Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another year.

Last night, I spent two and a half hours watching Sehati Berdansa final. Can't believe I'm talking about this reality show in my blog. Anyway, seperti yang dijangka, everyone's fave couple, Vee-Shidi won the title. Aku tak sure kenapa couple ni menjadi favourite, tapi aku pun sukakan couple ni. I can't help admiring Vanida's beauty every now and then.. I personally think she has a pure Malay beauty which is hard to find on tv. Dari dulu aku suka couple ni, macam aku suke once-married Reese Witherspoon and Justin-look-alike Ryan Philippe. But anyway, they really can dance.. okay, maybe Shidi looked a bit awkward sometimes but Vee, she looked pretty in every way.

After my resignation, I left my car at my family's second house at Ampang and spend my days at Ipoh with my family. I had a pretty hard time at first where I had to answer all my relatives and friends questions.. "Why quit??" "Apsal berenti ni?" "Kenapa anda mengambil keputusan untuk berhenti kerja?" I can't really tell, honestly. No one really understands why I quit except my bestfriend, Syakiera. I din really have to explain why by the time she knew I quit the job. When she asked me why, I just said, "It's pretty hard to explain.. I dun think you'd understand.." And then she answered her question herself, and to my surprise, I couldn't even explain that perfect myself! And so I replied, "Exactly!" Then she yelled over the phone, "SEE! AKU BOLEH PAHAM LA!"

Anyway, something is coming on my way but I can't tell about that now as it is not yet confirmed. What I can say is I am doing what I love doing and I will fight for it.

There you go, a little update about me before the new year.

Aahh.. next year I'm going to be 24. It's... okay I dun like the number. Some of my friends are getting married, recently married and planning to get married. Congrats to all of you. To Yana, I'm sorry honey I can't come to your wedding. I wish you all the best..dan seperti ucapan lazimnya, cepat-cepatlah dapat anak!

OK, that's all for now. Happy New Year, everyone!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Making a move.

Now it's December.. and soon another year will come.
No no.. I'm not trying to make a new-year speech here.
I'm in the middle of changing the look of my blog.

Since blogger has upgraded to a new template setting where XML is being used, so I found it a bit difficult cause blogger templates come in two types now. One is classic and another is Beta version I guess.

I'm not good in XML you see.. so it's quite hard for me to find a good Classic template since I'm a bit choosy. I do not seek for templates which are tremendously outstanding wutsoever. Two criterias I'm looking for are only templates with 3-columns, best for 1024x768 resolution and not too heavy with graphics. Okay that's three in total.

I would lurvee to pick a very simple one where I can edit and change every single thing, but hell, no time at all. I've found several templates but the problem is that the middle column that consists of my entries tend to be smaller than my current template thus the images seem to be out of its alignment. And that's a no. So I'm trying to figure out how to adjust it coz it takes time for me to understand the coding as a whole and I don't have that much time. Anyway, I'm gonna work it out soon. Or maybe not and stick to this template. Ha. Ha.

Anyway, wut the hell.. I'm writing this entry to tell you guys, if you happen to come over my blog and find some improper placings, mis-alignments and etc, please be aware that I'm in the middle of crashing this blog. No, kidding.

Ah well u got wut I mean.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Memory Bliss of C14.

Sorry for the long silence. My life is quite tense nowadays. Anyway since everything I want to share with you guys is pretty out-dated.. allow me to share with you my sweet memories with my colleagues at E2 Power.

Aside to C14,
It's been a great bliss to be a part of you guys. Obviously you guys have brighten up my days. We are not in an easy situation at the mo, and you guys have been my motivation. I know I'm not in the right position to say this, but don't quit and fight back as I believe you guys are the best. Just hold on to this so-called-famous saying, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

And I'm just so sorry..

And this sweet song of ours I will never forget.. :)

You Were Meant For Me - Jewel

I hear the clock, it's 6am
I feel so far from where I've been
I got my eggs and my pancakes too
I got my maple syrup, everything but you
I break the yolks and make a smiley face
I kinda like it in my brand new place
Wipe the spots off all the mirror
Don't leave the keys in the door
I never put wet towels on the floor anymore

Dreams last so long
Even after you're gone
I know, that you love me
And soon you will see
You were meant for me
And I was meant for you

I called my momma, she was out for a walk
Consoled a cup of coffee but it didn't wanna talk
So I picked up a paper, it was more bad news
More hearts being broken and more people being used
Put on my coat in the pouring rain
I saw a movie it just wasn't the same
Cause it was happy or I was sad
And it made me miss you oh so bad

