Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hula Girls!

[photo removed]

Most of my friends have been asking for my pic during my Hawaiian theme day at the office last Monday. So here I'd like to share with you guys.. Ngeee~

I wasn't prepared when this pic was captured because I was just arrived. I got a flower and a pair of sunglasses in my handbag but I din manage to wear them so please don't comment too harsh on the way I dressed.. ahahaha. I also bought a nice selendang but due to problem of waking up early and it gave me heartaches, I decided to throw it aside because I really don't know the proper way to wear it.

Not everyone of us is in the pic. Siva who won Best Dressed Award is also excluded since he came pretty late. He really made an effort for the theme day. He wore that flower shirt, with flowers all over his neck and hat, anddd he also brought a binocular! Taktauu aa sape die nk skodeng kannn.. maklumlaa.. Hawaaii~~

This coming Friday is our next theme day. The theme is "Glamorous / Prom Nite". I din expect it's gonna be this soon!!! When my friend who handles the theme days told us, I felt my jaw dropped... really hard. Memang membunuh laa kan!! Aku pun tatau ape nak pakai. Susah2 aku rembat baju MSB yang lepas je. Habis cite.

Anyway.. Alhamdulillah aku pass test hari tu.. Yeah, I know.. miracle happens.. only with Allah's will. Syukur~~

Gotta bounce y'all. Peace out~!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Living in Reality.

My trainer once said, life is complicated because you complicate life.

She also told us,
God has given you every kind of helps He could give.. what's left is you yourself to decide whether you want it or not, whether you see it or you don't.

A lot of things she spoke yesterday before the office hours ended made me realized a lot of things I was not aware of.

She even told us a very good story.. I've heard about that long ago I didn't even remember anymore until yesterday.

It's about an old man who was very religious and believed in God more than hundred percent. He lived on top of a hill.

One day, his son came to his house. That guy came from a village below the hill. He told the old man that soon it's gonna be flooded and adviced that man to move out. But that old man said, "No, no.. I'm not leaving. I believe God will help me." So that young guy went off.

True enough, the next day the village was flooded. So was the old man's house. He could see people were trying to save their lives with their canoes and even old tyres. So that man prayed, "God, God.. please help me. I never forget you.. I always pray and believe in you." Later, a speed boat came to him to save him but he resisted. He said, "No, no.. I don't need to be saved by you cause God will save me." And so, the boat left.

The flood was getting deeper until the roof top so the old man had to climb up to the roof. He could see some people were drowning and most of them were already gone to a safer place. Thus the old man continued to pray, "God, God.. please help me. I pray everyday and never forget you." Later, a helicopter came to rescue the old man but again, he refused. He told them, "No, no.. I don't need your help because God will come and save me. It's better you go and save other people."

The flood got worse than ever and at the end of it, he died. He made it to Heaven and started to question the God.

"Why, God.. you didn't save me? Why, God.. you let me died but other people who did all the sinful things survived? I was very religious.. I prayed to you every single day and never I had forgotten you. But, why did you let me die?"

God answered, "I did helped you. I sent a young guy to warn you about the flood, but you didn't want to listen. Later, I sent you the speed boat when everyone was using canoes and old tyres, but you refused My help. My last choice was to sent a helicopter right away to you, but again, you resisted My final help. If I came down by all Myself just to save you, what do you think others would think?"

Well, basically that's the story.. To those who've heard bout this, I know it might not be exactly as it is, but what I'm trying to tell everyone.. just think what have we done for our God.. or at least, for our own's sake? God has given us brain.. enough for us to distinguish what's right and what's not. God has given us everything we could ask for, it's just that we don't even realize the gifts. We only see what we don't deserve.. we thought we need it, but in reality, we don't.

We even told ourselves, we're stupid.. we are going to fail.. we are not able to do this and that.. it's not even worth to try. We even said, we are ugly, we don't have fair skin.. we don't have ideal figures and heights.. life is not fair. Do you think such things really exist? God created us since we were born..when we were only babies. How many of us do realize, we can't even differentiate whether the baby is a boy or a girl. We can only guess by what it wears. Why on earth do you think most of baby clothes are white, blue and pink?

Just come to think of it.. we have neglected so many things and we don't even bother.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Parry Hotter?

