Friday, May 30, 2008

The HP tree!

Look at what I've found!
It must've been ages since it's in JK site. I barely got time to surf the Net so luckily tonight I intended to visit her site and I am glad I did.
There are a few facts I need to know from JK about Harry and his friends in future.
At least I got some of the answers.

Fieza, I found the answer to your question, who Draco is married to.. :) I am so relieved it is not Pansy Parkinson. yeay~!

And ooh, Harry is Head of Auror Department by age of 17. Damn cool!

But somehow I did hope Luna will marry Neville.. they look perfect for each other.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's always seven.

tagged by sHa.


.i love reading Harry Potter books but the character of Harry itself is one of the characters I don't really like.i am currently the eldest cousin at my mom's side who is not yet married and that gives me a lot of headaches.i am allergic to some perfumes, i will get dizzy very badly.i am capable of hurting people physically (nothing has to do with martial arts i learned).my current biggest crush is william moseley(i know he is 3 yrs younger than me).my first pet named Rocky and it was a little turtle.i write a lot of stories/fanfics but i keep them only to myself and they are all password-protected.


.natural disaster.losing people i love.losing my patience, because if it happens, the person who causes it is a dead meat.cockcroaches.dogs.fatal accidents.big flying bugs.


.bounce - timbaland ft dr.dre, missy & JT.i bruise easily - natasha bedingfield.low - florida ft t-pain.anyway - martina mcbride.all-american girl - carrie underwood.take a bow - leona lewis.animal instinct - the cranberries.


.deyymm la~!.fine, fine..seriyes?.dude~.demmit.."Maria, Zurin, Syakiera-" (3 favourite wrong names all the time).most frequent: SHIT!.


.my harry potter good memories.the bless God has given me and my family thru all this time.


.forgot my own birthday (i was completely stunned when my family wished me).scratched ppl's car with a coin (glad i did it).drove all by myself (alone) to the hospital went i got asthma attack and seriously need a nebulizer (luckily i managed to reach home when i was high after the treatment - i saw eight roads and twelve traffic lights at a time).showed a really rude sign to a really rude bus driver and an MMU student for being such an asshole (they looked utterly in disbelief).i got asthma attack but didn't go to the hospital until it healed itself 4 days later (stupid decision, i could die).i spinned my car at damansara road because i sped 100km/hr at a sharp-cornered flyover and it was raining (luckily i managed to control and stopped dead right next to the concrete wall facing opposite way).i scolded my boss, just now.. duh!


.sha (she did alredi. haha.).fieza (double-tagged so no excuse, sis.). chii. four more people but unfortunately they don't have any blog. so blame me not. yeay.

Wide open.

MMU dah start cuti. Sekarang aku tinggal sesorang kat rumah since housmates aku semuanya MMU students. I dun mind staying alone. Actually dulu mase nak mula keje kat Cyber aku mmg terpikir nak sewa umah sorang kat SK. But of course my parents were reluctant to allow me. Aku suke tinggal sorang cause I can do lots of things that I can't do when people are around. :D

Haih.. dah start rindu kat parents aku yang berangkat mengerjakan umrah Ahad lepas dengan mak ngah dan adik aku (aa.. rezki adik sampai dulu). Ok baru dua hari. Twelve days more to go. T_T

I am alone at home. Of course I always think about them every minute of my day. What do you expect? :P

Semalam gi tengok membe kat IJN. Pengalaman mengerikan, bius habis mase tengah jahit. Wutchathink? Gosh, aku dengan otomatiknya boleh terjerit "SERIYES?" kat situ. Diselangi oleh "Syhhh!!" dari yang lelain. Aduu.. sakitnye.. ini bukan minor operation.. ini major ok! Belah dada ok, bukan membeli belah.

Membe siap boleh dengar apa doktor2 tu borakkan. Apepun, it was damn painful. I certainly can imagine it cause I watch Grey's Anatomy, like A LOT. Because I watched this one episode, bius habis sebab pakar bius tertidur. I wonder what the hell did he do at that moment. So aku questioned la ape pakar bius tu buat.. well she was wondering the same thing.

