaha you evil

*Note : SIT actually stands for System Integration Testing.
** Note : He likes to call me Sugar.

p/s: I seriously cannot wait for my next piano lesson!

Monday, March 01, 2010

The new notes.

So, I have found a new house to rent. Luckily again this time, I found it before others did. Just like I found my current house.


The house is better furnished. And the best thing is, I get to rent the master bedroom. Yeehaw~ Privacy is always my best friend. I can walk around half naked anytime I want.

Went to my first piano lesson today. I truly felt like a little kid when I first walked in to the music shop. The children were running everywhere. I love seeing such kids, they looked smart. I simply adore kids who are willing to learn extra knowledge. People might say people at my age are too old to learn piano from zero. But I personally think, age is not an issue if you want to gain knowledge. You are never too old to learn something. That's the reason why I took swimming classes last year and now I'm taking piano lesson. But, if I wanted to take ballet class, you may slap me three times.

You might be wondering why did I want to take piano lessons so bad?

It's because I have this dream since I was a teenager. It is to purchase my own piano. I know it costs thousands and pretty much a waste. But I personally think piano is the most beautiful instrument in the world besides violin. We'll see whether I can achieve my dream or not.

My bestie called me to inform how sad she was about Aaron Ramsey's horrifying injury. It's totally a nightmare for any footballer. I truly understood her feelings. I'm not a fan of Arsenal, and I seldom watch football now cause I don't have Astro at my house here in Seri Kembangan. But I really hope Aaron will be better really soon, and I must say I hope he's not allergic to painkillers like me! Haha.

Ok, TTFN. (I feel like soooo Paris Hilton when I use such initialism. Yucks.)

Kiss me and tell.

This photo is so beautiful and cute at the same time I had to share it.

Photo was taken from The photographer is Ronald Soliman / Delaware from the United States.

Sorry for the long silence. To friends who are still reading my blog, I thank you so much. One of the reasons I am still updating my blog is because of you.

I have to say Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook are the main reasons why blogger seems to be shrinking. I find that my friends who used to blog have barely updated their blogs.

Well, my reason is always the same. Time constraint. Well, I don't have to tell. You already know.

Just a brief update on myself though.. I am planning to move to Shah Alam. But only if I can get a good job there. The problem is, suddenly I received a news about my rented house in Seri Kembangan, the owner wanted it back so we have to clear out the house by April.

I must say I am a bit pissed off and upset with the news because I did not want to move to another house nearby and then on a later period within like 2-3 months I have to move again, to Shah Alam. House shifting is so exhausting!

Thanks for screwing up my plan, owner!

It's past midnight now. I gotta hit the sack. It's Monday! 

Nightey nite!

p/s: By the way, do you know Earth Hour is coming soon? This 27th March. Be sure to participate!