Really I'm not in a good mood..
I'm in a terribly huge dilemma..
I'm upset, I'm frustrated..
If you're thinking its because of my test, its not.. I havent got the result..
It's sumthing else.
I'm trying hard not to think about it.
I'm tryinggggg~
So, here I am.. trying hard to forget those things.. by updating my blog with nothing.
Though I can't see any significance between what I'm doing and what I'm ignoring.

Let. it. be.

No, I din purposely answered the questions just to get Harry. I chose to be Chaser instead of Seeker.. I chose to be DADA teacher rather than Quidditch Pro. So, don get me wrong. Lucky, I guess? Or.. I'm just part of him? Ha. Ha. Ha. (faking the laugh, I'm not in the mood, remember?)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Yelaa... mau update la ini. :P

Semalam dan hari ni aku off sebab system kat ofis under maintenance, plus tempat kitorang diguna pakai oleh team lain.. taktau la untuk ape.. but then, aku dapat tahu hari ni ade interview session. Dulu aku interview kat exact place aku keje sekarang ni.. so maybe that's one of the reasons.

Elok pulak aku off.. malam tadi aku tak leh tido angkara masalah penghadaman yang agak teruk hingga menyebabkan aku bergulung atas katil. Kul 7 pagi baru la aku berjaye tido. Terseksa betul rasanye. Doc nak inject, mampus aku tak bagi. Hahah. Selepas ini, saya berjanji tidak akan mendera perut dengan makanan pedas lagi.

Dalam minggu ni ramai ofismate aku tak sehat.. beberapa orang dah start MC.. dan yang lain mula menyebarkan virus masing-masing. Haha. Ade sorang membe aku ni.. kena food poisoning.. masa tu aku tak perasan dia ni tak sihat sebab lain-lain cubical. Pastu trainer datang kat dia dan tanya dia tahu tak Streetmall kat ne.. Aku dah paham dah, terus aku volunteer nak bawak gi klinik since aku memang tau la kan Streetmall kat ne, dan aku ade kete. Membe aku ni punyelah teruk food poisoning dia... asyik nak muntah je. Aku dah cuak-cuak dah.. siap warning banyak kali supaya dia bagitau kalau dia betul-betul nak muntah. Aku bukan boleh tengok orang muntah ni, silap-silap aku join sekali. Pastu sampai je Streetmall, membuak dia muntah. Ya Rabbi... memang dugaan la aku time tu. Kena la tahan, bulan puasa lak tu.. Balik ofis, turun kete, dia muntah lagi tepi jalan.. Hiyarkhh~!

Anyway esok aku test.. (don't ask why I still got time to update this blog) To be honest, most of us dah jadi half-hearted untuk amek test ni... it's too complicated.. It's gonna be a miracle kalau kitorang pass test ni.. Entahlah.. Ape pun, aku akan buat sehabis baik.. eventhough dalam keadaan perut yang berombak ini. Pass or fail, I don't really care.

Trainer aku ni kekadang supportive, kekadang menakutkan kitorang.. Huhuh. But overall, she's a kind lady. Aku tahu dia nampak kitorang dah putus asa.. memula dia rajin la tiup semangat kitorang.. tapi lelama, dia pun dah macam give up.. haha.. Selalu dalam kelas, dia akan tanya macam-macam soklan.. tapi bila pas lunch hour, masing-masing tengok screen PC.. tapi mengelamun.. So bile dia tanya, mesti kitorang akan tanya balik, "What was the question?" Aku siap penah terjerit, "We're dyinggg~!" Free-free je kena gelak.

Trainer aku ni bes sebab dia strict.. Dia suka penalize kitorang. So kitorang ade house rules.. dan setiap rule yang dilanggar ade la fine dia. Cam contohnye, latecomers will be penalized RM1. Tak kisah la lambat masuk time ofis atau time break. Other languages than English are totally forbidden.. ten cents per word. Even 'lah' pun tak leh.. cam "okay lah." Ade skali trainer aku nak penalize aku sebab aku tercakap "Eh!". Aku siap argue dengan dia, "come on.. it's an expression. it's not even a word!" hahaha.. Banyak lagi la.. daripada common rules sampailah rules yang bodo-bodo seperti not answering question, littering, not pushing in chairs, not sharing knowledge, "Ringgit" is also forbidden (since we're working with Singaporeans),bla bla bla..

