Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bulan Puasa dan Merdeka.

Khamis lepas, aku dan ofismet berbuka sama-sama di rumah salah seorang ofismet aku, Lin kat Putrajaya. Kitorang beli makanan kat bazaar. Masa sampai dekat bazaar tu, hari dah mendung. Tengah-tengah beli, hujannnn lebat. Macam nak tercampak payung.

Lepas berbuka, tak dapat nak terawih, masing-masing lupa bawak telekung. Solat Maghrib pun pinjam telekung tuan rumah je. Lin jamu kuih raya dia buat, Mazola dengan satu lagi kuih ape tah kakak dia beli. Pastu Eva ajak main card game, Taboo. Game dia lebih kurang camni.. Based on card yang dicabut, kitorang kena suruh partner teka words dalam card tu. At the same time, ada 5 words yg berkaitan dengan word tu yang dipanggil Taboo words. So bila kita nak describe, kita tak boleh sebut the Taboo words.

For instance, the word is "Globe". The taboo words are map, round, countries, earth and spin. So bila tengah bagi clue tu, tak boleh sebut those five words and yes, we need to speak in English. Jangan cakap la grammar entah ke mane, tergagap-gagap fikir other words than the taboo words. Kelakar gila.

Ade satu word ni aku dapat, "Compost". Aku takde idea camna nak bagi clue cause it's not a common word we use everyday. So I had to think another way. Aku pun describe, "When we want to send email, we click?" Partner aku, Eva pun terus jawab, "COMPOSE!" Hahahaa. We stil got the point as long as the pronounciation sounds alike.

Sampai krem perut dan kaki kitorang gelak.

Then abis game (my team lost by 1 point), tiba-tiba diorang bawak kuar brownies siap dengan lilin. Of course lah aku terkejut. Padanlah diorang beriya sangat nak berbuka sama-sama ari Kamis tu. Si Jannah yang on replacement leave struggle datang all the way from Ipoh.

[photo removed]

Such a lovely surprise. Terima kasih Lin, Eva, Jannah dan Alin. *hugs*

Seperti weekend lepas, minggu ni aku balik Ipoh lagi.

Jumaat lepas, keluar ofis pukul 4.50pm.. terus bergegas ke Shah Alam untuk amik adik aku. Mak aih dia punya jem.. I did expect the traffic jam sebab dulu aku pernah amik dia pas office hours. But this time, it was ten times worse. Maybe orang kelam kabut nak balik prepare untuk berbuka, atau pun sibuk nak gi bazaar.

I was a little very worried as our train to Ipoh was at 8pm. By 6pm, aku belum sampai UiTM lagi. Lepas amik adik aku, terus pecut pergi ERL Putrajaya. Macam gila aku bawak kereta, sampai adik aku diam dalam kereta, baca doa naik kenderaan sepanjang journey. Hahaha.

But no, we didn't make it. Tak sempat catch ERL pukul 7. Terlepas dalam satu dua minit. So we had to wait another 20 minutes camtu.. so definitely we had to break fast while waiting for the train.

It was 7.55pm by the time we reached KL central. Masa sampai tu, staff KTM tu dah nak tutup entrance but I managed to stop him. "Train sekarang. Cepat sikit ek!" he said. So we were the last passengers to aboard. How lucky! Nak tanak, terpaksa lah terus masuk coach paling dekat dgn escalator sebab train dah nak gerak.

OMG. The train was so freaking long, we had to pass through around 10 coaches including the cafeteria. Penatttt gile. By the time we found our seats, the train already stopped at Sentul station. Perghhh.. dah lah lapar, tangan lenguh gile bawak beg. Both me and my sis are having muscle strain till today.

I was really distracted by a couple who sat next to us. Mengada-ngada. Buat bunyi merengek-rengek konon manja la. "Ada pulak yang kena lempang karang," aku sound.

Aku nak pergi beli something heavy kat cafe for dinner since kitorang makan roti je untuk berbuka tapi pikir jauhhh gilee (coach kitorang yg first sekali) aku jadi malas pulak. Around 10pm, tiba-tiba ade orang jual makanan lalu sebelah aku. Alhamdulillah! Adik aku makan dengan berselera sekali, aku pulak terbantut nak makan sebab nasik aku mentah. Malang sungguh tapi mujur aku rasa kenyang.

Hari Sabtu, aku masak Carbonara spaghetti and mashed potato atas request sepupu dan adik aku. Diorang makan sampai bersandar kat kerusi. Hahah.

Hari Ahad, we plan to go for rayee shopping! So tengoklah kalau rajin aku sambung entry ni.

Till then, good night!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A year older.

Today is my 25th birthday.