Dreams last so long
Even after you're gone
I know, that you love me
And soon you will see
You were meant for me
And I was meant for you

I go about my business, I'm doing fine
Besides, what would I say if I had you on the line
Same old story, not much to say
Hearts are broken every day

I brush my teeth and put the cap back on
I know you hate it when I leave the light on
I pick a cup, and turn the sheets down
And take a deep breath and a good look around
Put on my pj's and hop into bed
I'm half alive but I feel mostly dead
I try and tell myself it will be all right
I just shouldn't think anymore tonight

Dreams last so long
Even after you're gone
And I know, that you love me
And soon i know you will see
You were meant for me
And I was meant for you
Yeah, you were meant for me
And I was meant for you

Friday, November 23, 2007

Kisah si cerek.

Satu hari, Kem bermain teka-teki lalu mengajukan satu soklan..

"Apa persamaan antara Mawi dengan cerek?"

Kitorang tersentak. "Cerek??"

Masing-masing diam. Ligat berfikir. Mawi.. Cerek.. Mawi.. Cerek..

Aja yang sedang kusyuk makan nasik kurang berjaya menangkap soalan Kem. Lebih-lebih lagi kawasan foodcourt Hospital Serdang itu agak bising.

"Apa dia???"

Is menjawab, "Kem tanye apa persamaan Mawi dengan cerek.."

"Ha ape dia?"

Is baru ingin membuka mulut.. Aja memotong dan kelihatan yakin..

"Ohhh.. kenapa Mawi bawak kereta Charade??"

Kami yang seramai enam orang ketawa berdekah-dekah hingga ditegur oleh seorang pakcik.

"Nak.. orang pompuan tak baik ketawa kuat-kuat."


Anyway, I got lots of things to share yet I still can't find the perfect time to write about it. I'm waiting for my parents to pick me up and we'll stay overnight at Ampang. But tomorrow I've a plan with my officemates to go shopping at Jln Masjid India with our former trainer.. She officially left us yesterday but we already miss her so much. I hope my plan is still on.

Tomorrow there will be OCBC Annual Dinner.. The theme is quite interesting though.. Fairy tales/ Super heroes/ villains or cartoon characters. I think Cinderella's stepmother suits me best. Wut would u guys be, anyway?? Plus, I believe the performances and games will be great.. and yes, it's the time to go and flirt.. haha. But I've decided not to go.

Okay lahh.. I'll update again later insyaAllah.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The day we thirst for blood.

[photo removed]

I know it's a bit too late.. but I'd like to share with you guys some of my pics during Halloween theme day last week at my office. We got the highest feedback for team spirit. And four of us were nominated for Best Dressed Award. Yeay.. go C14!

Ya ya.. I told you guys that I was not going to dress up for the theme day but I joined my officemates to buy some stuff for the day, so of course I ended up getting influenced by them. Hahaha..

I know these pics might make guys lose interests in me (ah well, ppl never have interest in me in the first place, so be it) because of how terrible and scary I look in those pics, but I don't really care. Jangan kutuk lelebih sudey~!

So, enjoy! (WARNING: Gmbr2 di bawah seriously poyo)

[photo removed]
From left: Kem, Is, Carrine, Aimi and me.

[photo removed]
Me with my trainer, Corina.

[photo removed]
Come with us, if you dare.

[photo removed]
Poyo siyal. Haha.

Monday, October 29, 2007

When time flies..

Wee...lama tak update.

Hows your raya? Mine has been really great. Eventho raya keempat aku dah start keje balik.. ajaibnye aku tak rase pulak suasana raya di ofis.. semua macam biasa je. The only different was everyone was busy passing around their kuih raya to all the colleagues. Best bila tengok semua orang sibuk bergosip sambil mengunyah kuih raya regardless what race you are.

Anyway, meh la aku kongsi sikit pengalaman raya kali ni, walaupun tak berapa nak ade kan. :P Aku balik Ipoh malam raya.. pas keje, aku dengan Kem nak bertolak.. dan nak dijadikan cerita, kete dia habis betri.. cek cek tengok dia lupa tutup lampu. Di kala hujan tu, gi la beli jumper kt Petronas, dan jump-start la pakai kete aku. Mungkin sebab kete tuu menggigil kesejukan.. lama jugak laa duk jump-start, tak mau2 jugakk start. Org Petronas yg aku angkut skali suh tulong jump-start dah suruh aku tekan minyak sampai aku rase silap-silap mahu pulak kete aku tu sampai ke bulan. Akhirnya kete Kem mahu gak hidup. Pheww... masa tu dah dekat Maghrib dah pun..

