Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Putting it back together.

Maybe this is  too random but I sort of miss my PSA colleagues and all the laughter we had together. It was six of us when one by one left the company.. 

It started with errr.. crap.. Who left first? I think it's Wani. who left to pursue something that she's been aiming for. 

And then Jannah resigned.. to follow her husband back to his hometown and make a living there. (Oh God, I seriously can't remember who left first. Jannah or Wani. Sorry.)

So only left me.. Eva.. Fazlin.. and Alin. 

It was still okay to be left only four of us..We still had fun and enjoyed our lunch time..until Fazlin tendered her resignation letter to move forward with her career. 

I was already getting some interviews by this time.. as I knew time is moving really fast and I should make a new step. 

And finally, I got an offer to work at my hometown which was totally out of my planning but I believe there is a reason hidden behind it. Allah knows best. 

So I made my move. 

Now left Eva and Alin at PSA.. and Alin has just recently moved to the headquarters office in KL along with her team.

So it's clear that it is too impossible for us to get back together and be like we used to be and spend our time like we had spent so happily and cheerfully together. We were indeed very happy. 

I miss them, like a lot. I wish I could feel the joy and happiness again with them someday even in my dreams. I miss all their funny behaviours and how sporting they are when come times to be silly and ugly. Every one of them is funny as hell and I miss those silly and dirty jokes. 

How I wished.
Nevertheless, I wish them well and may God bless them in whatever they do.. and I do hope everyone will achieve their dreams and goals they have been wanting in their lives. 

So girls..

I miss you so damn much. You should know that. Take care, buddy.

Success is a journey, not a destination.

So last Saturday I attended my first class of the second semester. I had to admit I wasn't really looking forward for it since I had to travel around 150km to reach Shah Alam.. Haha but yeah, what can I say.. I did miss my friends and God, studying is truly a pleasure for me.

Didn't mean to exaggerate to be frank but how I wished I could do my Master full time.. Therefore all I have to do is to crack up my brain and study. Doing it part time is really challenging with me having to get used to the new working environment.. I'm not saying I don't enjoy my time here eventhough I fell sick two weeks after moving to Ipoh. Don't blame on my antibody.. It's already more than 20 times above the average count. LOL.

I'm on sick leave yesterday cause my cough went really bad. It's never been this bad to be honest.. And it makes me tired. Still having it now thus during lunch time, I had to ask permission from my boss to go back and take a half day leave on the afternoon. Even my staffs asked me to go back cause I couldn't stop coughing and sneezing every 10 minutes. They even teased me when I was answering the phone with a sick funny voice and they were laughing behind me like mad. And then one of them asked, "Kamu ni ada kanser ke?" just because he wanted to hush me to go back..Naughty guys! So now I'm lying on my bed, just woke up from a short nap after my mom went in to check on me. I had trouble to fall back to sleep so this is what I'm doing.

Anyway, hearing my lecturers' stories on how they obtained their PHD really sparks my interest. I want to be successful like them, y'know. It's not that easy yet very challenging on what they had to go through but how they managed to turn all the pains and sweats into remarkable stories made me respect them even more. How I wish one day I could stand like that in front of people, sharing my unforgettable experiences.

One of the lecturers came and talked to us personally during the break cause she wanted to get to know us better. So I told her a little about my background and she responded well. Finally she said to me, "Ayu buat sampai PHD ye?"

"Amin.. InsyaAllah, Dr." That's all I could say. It's still too early to decide on this so whatever it is, I want to complete my Masters first. :) Pray for me, friends. My journey is still too far.

Oh well, I had to delete one paragraph before this one cause my coursemates might read it and would start to spread the rumours. Sorry guys.. It's pretty an interesting story about someone from my past who came back right in front of my eyes.

Oh anyway for the last class, I came to Shah Alam with my parents, aunt and cousin. They were planning to go to Melaka after dropping me at Uitm but they changed their plan last minute due to some unavoidable circumstances, which I liked.

