Thursday, June 04, 2015

This little heart that contains so much.

I am writing this entry at this hour with my lousy English. It only means one thing. I have so many things to say but fail to voice out. So yeah please bear with me. 

There are too many things going on with my work right now. It's not like I can't handle the pressure but it's getting more and more challenging now that I didnt see some of them coming and I wonder what's next. 

Doesnt mean that I dont like what's happening right now. At least I get to make myself busy rather than worrying about someone who just had a big change in his life. Anyway, to you, I wish you well and speedy recovery. I also hope that you'll be able to overcome all the challenges that you're facing right now. I believe in you. I know you're stronger than you think you are. I know you're so much more better than this so please stay strong insyaAllah things will only get easier sooner or later. 

Sometimes I do feel like I am not real. Sometimes I went like what the hell am I doing right now? Why am I here? Do I really exist? And its all brings back to one thing. My belief. And I heaved a deep sigh every single time because it helped me to remember the reason I am here. Alive. And I felt so wrong to think such way. 

Not everyone in your life is there to please you. You cant simply change yourself or stop doing what you're doing just because some people say they don't like it. They don't have the right to be telling what you should do or how your life should be. It's gonna hurt for a while but who else can mend your broken heart if not you yourself?

People could comfort you with nice words or cheer you up but in the end it really depends on you. What you decide is what you're gonna experience. We decide. We make the decision. 

Somehow we are so used to care about other people's feelings that we sometimes forget what our heart really wants. But the worse thing is when we allow things like this to happen eventhough we know its us who are going to get hurt. We sacrifice. 

We are who we are now because of the decisions we made. 

Haters gonna hate so kiss 'em goodbye and move along.