So kitorang trus gi Cyberia, simpan kete aku since nk bawak kete die balik Ipoh.. then gi Carrefour Wangsa Maju jap.. last minute shopping dan berbuka kat sana.. then gi umah Kem jap, packing.. pastu amek adek dia.. Kitorang gerak balik ke Ipoh pukul 10 lebih (malam). Ayah aku mmg tak tercakap ape dah aa.. haha.. risau gila. Kitorang masa nak masuk highway tu entah bape kali Bismillah.. saspen gile la, bukan ape.. saspen nak menempuhi trefik jem yang dijangka sangat-sangat kritikal. Haha..

Miraculously, the traffic flow was so damn fine. Memang la kete banyak.. tapi flow memang ok.. kira kalu nak speed 100 over pun boleh sangat. Dan Alhamdulillah takde la accident yang teruk sangat.. Aku jumpa 3 eksiden tapi tiga-tiga sekadar remuk sikit je. So we managed to reach Ipoh around 12. Abah and Along picked me up at Simpang Pulai.. aku sampai umah je dah rase letih.. borak2 sikit dengan family aku.. intai2 dapur.. then went straight to bed.

Esoknye, raya.

Raya kali ni berbeza sikit sebab kali ni it's my turn to give away duit raya.. Sronok jugak rasanye bagi duit raya.. Alhamdulillah, rezeki dapat awal bulan.. OCBC kasik masuk awal sempena raya.. elok pulak last month punye allowance masuk bulan ni jugak.. Syukur, syukur.

Raya ketiga, famili aku bertolak la ke KL sebab nak anta aku balik CJ.. but before that kitorang beraya dulu ke rumah bapak2 dan mak2 sedara kt Kg. Melayu Ampang.. keluarga blah ayah aku. Kitorang tak brape close sangat dengan family blah ayah aku. Jumpa pun time raya.. tu pun last year tak jumpa. I noticed how time flies so fast and how fast everyone's getting older.. huhu.. Tup tup, bapak sedara tiri (sebaya aku) dan sorang spupu aku dah selamat bertunang.. sorang lagi bakal bertunang 3 hari selepas kunjungan kami.. dan 3 lagi orang bakal bertunang really soon di mana dua daripadanya adalah sebaya aku. Phhuff!! Sorang lagi ni yg aku rase baruu je kawen.. tengok-tengok anak dia dah boleh berlari dah pun. Dear, dear... everyone's changing when I feel like I din change even a bit.

Disebabkan impak maksima yang berlaku di kalangan sepupu-sepupu yang di mana nama-nama mereka pun aku tak berapa ingat, maka anjakan paradigma juga tercetus di kalangan kedua orang tua ku..

My dearest dad started to clarify over and over again whether I'm still single or not.. while my beloved mother started to question about this particular friend of mine every single day and night.

Aku rasa macam leher ni kena jerut je.

Ada sekali ni di malam pertunangan sepupu aku, Farah.. kitorang datang dinner.. kebetulan Farah hidang sekali kek tunang dia tu.. Selamba rock heavymetal je bapak aku sound, "Ha Ayu.. gi la rasa kek tu. Mana tau lepas ni kamu pulak."

Memang sampai sudah aku tak sentuh kek tu..I did not even take a glance on it.

Malam terakhir seblum aku balik Cyber, aku tanya mak aku, "Ibu dan Abah ni dah tak sabar nak terima menantu ke?" Dengan tidak teragak-agak, mak aku tersengih sambil mengangguk.


Okaylah.. balik-balik isu ni je kan.. busan da. Haha. By the way, this Wednesday, ofis aku ade theme day besar-besaran sempena Halloween. DEAR GOD. I've made my decision..... not. to. dress. up.

Till then, daa~

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Day We Celebrate.

Raya is coming really soon and Ramadhan will be leaving us this weekend. Rase macam cepat sangat Ramadhan kali ni.. haih.. sedih lak rase.

Anyway, aku bukan nak buat proper Raya wishes wutsoever since I feel it's still a bit too early to wish everyone 'Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.' Padahal tinggal tiga hari je lagi kan bulan puase nak abis.

Tapi sebab dua orang housmet aku dah slamat bercuti raye.. dan dua orang lagi akan pulang beraya tomorrow.. aku rasa sangat syahduuu~!