Guess what, my third class started at 3.10pm and to our surprise, students kept coming into the class making the total up to 50 students. The average total is supposed to be around 20 only and me and my friends were a bit upset when the new students who just started their very first class came and jam-pack our class. The subject is freaking ours! And when the lecturer asked for my group, none of them admitted they don't belong to the group. Lucky that we sat at the front row and voiced out our concerns. So the lecturer had to end the class early cause he was also not feeling comfortable to continue his teaching.

I really hate irresponsible people.

So the class ended more than one hour sooner than scheduled so my friend was kind enough to drop me at my sis's college. She wasn't there but luckily she already dropped her room key so I went in andd...did something naughty before taking a nap while waiting for them to pick me up. Hehe.

We had steak for dinner at Fiske Steakhouse at Keramat. I ate only one piece because the meds I took made my tongue numb and tasteless. I had no idea whether it was good or not.. Completely tasteless.

So yeah that's all for now.. I need to look for my meds.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sunshine after the rain.

"So macamana rasa duduk dengan family?"

Soalan lazim.

Ada beza. Sudah tentu.

Tapi yang paling ketara, tiada lagi rasa sedih nak tinggalkan Ipoh untuk pulang ke Seri Kembangan. Itu paling best. Tiada istilah "pulang bercuti" sebab aku sememangnya di sini. :)

Can't wait for Ramadhan this year.. Hari-hari berbuka dengan family. It's something I had been dreaming of. Dulu, bila iftar, selalu keluar berbuka dengan kawan-kawan. Best jugak. Tapi makanan semua dibeli. Biasanya keesokannya sakit perut. Takpun alergik. Kadang-kadang letih kerja, berbuka di rumah saja. Sorang-sorang pun selalu. Sebab malas nak keluar. Penat. Pastu jarang sahur. Bangun pun sekadar minum air masak. Dengan mata terpejam. Janji dapat berkat bersahur jadi lah.

Sini lunch truly heaven. Tapi aku je lah dapat rasa ke-best-annya. Setiap hari ibu drop by, hantar lunch. Percaya tak? :) My mom is a teacher. Dia kerja sesi petang. So sebelum ke sekolah, dia singgahlah hantar lunch since I complained once about the restaurants in front of my office charge unreasonable price. Memang pun. It's like two times more expensive than Cyberjaya Terminal food court. Aku memang anti dengan orang berniaga tak jujur ni. Tahu nak kaut untung lebih je. Kalau makanan berkualiti, aku takde lah nak question sangat.

Lagi, of course I meet my mom everyday which is truly a blessing. Nah, her nagging can't do much to my ears. My immune system tolerates it better than drugs.

My office is not far from my home. Around 10-15 minutes journey, depends on how many times you hit the green lights. Tak boleh nak speed lah yang pastinya. But of couse, less hassle. Abah cakap, "Pagi-pagi roundabout ni jem ni." But I didn't buy it. Dah biasa tempuhi queue panjang kat flyover SK tu.. yang kadang-kadang bila balik, boleh mencecah sejam lamanya. Sampai aku pernah tertidur laa. True enough, there's no traffic jam. 200 metres queue, you can't take it as a traffic jam, unless it's not moving. But the drivers here are a bit weird in driving. Tak faham aku. Main masuk je, especially at the roundabout. They don't care. And, they're slow. Slow. Slow..

Food. Ah.. I can't run away from food when I'm living with my parents. Susah beb makanan berjaga ni. Patut lah ramai lelaki yang sekeping, bila dah kahwin terus jadi boroi. Since I can't really avoid food (it's mom's cooking, what do you expect?), I need to have an early dinner before Maghrib ends. That's the best practice I can do. Haha.

My own bedroom. Not the one you're renting. It's different. I can finally say, this is my bedroom, I can do whatever I want. And it's big enough for me cause it's the same size with the master bedroom. Tapi belum susun betul-betul lagi. Haha. Nanti lah. Plenty of timeee... Tahun depan je aku pikir. Hahaha.