The moment she regained her consciousness, she thought she was dreaming until suddenly she felt the pain was excruciating. Unfortunately she couldn't move so she was conscious until they finished the operation. Can you imagine? The tiny bit of luck was they almost finished by the time she woke up.

But, heck~ If you could feel your chest is wide open, what would u do? As Shamam said, "Itu kot maksudnye 'lapang dada'."

And she also told me about code Blue for this one patient. I got it straight away what the code means. And the doctors couldn't save her life. She was around late 20's, had a heart problem and she was pregnant. :( I think she took the risk to be a mother and well, it didn't turn out good for her. Poor her. :(

Oh, GA even has code Black. That's rare and.. you better run, fast. Really fast. Fly if possible.

Tak sabar nak tengok dia sihat macam dulu. Harap semuanya baik-baik saja. ^_^

I was supposed to go to Singapore for two weeks starting 2nd june. Tapi aku berat ati gile nak pegi atas sebab-sebab berikut :-
1. parents aku takde. i feel lonesome and sick.
2. pegi dengan team leader tapi sampai sana berpecah sebab ade dua ofis need to cater.
3. i'll be a frontliner who has to know every single thing about the program and the system.
4. i just worked for two months if you haven't realized. being a frontliner is like everything-is-at-my-fingertips sort of things.
5. i've never been to singapore.
6. all the users in singapore will come to me when they have problems (they're not IT ppl) and i'm gonna be like, "let's do tap-dance, shall we?"

but above all the reasons, it's plainly because i'm not ready. it's too soon. i talked about it with my team leader (refusing to call him my boss for undefined personal reasons), luckily he managed to understand me. i just told him because my parents are not here. heee.. nice huh? i hope he sticks with it and doesnt change his mind. or better, he loses his mind and straightly tender his resignation letter (i'm evil. as always.).

so anyway, it'll be postponed until mid-june i guess. i was hoping Janna, my officemate will go too. but she has so many things to handle, while my tasks are mostly pending because of the database problem. it's just a minor thing, and we know how to fix it but since it's not under our job description, certainly we can't touch. :P but it's been like wut, four days, but still no news from dbase ppl. kammm onnnn.. i got works to do. the more it's pending, the more it'll become. ini bukan menabung duit, makin menabung makin membukit tapi kasik untung.

ok lah. nak gi lunch. arap-arap ada yong tau fu kat Sirah. ari-ari makan pun tak jemu. apsal tah.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Love Link

Telah di-tagged oleh Chii pada 16 April yg lalu. Kini setelah hampir genap sebulan, baru laaa nak buat. Hahaha. Sori Chii.

Well it looks more like a blog-chain to me. The rule is simple. Just add ur blog address and spread it over to at least 10 people.

BennyLiew, RamblingMoo, Mum & Kids In Wonderland, Judelittle, Our mini blogsphere, Rooms in My Heart, J@n!ce Ng, ChinNee, Jo-N, LadyJava’s Lounge, Strange but True,How’s Life Bout, My.Stories.[Rhea Scarlet] [Warung Kopi O Ulquiorra] [JejerZ in Universe] [Wani Heaven] **Chii** {@yU}

Ok here's the thing, I'm a rule breaker, face it. I'm not gonna tag to anyone since I rarely do blog-hopping so I don't really have that many virtual friends. You can continue if you want to. =)

Why in the name of Ironman's stinking boxer it is called love link anyway?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beginning of our end.

It's not that easy..
To walk in front of your friend and say, "My friend, you're doing it wrong."
It's not that simple..
To stop your friend and convince, "You have me to trust."

Lots of friends just pass by and tell, "Whatever you do, don't get me involved."
Most of friends simply look and laugh, "Told you, didn't I?"
Just a few friends would come closer and throw a smile, "My friend, this is not the end."
Just some out of a few friends would look straight into the eyes and hold our sholders, "You still have me."

There's a saying "Friends come and go." Friends always come but they never go. It's ourselves who leave.
We always seek for a good friend; someone who we can rely on, really count on and totally believe in.
We voice out but we never listen. We laugh but we seldom cry for each other.
We want our friends to get closer but we walk off farther.