Anyway aku dah kena fine RM1. Ha. Ha. Aritu laa break solat Zohor, kitorang terlewat tiga minit je sebab stuck kat lift.. orang duk angkut2 barang. Sekali enam orang terus kena fine. Best betul. Anyway, duit-duit tu semua akan disumbangkan untuk Pot Luck nanti. So aku tak kisah la pasal house rules. It's fun actually. Tempat keje aku ni best sebab kitorang digalakkan to work as a team.. so kitorang ada theme day once a month.. mula nak buat once every two weeks tapi takut tak mampu. This coming monday is our first theme day, which is Hawaiian style. Adoi.. aku nak pakai ape ni.. kang aku pakai ala-ala Lilo and Stitch kangg. Takpun aku petik bunga2 kat tepi pagar tu, lilit-lilit je kat kepala. Alohaaa~! Ahaha. Second theme day tak kurang merapu jugak... Prom Nite. Haiyayaya~~

Okay lah.. time for revision. Thanks for reading. Selamat berpuasa.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ramadhan is coming!

Yeah... puasa dah nak tiba.. macam tak percayee jer.. Weekend ni aku dah tanya member-member, mostly semua nak balik rumah.. Housemates aku pulak memang spesis balik rumah tiap weekend. Tak boleh jadii.. aku terus mintak tolong Shidi belikan tiket ketapi balik Ipoh. (thanks, D!) Kenapa ketapi ye? hehehe.. my friends can definitely guess why.. 1st, eventho i got my own car, i dont have the green lite to drive back to ipoh all by myself. 2nd, paham-paham ajelah kondisi dan isu-isu hangat yang melanda arena per-bas-an sekarang. And third.. due to that issue... aku kepingin gilo nak naik keretapi.. last time aku naik mase tu kecik lagi.. tak ingat pape.. mase tu keretapi sangat bising dan tak berapa convenient.

So sempena bulan puasa yang bakal tiba ni, aku mohon maaf pada semua yang kenal aku... atas segala salah silap dan keterlanjuran kata.. Halalkan makan minum atau apa2 sahaja hak korang yang pernah aku guna samada secara sedar atau tidak sedar diri.. Kalau aku ada hutang sesiapa, harap bagitau... mungkin aku terlupa atau terlepas pandang. Apapun, selamat menyambut Ramadhan buat semua.

Anyway, dah masuk minggu kedua aku bekerja. I'm still on training... it's so freaking tiring. Busan dan memeningkan kepala sebab terlalu banyak benda nak ingat..and we've to catch up really fast.. OCBC offers so many benefits to the employees.. it might sound interesting, but it's not actually once you work with OCBC. The expectation is tooooo high, I don't know if I'll be able to meet their target or not. Of course I'm doing my best but.. that doesn't mean I'm good enough! Entahlah.. kalau training bodow je takpe.. ni tests berlambak-lambak and the passing mark is 85%.. We've asked our trainer, what's the best record so far. She said, the best batch she trained.. 2 failed for the first test.. half of the batch failed for the 2nd one.. and only 2 passed the 3rd test. and.. we've 5 tests. All the 5 tests will be done during our training.. and we've our probation period and that's another story. Ouh yes, bear in mind.. that's the best record. (Now i'm officially scaring myself)

Whatever it is... we'll see how far it goes. We've done a quiz, basically to see how ready we are to take the first test.. All of us failed.. but the good news for me is I got the highest mark. How good is that good news anyway?

For those who've been thinking to work at OCBC.. think deeper. It's a great company with lots of benefits.. but when the company gives you something.. it wants double of what you receive. If you can handle stress very well as my trainer said it's 'very very very extremely stressful', then go for it.

Let's change the topic before I got a heart attack and died with my face on the keyboard.

Bebaru ni, aku dan beberapa orang sahabat pergi tengok event ape tah kat Kelab Komuniti Cyberjaya.. ade macam-macam.. paintball, blood donation, go-kart, paintball, fishing, performances by local artists, paintball, local fruits fiesta... wut else.. did i mention paintball? Ngahaha.. sorry if you're wondering why on earth I kept repeating about paintball. (now now.. Cma.. stop giggling.. and you too, kakya! yes, I'm looking at you, shidi!)

The weather was sooo.. ah I really don't have to mention about this, do I.. everyone knows how hot cyberjaya can be.. Anyway, I enjoyed being there.. not only because of paintball :P but also I got the chance to forget all the stress and headaches because of work.

I've gotta stop here. Thanks for reading. Salam Ramadhan!