Tapi ada satu habit dalam rumah ni yang tidak bagus untuk diamalkan. I believe I started it first. Sometimes, when I want to ask my brother something, say like "Kat dapur ada cucur." I am too lazy to go to his room, it's quite far so normally I'll just text him. Or sometimes when I'm in my room, I called my mom who is in the living hall near the kitchen when I had something to ask. And when my sister is here, we communicate via Twitter or YM eventhough we're in the same house cause we can't just shout. Tak dengar punya. Bad practice, isn't it? I know.

So what am I lacking here?

A lot. Still.

Entertainment. Cinemas here are freaking lousy. We definitely need a new one lah.. dah lama sangat la cinema kat sini. Tak best langsung. I think you can find the worst GSC here in Ipoh Parade. But the tickets are old price.. cheap.. RM6.. RM7.. Perhaps the most is RM8... compared to Pavillion.. RM12. LOL. And no good spot for karaoke session! As far as I'm concerned. Bowling? Bleh.. But they have a few good gyms here.. but no, they're not FF, TF or CF. I'm still looking for a good place to swim. Yang ada pun jauh lah.

Shopping. Trust me, I won't do my shopping not until I go down to KL. Except for a pair of shoes or simple dresses.. Perhaps online shopping is much better than here. MPH sini tak best okay. Argghh I miss Kinokuniya, my heaven on earth.

And no, they don't have Carl's Jr here. Burger King baru ada few months ago.

I'm still adjusting myself with the local dialect here. It's not that I'm not used to hear it, but hearing it everyday is totally a different thing. When my aunts are talking to each other, I was like "Hah? Apa tu?" Some of the words are still too jargon for me. Same thing happens to my staffs when they talk to each other, cracking jokes. Tapi diorang tak pekat lah. Acceptable. Tapii bila aku try cakap balik, kena gelak.

What else..

Curfews! Definitely. But yeah, I'm a good girl lah.. Mana pernah balik after midnight. Kah kah.

And the biggest thing that I'm lacking right now is my own privacy. Haha. I'm so used to be stuck in my room doing my own thing alone but it's not practical here. I can never lock my own room. No more naked moment haha. And, my mom is always trying to read my emails and smses till I had to change my phone's lock code. It's not that I don't want to share anything with her.. it's just sometimes some things you'd like to keep them to yourself.

And guess what, I don't get to choose what to wear to office anymore. My mom does. There was one time I was too lazy to wear baju kurung so I just wore regular office attire and she saw it and came back into the room bringing 4 pairs of baju kurung to choose from. So yeah, of course I had to change my attire.

Ah well speaking of which, this is the biggest transformation so far. Haha. Dulu dalam setahun, ada lah 2,3 kali je pakai baju kurung. Pastu bila pakai, confirm kena tegur apsal rajin hari ni pakai baju kurung. Sekarang, hari-hari pakai and I don't have any issue on that. But seriously, I don't know how long I can stick to this. We'll see. Haha.

Oh looks like I need to buy more baju kurung lah.. I don't have many. Mostly  baju kurung saya adalah baju-baju raya okay. Oh well, I certainly know the best place here where to find the material with a good price!

Ok time to go. Lunch time is almost over. Today is Friday, we have two hours lunch break but I was too lazy to go home. Lagipun kat rumah takde sapa. Ada kucing je.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Show me a perfect temptation.


Ada apa dengan gerhana..

Tapi kalau sebut Eclipse, orang faham kot. Hehe.

Went to watch the movie last night with my cousin after being postponed so many times. I did not plan to watch it to be frank because I haven't finished reading the book yet. I'm stuck at New Moon since last year. Ha. Ha.

It's not that I don't like the books but I barely had time to enjoy my reading anymore. I only have time reading books when I am waiting for something, like going for my medical check up or sitting in a bus or train.. The thing is, Twilight books are big and thick thus they're not convenient to be carried around. So I'd always prefer to bring some Gaiman's books or something else.