Haih.. tinggal la aku sesorang kat rumah.. menghitung sisa-sisa Ramadhan yang tinggal. Aku hanya akan pulang ke Ipoh hari Jumaat pas keje.. which means malam Raya baru la aku sampai rumah... InsyaAllah mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan segala urusan. Amin.

Selama ni aku tengok kat TV je, orang-orang yang balik kampung time malam raye atau pagi raye.. aku macam tak terlintas pulak di fikiran, aku akan merasa sendiri kesyahduan pulang ke desa last-last minute macam ni.. ahahah. Yang tambah sedihnya, aku akan start keje balik pada raya keempat.. bermakna raya ketiga aku perlu pulang ke Cyberjaya balik.. Huwaa!!

Walaupun dah ade gaji sendiri, raya kali ni la aku paling bersederhana sekali. Aku hampir-hampir tidak mahu membeli baju raye, tapi sebab mak aku tepon suh beli jugak, so aku beli la. Satu kebaya dan sepasang baju kurung. Tu je. Takde kasut baru, tudung baru, mahu pun handbag baru. Eh handbag ade la, terbeli kelmarin. Haha.. Terr la sangat.

Ramai dah sound-sound mintak duit raye ni.. haiseyy.. Duit raye takde, sampul raye ade.. OCBC bagi 80 keping tak salah aku. Mau?? HAHA. Ofismates aku sume tanye, sampul2 ni nak buat ape, bukan ade duit pun nak bagi orang dui raye. Maka aku memberi cadangan agar jangan disesiakan sampul itu, maka lebih baik dilekatkan sahaja di dinding atau pun digantung di siling sebagai hiasan.

Okaylah...di sini aku dengan berbesar hati ingin menjemput anda semua berkunjung ke rumah saya di Ipoh.. diulangi, Ipoh. Bukan Cyberjaya. :P Aku nak hidang ape wei? Hahah.. tapi kalau nak datang jugak, datang lah. Mungkin boleh disajikan air kosong barang segelas dua.

Rumah aku itu telah ditakdirkan beralamat seperti di bawah..

Lot 1690, Jalan Dato' Sagor,
Kg. Seberang Sg. Tapah,

Oh ye.. aku di Ipoh raya pertama dan kedua sahaja okey!

Alamak.. actually aku tulis entry ni bukan sebab-sebab di atas.. lari topik pulakk.. I want to thank my buddy yang sangat best telah memberi duit raye kepada aku yang jika diikut percaturan sebenar lumrah alam ini, tidak lagi layak menerima duit raye walau dalam apa jua kondisi. HEHEHEHE.

Maaf Zahir dan Batin kepada semua.. Harap-harap tiada sesiapa menyimpan dendam di hati.. Sesungguhnye aku hanyelah kekasih Deco manusia biase.


Ucapan ini dibuat awal atas sebab sahabat-sahabat MMU ramai yang dah nak balik bercuti.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's that Gurl Thang!

[photo removed]

Semalam adalah hari kedua untuk theme day bagi batch aku di ofis.. Seperti yang aku maklumkan, theme day kali ni adelah 'Glamorous @ Prom Nite'. Takde lah pelik sangat sebenarnye.. just dress up a bit ala-ala bergaye sikit macam nak gi dinner pun dah okay. Tapi nampak agak gonjengnye sebab hari Jumaat adalah hari untuk dress down, which means boleh pakai baju biase dan jeans. So staff lain cam pelik tengok kitorang dress up terover lak tadi.

Tadi trainer aku on leave pulak.. rasanye sebab baby dia sakit. So macam frust lah kitorang sebab tak dapat tengok dia melaram. Maka hari ni free la aku daripada kena dengan trainer aku. Aku ni bising sangat agaknye, so asyik-asyik aku je kena dengan dia.. Kene buli la, kena tanye memacam soklan la.. kena tegur la.. Sampai ofismate aku cakap aku ni favorite trainer.. asyik kena soal je. Pastu aku ni jenis cheerful sangat.. last2 aku rase ade satu hari ni aku nak serius.. konon nak jadi budak baik dan fokus pada training la kan. Tapi baru sepuluh minit aku serius, trainer tegur, "N***, you look scary.. You don't look scared.. but you look scary." Pulak dahh~ Pastu siap advice aku dengan Kem yang jugak kecoh dan konon nak jadi serius supaya jangan biar stress keje merubah attitude kitorang. Haha. Ape hal la! Oh ye, I'm sorry I can't tell you what my short name is at the office.. because I'm sure you guys are gonna be struck in horror.