I'd like to thank each and everyone of my dearest friends who wished my birthday thru sms, calls, ym, emails, friendster and facebook mostly, whichever way you used.. thank you so very much.

For my birthday wish, I'm hoping to have a better and healthier life.

Start valuing what you have and what you don't need to have as we will never know what we're going to face in future. Wallahualam.

Oh the last person to wish me was my mother. Probably because she doesn't have facebook. Haha. I totally understand that.

Anyway, how's your fasting? This year my Ramadhan is a little different as I have to carefully schedule with whom I'm gonna spend my break fasting with because I feel really bad when I have to turn down some invitations. Like today, my housemates asked me to break fast at home since they wanted to cook but I had to politely say no cause I've promised with another friend. And they again asked me to stay tomorrow, but I already planned to break fast with my officemates. And some other friends asked me to break fast with them on the same day. Honestly I felt really really bad.

Actually I was planning to spend all my fasting weekends in Ipoh but I need to find some times to meet some of my friends so I'm not going back to Ipoh on the third weekend.

Oh wow, I think I'm having a food allergy right now.. my lips feel itchy and swollen. Great.

Monday, August 24, 2009

There you go.

Finally, a new skin. Thanks to both Raina Scherzinger and Cah Ayu for the great links.

It's very.... sunny, don't you think? LOL.

To be frank, I wanted to choose something dark and misty as if I am someone who is full of secrets. But no, that's not who I really am.

I talk loud, I laugh a lot, and I appreciate happy times God has given me. So yeah, this new skin probably says it all.

There's a few minor bugs if you view my blog via IE. But heck I'm too lazy to figure it out. I have more than enough defects fixing in my work.

I took Emergency Leave today and I barely had a good excuse. I woke up this morning feeling weak and dizzy. I always feel dizzy, almost every day. Sometimes if I sit in front of the pc too long, my head feels like exploding. You might guess my blood sugar could be high or low or my blood pressure is high. I've checked. My blood sugar is 4.7 and my blood pressure is normal.

It's something else.

Anyway, hope you like my new skin. I know it's too bright. Hehe.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

New look! No.. not yet.

I badly need a new skin..

Please drop your suggestions.

Thank you and happy fasting!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cold like fire.

Surprisingly, I’m spending my whole weekend at home!

Thus I have no excuse to leave my blog not updated.

Oh well, my mom insisted me to stay home as much as possible as she’s very worried with the killing virus that’s spreading on the entire world right now. Besides those rare as well as common diseases I have, I’m a pretty serious asthmatic so yeah, it won’t be such a good idea to be exposing myself to all sorts of risks by now. People are dying out there seriously!

I visited MOH H1N1 website quite regularly to keep track with the incessant numbers of death and infected Malaysians and I just couldn’t stop feeling sorry day by day.

I’m sorry to say this out loud but sometimes I do feel like something is wrong with you guys who keep going out, loitering and wasting your time and money when actually you can stay at home and be safe.

I do understand to some extent you can’t really control all these direct interactions as we live in a large community. We go to work and we meet our colleagues. We spend our lunch time together and we mix with the crowd who are obviously strangers and we have no idea what they are carrying inside their bodies. And when you’re one of those the unfortunates, you get the virus.

We can’t control it anymore, can we? It’s outrageous!

But still we should really keep our activities to minimal. There are things we can really avoid from doing if we think very carefully. I’ve to sacrifice my needs to go swimming for weeks now and it’s really killing me. I feel so unhealthy, weak and heavy. I went to the gym instead thinking that less people would be there but I was wrong so I stopped. I badly wanted to go to play badminton yet my racket left hang over the wall.

Thus, I had to find solutions to keep me sweating. I’ve a full tub of lard to burn! So yea, this might sound silly but I downloaded some aerobic videos on the Net so I could work out at home. LOL. Trust me, it’s not really working. Hahaha. Blame me on that. So, I did house cores instead. Sweating like a pig.

Recently I went for First Aid training being held in Prudential main office in KL. Actually this whole thing started when there was an email circulated by HR searching for volunteers to be First Aiders. It was when I just transferred to a new project. I was kind of bored at that time as they hadn’t assigned me many tasks yet so after giving it a thought for a few hours, I replied the mail saying that I’d love to volunteer.

To be frank, it first caught my attention because this is not some silly training. It provides a certificate to those who join the training so of course it’s certainly something I would consider.

When they finally revealed when and where the training will be conducted, my hands were already full of tasks. Thank God my lead was okay with it, without asking questions she let me go. I was expecting an answer something sounded like, "You better finish it off first before you go or it’s a no."

The training was conducted for two days. Being a super duper lazy girl, I asked for a cab to get me there on my first day of training since the transportation expenses are claimable with no limitation.