So anyway, about the movie.. I did not enjoy it. Yes yes, Jacob is one hot werewolf. He's the only reason why I didn't fall asleep while watching the movie. It's so funny when Jacob wanted to keep Bella warm and he said to Edward, "I'm hotter than you."

Damn right you are, Jake.

I feel like there are some points missing in the movie. I believe there are lots of things Twilight readers might want to add on but yeah being a fail reader, I can't say anything much. Haha.

All in all, I don't like the movie. Not my favourite one and I was really annoyed by all the make out and kissing scenes. There are just so many and very distracting. Tak romantik pun wei. There was one time I had to look at my cousin and said to her, "No wonder you want to watch this movie so much. Bleh."

Balik tu, cerita kat someone.. dia cakap "Zina mata lah, Ayu." ha amik kau. haha.

And Edward.. aren't you supposed to be very attractive and tempting in women eyes? What's with all the lazy lips and blank stares? Talk properly, dammit.

Anyway al-kisah nak cerita perihal budak-budak ofis aku ni. Entrance door department aku ni diorang tukar exit button dari sebelah kanan ke sebelah kiri dinding atas sebab-sebab keselamatan.

So kotak button yang lama tu diorang ganti dengan kotak kosong lah. Sini jenis orang suka datang bertandang especially from other departments so diorang yang dah biasa datang tak tau la button ni dah bertukar posisi.

Pastu bebudak department aku ni dengan rajinnya pergi lukis guna marker "Thumb Print" siap dengan gambar ibu jari untuk jadikan kotak kosong tu sebagai dummy.

Yang lawaknya diorang yang datang ke sini, boleh percaya pulak tu. Apa lagi mengekek lah kitorang ketawa. Padahal button yang baru tu bukan jauh mana pun, depan mata je. Tapi sebab diorang dah biasa dengan yang lama, diorang tak perasan la yang baru tu.

Ada yang tekan semua suis lampu lah.. ada yang tekan butang kecemasan lah. Lawak betul. Pastu yang paling best, mangsa pertama "thumb print" tu adalah seorang doktor perubatan ok. Kelakar siot. Pecah perut ketawa. Pastu dia pun gelak sama bila tau kena tipu, "You guys IT people so clever..what do you expect lah.. of course we believe you." Hahaha.

Sebelum tu pulak, button tu under maintenance, so tinggal besi je untuk ditekan. Ramai la yang tak berani tekan.

"Taknak aku. Kang mati kejung kat sini. Aku belum kawen lagi tiga."

So adalah yang guna batang penyapu, pen dan macam-macam lah untuk tekan besi tu. Haha. Aduih..

Okay lah back to work. Lunch time is almost over. Daa.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tulisan Hati.

Ya aku tahu apabila aku memaparkan doa di bawah ini di saat begini, pasti ramai yang membuat spekulasi. Tapi doa ini menarik perhatian ku dan rasanya tidak salah untuk dikongsi bersama dengan kalian.

So don't judge on anything ya? :)

Doa Ketika Jatuh Cinta ("Tulisan Hati")

Allahu Rabbi, aku minta izin
Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Jangan biarkan cinta untuk-Mu berkurang
Hingga membuat lalai akan adanya engkau
Allahu Rabbi, aku punya pinta
Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Penuhilah hatiku dengan bilangan cinta-Mu yang tak terbatas
Biar rasaku pada-Mu tetap utuh
Allahu Rabbi, izinkanlah
Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Pilihkan untukku seseorang yang hatinya penuh dengan cinta-Mu
Dan membuatku semakin mengagumimu
Allahu Rabbi
Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Pertemukanlah kami
Berilah kami kesempatan untuk lebih mendekati cinta-Mu
Allahu Rabbi, pintaku yang terakhir
Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Jangan pernah Kau palingkan wajah-Mu dariku
Anugerahkanlah aku cinta-Mu
Cinta yang tak pernah pupus oleh waktu


Credit : Bluwi @ Deviantart

You will lose me only after I lose you.

