Friday, November 23, 2007

Kisah si cerek.

Satu hari, Kem bermain teka-teki lalu mengajukan satu soklan..

"Apa persamaan antara Mawi dengan cerek?"

Kitorang tersentak. "Cerek??"

Masing-masing diam. Ligat berfikir. Mawi.. Cerek.. Mawi.. Cerek..

Aja yang sedang kusyuk makan nasik kurang berjaya menangkap soalan Kem. Lebih-lebih lagi kawasan foodcourt Hospital Serdang itu agak bising.

"Apa dia???"

Is menjawab, "Kem tanye apa persamaan Mawi dengan cerek.."

"Ha ape dia?"

Is baru ingin membuka mulut.. Aja memotong dan kelihatan yakin..

"Ohhh.. kenapa Mawi bawak kereta Charade??"

Kami yang seramai enam orang ketawa berdekah-dekah hingga ditegur oleh seorang pakcik.

"Nak.. orang pompuan tak baik ketawa kuat-kuat."


Anyway, I got lots of things to share yet I still can't find the perfect time to write about it. I'm waiting for my parents to pick me up and we'll stay overnight at Ampang. But tomorrow I've a plan with my officemates to go shopping at Jln Masjid India with our former trainer.. She officially left us yesterday but we already miss her so much. I hope my plan is still on.

Tomorrow there will be OCBC Annual Dinner.. The theme is quite interesting though.. Fairy tales/ Super heroes/ villains or cartoon characters. I think Cinderella's stepmother suits me best. Wut would u guys be, anyway?? Plus, I believe the performances and games will be great.. and yes, it's the time to go and flirt.. haha. But I've decided not to go.

Okay lahh.. I'll update again later insyaAllah.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The day we thirst for blood.

[photo removed]

I know it's a bit too late.. but I'd like to share with you guys some of my pics during Halloween theme day last week at my office. We got the highest feedback for team spirit. And four of us were nominated for Best Dressed Award. Yeay.. go C14!

Ya ya.. I told you guys that I was not going to dress up for the theme day but I joined my officemates to buy some stuff for the day, so of course I ended up getting influenced by them. Hahaha..

I know these pics might make guys lose interests in me (ah well, ppl never have interest in me in the first place, so be it) because of how terrible and scary I look in those pics, but I don't really care. Jangan kutuk lelebih sudey~!

So, enjoy! (WARNING: Gmbr2 di bawah seriously poyo)

[photo removed]
From left: Kem, Is, Carrine, Aimi and me.

[photo removed]
Me with my trainer, Corina.

[photo removed]
Come with us, if you dare.

[photo removed]
Poyo siyal. Haha.