There's a strong bond that binds us together, friend. I come to you when I need a shoulder to lean on, when my legs become weak and I start to fall onto the ground. I make you laugh so that you know I always want you to feel safe whenever I'm with you. I make you believe, "Hey friend, I love being your friend." Eventhough sometimes I feel hurt by you, it's okay, friend, it's nothing compared to our strong friendship. What's the big deal being ditched by other people just because they think I'm blocking their way when all I ever wanted is to be your loyal friend, right?

I am being honest, friend. I am your friend because I thought we complete each other. So many things we share, so many memories we keep deep in our hearts, so much tears had been leaking from our eyes, how am I supposed to look into your eyes and tell, "This is the beginning of our end."?

I love you, friend. So much, I do. Your flaws I treasure the most, your loathes I hush them away from you. You know I want to be the best friend you could ever have. You do know, right? You do, don't you, friend?

But why, friend, when I see a threat comes into your way and I try to pull you away, you ask me to back off and snap my fingers away from your arms? But why, friend, this time you refuse to listen? Tell me why after all these great times together, you seem to forget why I stand close by your side?

I try so hard, my friend, to hold back these tears so that you wouldn't have to see how much I am hurt. I still smile and laugh with you although my heart soars in pain. I still come to you whenever you call my name, whenever you want me to be there for you. I am never a good pretender, friend, but for the sake of you, my friend who I care so much, I will be the happiest person you could ever see.

Believe me, my dearest friend, you wouldn't know this entry goes to you because trust me this time, I have tried hard enough to keep pretending like you never hurt my feelings, like I never cry in my sleeps thinking how excruciating the pain you caused me. How could you tell?

My friend I love the most, how could you not see what I have been trying to keep you away from? How could you not see how bothered I am to see you hurt? And, how could you think I am not being good enough for you when all I want is to keep you safe from any harm? How could you, friend?

Maybe I do not realize I am no longer needed. Perhaps you are better off without me. Probably I am being irrational for being too concerned about you.

Forgive me, friend. I will leave, if that's all you ever wanted... Because I listen.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


[photo removed]

Puan Hanisom binti Mohamed Ali,

Selamat Hari Ibu.

01062011 - My heart is so broken that I had to remove this photo.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Dem. I thought I was gonna take just a few days to update my blog after my previous entry. Time flies, blame me not.

[photo removed]
Okay well last month (yea, you read it right), I had this enjoyable weekend with my friends and MMU juniors because we had the chance to go for a really cool program which is called err..gimme time to recall.. Old New Gathering at Port Dickson. Man, did I ever tell you I like beach like a LOT? But I managed to keep my darkest secret about this one phobia I have since I was a kid. Thank God my friends didn't find out. Anyway, I'm freaking scared with sea during nights. Even when I go to the beach at night, I'll always keep myself away from the water. I don't dare to even feel the water with the slightest touch of my fingers. Dark sea scares me, I don't know why. I feel like it's haunted.. not that kind of dark spirits or ghosts but hurmm.. I feel like the ocean wants to drag me into it. Ahahaha. Nuts.
[photo removed]
It was a very good activity, more like a very nice vacation to me. Congrats to the director, Cma as well as her committees. Good job. =) And yeah not to forget to those who were glad enough to help and contribute their super cool ideas.

I won't forget my first time experience riding the banana boat. Damn it was humiliating. Personal apology to Bern, Fezal, Ezwan and Shidi. I can assure you I won't be riding it ever again, not at least I lose 45 pounds. I'm currently losing weight, most probably around 7 kilos now but I'm not really happy with it. I'm so used to being fat, and it hurts me when some of my clothes starting to loosen a bit and I'm worried when people told me my cheeks are not that chubby anymore. This might sound silly but I don't like skinny face.

[photo removed]
Anyway, I'm not gonna talk about PD Gathering that much since it was like ages ago. The latest program I joined is Majlis Sanjungan Budi 2008. It was an appreciation dinner for Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Hanafi MMU Cyberjaya. The theme was Metro - Red, White and Black and everyone was dressing like it was an Academy Award show. I must say it's the best MSB I've ever attended so far. Excellent job, committees. I had a really good laugh while watching the video and sometimes I did forget that I was sitting at the VIP table.

[photo removed]
Okay lah beb, gwa ngantok aa. Lain kali sambung.