Sabtu lepas konon plan nak tengok Eclipse tapi tiket habis. Ahad pun habis. Ipoh ni cinema ada dua, tiga je. Siapa cepat dia dapat lah kan.

Aku memang taknak tengok sebenarnya sebab belum habis baca buku dia lagi. Tapi dah cousin nak tengok sangat, temankan je lah. Lepas dah tengok nanti, confirm buku tak sentuh dah. Hahaha. Jump ke Breaking Dawn terus la.

So so.. Spain menang World Cup. Ngeh ngeh. Aritu Uruguay vs Germany, aku teka 3-2. Betul laa pulak! Yeahh aku lah Paul si sotong itu. Tapi Netherlands ni kalau main, sure nak emosi. Berjumpa pulak dengan Spain.. elok sangatlah. Banyak berlakon dari main.

So no more Paul in the next World Cup. Elok lah. Spoiler lah dia tu. Taknak percaya pun, tapi dia betul jugak. Kuasa Allah kan? So, jom kita makan sotong goreng tepung malam ni.

Aih tengah pening kepala ni.. Susah lah jenis low blood pressure ni.. Duk terhoyong-hayang je kekadang tu.

Ok lah sambung kemudian lah. Takleh fokus dah.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A place to breath.

Arrhh... I was almost done writing this entry and thanks to this so-called technology faulty, everything was suddenly lost.

Why oh why, the world is so cruel?

Haha sorry for being emotional.

Anyway my first week working here in Ipoh has just ended. Many people asked me how was it.. Am I happy working here.. Is it better than my previous company.. Do I like my new job?

It's still too early to tell.. Maybe you can ask me again after three months. All I can say is I'm here to give the best offer I can give and I'm trying my best to adapt to this new environment.

Oh well speaking of which, this new place is utterly different from my former company. The guys are so noisy and funny. They teased me a lot till sometimes I felt like smacking their heads with a frying pan. Haha. Lucky being me, I have no issues with their jokes and can always counter them back. But yeah, being a girl and still new, so I normally just laughed.

My first class of this new semester supposedly started yesterday but due to some issue, it had been postponed to 17th July. Yeehuuu..

Just watched Saiful Apek in Melodi. Poor fella. I hope everyone will give him some space for him to fix what he had been through. Kesian lah anak-anak dia. It really broke my heart when his kid asked him why he was arrested, was it because his tinted car window? It's the worst crime his kid could think that his father could do..

So just imagine if you had to explain that to your innocent kids if you were to be in his shoes.

I gotta stop here. I'm going out to buy something. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Life is a truth.

Here's a true story I'd like to share with you. It was published on the Star online last month and was written by a husband about his wife and she happened to be one of the directors in my former company I was working for.

It's simple, well said and very beautiful.

My ‘tomboy’ wife.

Destiny brought her to his door 25 years ago. Today, he hopes to take her around the country, but not on his bike.

IT seems just like yesterday. I first saw my wife when she came to check out the room in our student house in Taman Bunga Raya, Kuala Lumpur. We were at TAR college then, and being from a small town, lodging was always a problem.

Yet this small girl with short hair and blue jeans, so shy, so cute and alone, came to look for a place to stay. It was not the school open day or the holiday season then ... must have been something to do with destiny! My friends and I agreed to accept her as we were short of one female housemate.

During the college term, we were busy with our own work and exams, so I did not say much to her and carried on with my routine of study, basketball and library. After completing my diploma, I had to move out as that was the rule in the house. I bought a Yamaha cub and move to Taman Melawati nearby.

I made the first move and asked her to go out for a movie – Indiana Jones. She said yes and jumped on my bike. But something happened that made our first date so wonderful.

After the show at Federal Cinema, as we were heading back towards Setapak, rain started pouring down, forcing us to stop at a fastfood restaurant.

That was our first, unexpected, dinner date. In our soaked clothes, we had one dinner set for two. Whenever we tell this to our children, they all laugh! Thank God she is the tomboy type – didn’t mind motorbike and wet dinner. Or maybe love is blind.