The first day was so good I couldn’t wait for the next day eventhough we had to sit for a written paper and practical. Not that hard though. It was so much fun. I met new friends who work in Claims, New Business and Underwriting departments. They shared lots of information and it was pretty exciting.

On my second day of training, I decided to drive on my own. I had this feeling the training will be finished much earlier. Damn I was right. By 3.45pm, we completed the course.

We learned to do CPR this time. We had to try to do it one by one, so we were gathering in a circle with Little Anne (the CPR doll) in the middle. So by coincidence I was standing right in front of the doll. When you want to do CPR there are steps to be taken first and one of them is to point out someone to call the ambulance. And each and everyone of them couldn’t help but pointing at me, "Lady in the green shirt, can you call the ambulance?"

I was like, "Sure. I know what to do already before you even say it."

Then I felt that’s it, I went fifth and I came walking in the middle, "Here comes the lady in the green shirt to do CPR."

They laughed then okay being a puppet is not that hard especially when your look is naturally silly. Of course there were a few self-embarrassing moments but we shall skip that part.

So when it was my turn to point out someone, I just called one of my friends by name. And later on, everyone followed my way. Hah!

The training was conducted in a pantry actually. The pantry cum training room. It was designed that way, it is so spacious you could probably turn it into a dancing classroom (Oh pardon me, this SYTYCD thing still stuck in my head). So on that particular day, we saw people coming in and out wearing masks.

I did not notice at all at first until my groupmate asked, "Why I see everyone coming in wearing mask? Is there something going on that we don’t know? Look even the cleaners are wearing!" My other two friends agreed, "Is someone affected by H1N1?" I said nothing, gulping in silent.

So yeah during lunch hour she left the room and went to her office floor and came back sweating. Hahah. She was so eager to find out what’s wrong. The HQ has been infected. Then there were some people going there quite regularly so there’s a possibility someone might bring the virus along. Moreover, someone from another company which is in the same building with us has been confirmed affected.

Her boss came out with this desperate decision to divide their department into two teams. Team A is not allowed to have any kind of direct communication with Team B. So if one of Team A members is affected, they can quarantine Team A whereas Team B can continue working.

With a glance, you might say it’s quite a good idea.

It’s not.

They’re using the same lifts, they go to the same cafes during lunch hours, they share the same toilets, and they probably go to work together and meet each other after work to hang out or whatsoever. What are you thinking??

So anyway, I am now a certified first aider! Valid for three years only. Hahaha. After that, we’ve to go for a Refresher. And yeah during the three years period, we’ve to meet up for a gathering to refresh back all the stuffs.

One thing I can never forget is the reef knot. It’s a bit confusing at first but since the course I can’t help doing reef knot whenever I’m tying something up. Haha.

Ok wow freaking hell what a long entry. Till then peeps!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Have I told you lately that I hate you?

Have you ever dealt with a person who admits he’s perfect when it’s obviously no one in this world is utterly perfect?

Believe me or not, this kind of ugly creature exists.

Dear who-knows-it-all,

I hate it when you keep thinking that you’re being a super duper cool person when you claimed that no one ever told what’s wrong with you.

First of all dear dreadful living thing, people around you hate you so much they don’t even bother to correct you when you do wrong. You talk so superciliously we don’t even know when you’re being human.

You’re an ignorant jerk, that’s what you are. People hate it when you’re around. When we see you, we’d go “Oh here comes the walking Wikipedia!”

And now you started to think you’re a perfect human being?

You’re not even human! Didn’t I tell you that?

Have you ever thought why no one ever bothered correcting your bad manners? It’s not because you’re perfect, you mad cow. It’s because you’re too proud of yourself, swollen with pride!

You snobbishly said I’ve changed.. He’s changed.. Everyone has changed BUT you.

Don’t you think by saying those things makes you look like a complete idiot already?

How pathetic!

Come and deal with me if you really want to know how far from perfection you are.

If there’s one thing you’d ask from me, I’d give you a mirror.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Excuse Me?

Got an email titled "Don’t miss Utd v Valencia on MUTV Online" on August 4, with this huge poster...

First, I didn't know on what reason they e-mailed me this.

Secondly, I don't even remember I ever signed up for any Man U newsletters. Does it have anything to do with you, shinnizle?

Thirdly, I was a little distracted by the poster.

I wonder what makes him deserves to be in the poster?

Is it because Michael Owen is truly a great footballer more than anyone could imagine (bah!!), or simply because he's wearing number 7 jersey, so since Cristiano is no more in the team, they had no choice but to put in his face?

I wonder..

No offense though, he was one of my favourite footballers. Was, yes.

But, somehow I missed the game.

Anyhooos... I want a new jersey. Can anyone suggest any latest jersey that you think is nice?

Man U is a no. Thank you. (I mean, what's with the V??!)