After holding hands for three years, we got married in 1987 and our first child was born in 1988, the Year of Dragon. I was not in the labour room as she refused to let me in; she said too much blood could make me faint!

You can imaging how strong she is as all our five children were born naturally. Guess what? Before they turned three, all our children stuck to me and wanted me to carry them. Whenever a baby cried, she also cried with him/her. That scene will always stay in my mind. That’s my tomboy wife!

She has a “magic” hand – anything she touches has unexpected results. I remember when I bought my first car, a second-hand Toyota DX, with cassette player. We were out driving and enjoying ourselves and she said, “Can we have some music?”

“Yes, just put in the cassette,” I replied. The next thing I knew, the cassette player was jammed. She’d put the tape in the wrong side and it was stuck.

My wife is a career woman and doesn’t like to cook. She has come out with her special “tool”. The rice pot is her one-stop centre. Not only is it for cooking rice, it’s also for frying meehoon, and boiling soup and vegetables. Easy and fast. There are three rice cookers in our house. The frying pan is not needed.

I bought her a lady’s golf set on Mother’s Day. My intention was for her to understand why playing golf takes at least five hours. This way, I won’t be questioned each time I go for golf.

But the outcome surprised me. She got crazy about golf! After hitting and practising at the driving range, she wanted to play on the course. She doesn’t mind the hot sun or walking six kilometres, and pulling the trolley along the way. On top of that, she is using my driver now because it can hit further than a lady’s driver.

She also has one dream – to put our golf bags in our MPV and go for a golf tour around Malaysia. Just the two of us. I told her we could do that when I reach 55. I never expected things to turn out like this and I think no other wife is like her.

To my tomboy wife who has been with me for the past 25 years: I look forward to having another 25 years together, never mind the ups and downs. We work together, like our golf partnership!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Maybe it's a yes, or no.. or just maybe.

Ada manusia sengal-sengal otot telah men-tag aku untuk jawab meme di bawah ni. So happy reading walaupun tidak se-best aiskrim McFlurry.

- New job.. (ni kene jawab dalam Melayu gak ke?). Ok. Kerja baru.
- Kereta.
- Kelas.
- Duit.

Otak tengah serabut sekarang ni. Banyak benda nak pikir so kalau limit sampai pat ratus belas pun boleh cukup ni.

- Twitter.
- Masak.
- Blog (macam sekarang).
- E-mel.

- Sushi
- Porridge. Sorry. No. Tidak. Maaf. Bubur Nasi.
- Sup.
- Nescafe ais (sori la takde idea).

Rasa macam lama pulak tak dengar muzik.. Jap bukak winamp.
- Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) by Shakira
- Broken-hearted Girl by Beyonce
- Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
- Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson

- Bumblebee... (kereta)
- Magico.. (notebook)
- My Iphone
- My new geek specs.

Adoi..susah nak recall lah. Jap.. skip dulu.

- Accident.
- Complication during drug challenge.
- Lost something valuable.
- Perpisahan.

- Tengok lah pada rezeki. Next.



Jap pikir.. ape subjektif sangat soklan ni.

-- Selalu dikatakan sombong. Sampai malas nak betulkan dan iyekan aje. Maybe yes aku ni sombong kot. I don't smile to strangers. I don't observe people around me. I seldom do the talking first. So, entah lah.. you judge. Or get to know me first.

-- Suke main boling walaupun tidak pandai setelah bermain lebih dari sepuluh tahun.

-- Kidal. Tapi boleh buat certain kerja dengan kedua-dua belah tangan.

-- Sukan perempuan yang paling tidak disukai adalah bola jaring. It's a sports I would never play.

-- Tak pandai study awal. Kena study last minute.

-- Rabun.

-- Tidak normal.

-- Selalu panggil orang dengan nama orang lain.

-- Suka masak (ni adik aku cakap sebab aku takde idea nak letak ape dah. oh, dia lah si sengal otot yang dimaksudkan tadi.)

Ok sekian dulu.

Orang yang saye tag untuk buat meme ini adalah seperti berikut:
1. Bill Gates
2. Michael Jackson
3. Mahatma Gandhi
4. Edward Cullen
5. Teletubbies.

- Semua yang baik itulah yang terbaik bagi saya. Wah ok tak jawab macam ni? Artis kan?

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bebelan Petang.

Ada kereta pusat kesihatan berhenti di depan rumah. Ada announcement sedang dimainkan. Tentang nyamuk Aedes. Siapa ada lagu background lagi.

Biasalah duduk kawasan kampung ni nyamuk aedes memang satu isu yang tak pernah selesai. Kalau nak lihat satu panorama menarik, sila pergi ke halaman belakang rumah saya dan selak seluar sampai paras lutut. Anda akan menyaksikan ratusan nyamuk menyerang kulit anda dengan girangnya.

So tiap kali pergi angkat jemuran, kena pakai litup. Hahaha. Well, that's a good thing about it. But fogging is just not working here. Banyak parit, banyak longkang, anak sungai, semak, pokok.. Macamana lah nak dibendung kalau semua benda ni tak dikawal dengan betul. Fogging bukan satu penyelesaian pun. Mungkin lah dapat meredakan serangan nyamuk tapi untuk tempoh berapa lama? Seminggu? Tiga hari? Dua jam? Atau lima minit sahaja?

Kesedaran sivik bukan sesuatu yang mudah atau segempak dan seskema bunyinya. Susah. Siapa yang betul-betul mahu ambil peduli? Maybe I can have my own initiative.. Elak takungan air, buang sampah yang ada, bersihkan semak, jangan biar rumput panjang, aliran longkang tak tersumbat. Tapi kalau jiran sebelah buat dek je dengan halaman rumah dia, bajet nyamuk nak duduk umah dia je lah?

I believe my house has done all that tapi nyamuk masih banyak. Sana sini kes denggi. Ada yang dah meninggal pun. Kampung aku ni kampung melayu terbesar kat Perak ni sampai nama kampung dah tukar jadi Gugusan. Sampai orang luar gelak ar dengar perkataan tu.

What I'm trying to say is, it's tough.

Cakap pasal denggi, aku wonder gak untuk manusia spesis berplatlet count tinggi seperti aku ni, apa akan jadi kalau aku terkena denggi? Adakah platlet count akan turun ke paras normal ataupun sama saja seperti pesakit denggi yang lain?

To be frank, mosquitoes are my true enemies. I can't stand them not even one thus that became a reason why I hate camping.. Besides no bed, no toilet, whatsoever hahah. Tapi kan, aku rasa nyamuk dalam hutan pun tak banyak macam ni. But I'm not good at killing them. Tepuk konfem tak kena ar. Rasa cam juling pun ada. So I wish I could fix this problem. How to change these people attitudes and ways of thinking. At least tahap kesedaran tu kena improve lah.

Serius lah aku rasa aku dah macam Pegawai Kesihatan Hal Ehwal Denggi Semasa dah ni.

I went to my new office this morning at 9am.. Ada transition nak kena buat. My first day should be on this coming Monday tapi orang yang aku nak replace tu nak fly ke Australia lak dah so terpaksa lah arrange untuk jumpa awal.

First2 jumpe encik Bos, soklan pertama dia tanya, "Dah makan ke?" Erk.. Aku cakap dah tapi sebenarnya tak terfikir pulak nak makan apa-apa pagi tu. Pastu follow dia gi ofis, jumpa lah dengan orang yang nak buat handover tu.

Soklan pertama, "Awak dah makan?"

Orang Malaysia memang suka tanya soklan camni kan? Regardless whether we are Malays, Chinese or Indians. Soklan lazim lah tu. Sebab tu lah Martha Stewart pun cakap our local people suka makan dan bertanya pasal dah makan ke belum. It's just how we show our concern, isn't it?

Ok lah sekian repekkan aku pada petang yang mendung dan ada harapan nak hujan jap gi ni.