[photo removed]

Pas keje, aku, Kem, Mad, Aja, Aimi, Is, KB dan Ida gi buke puasa kat The Coast, Alamanda. Kitorang dah lama plan nak buka puase reramai.. akhirnye tercapai lah jugak hasrat kami. Idea asal nak gi SSJ la.. nak gi Chillis lah.. Last-last amek yang dekat je.. Pas berbuke, terlajak pulak kami gi me-lagha (def: bersuka ria) sampai lah kul 11 lebih.. ahahah.. Takyah la cite apa kitorang buat.. kang senak pulak jantung korang, terpakse kua surat kabar mintak jantung baru. Dah lah bulan puase camni.. Pastu memasing pakai kebaya except Kem, dah macam nak gi kenduri kawen. Salah concept betul. Siap ade yang tegur, "Aii.. nak gi beraya ke?"

Anyway sempatlah sambut sekali birthday Aimi yang jatuhnye pada hari ini.. So happy birthday to you, Aimi!

Aku tak dapat lagi gambar-gambar untuk disiarkan.. so I'll upload the pics later kay!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My friends and I.

1.have you been 'accidentally in love?'
:: penah la kot.. pas kene tembak dengan paintball.. hahahah. kidding.

2.close your eyes. what do you see?
:: segan la aku tibe2 nk tutup mate dpn pc.. roommate aku ckp aku gile kang.

3.what' s your favorite fair ride?
:: semua yg membuatkan orang muntah.

4.if you could trade places with one person, who would it be and why?
:: Deco.. ahaha.. supaye aku bole blaja men bola dari dia dengan hati yg berbunga.

5.favorite card game?
:: tak minat.

6.what is the one restaurant you eat at way too much?
:: any with buffet.

7.what would you want your friends to remember about you?
:: the way i am who nobody else can be.

8.why was humpty dumpty so important?
:: supaya orang tau betapa telur itu sangat fragile. what are you grinning at?

who do you think of when i say...

:: yana & kakya

:: there's someone i can't recall.

:: can't tell.

4. memories
:: syakiera becoz we've been friends since form 4.
:: all my crushes who became my own friends.

:: nobody.

:: snapi.

:: budak2 lelaki psscuhmmu.

:: my ex-housemates who drink a lottt of water everyday.

:: amam.

:: shidee sbb aku salu suh die drive.

:: simaa.. because she's addicted to 'sumthing'. la la la~

:: fieza....


1.what's the most common misconception about you?
:: orang salu ingat aku marah dia bile aku terkuatkan suara. my voice is naturally loud, okay?

2.what do you think about most?
:: what i'm doing and what i'm supposed to be doing... everything has been contradicting and i dun like it.

3.what are you lookin forward to?
:: my true path to my future. what i'm looking for and what should i do to go for it.

4.why are you the way you are?
:: if i try to change myself unwillingly, i'll get insane. you like who you are?
:: not really.. tapi aku tau semua yg aku jadi adalah kerana aku sendiri. i can blame nobody for what i am.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hula Girls!

[photo removed]

Most of my friends have been asking for my pic during my Hawaiian theme day at the office last Monday. So here I'd like to share with you guys.. Ngeee~

I wasn't prepared when this pic was captured because I was just arrived. I got a flower and a pair of sunglasses in my handbag but I din manage to wear them so please don't comment too harsh on the way I dressed.. ahahaha. I also bought a nice selendang but due to problem of waking up early and it gave me heartaches, I decided to throw it aside because I really don't know the proper way to wear it.

Not everyone of us is in the pic. Siva who won Best Dressed Award is also excluded since he came pretty late. He really made an effort for the theme day. He wore that flower shirt, with flowers all over his neck and hat, anddd he also brought a binocular! Taktauu aa sape die nk skodeng kannn.. maklumlaa.. Hawaaii~~

This coming Friday is our next theme day. The theme is "Glamorous / Prom Nite". I din expect it's gonna be this soon!!! When my friend who handles the theme days told us, I felt my jaw dropped... really hard. Memang membunuh laa kan!! Aku pun tatau ape nak pakai. Susah2 aku rembat baju MSB yang lepas je. Habis cite.

Anyway.. Alhamdulillah aku pass test hari tu.. Yeah, I know.. miracle happens.. only with Allah's will. Syukur~~

Gotta bounce y'all. Peace out~!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Living in Reality.

My trainer once said, life is complicated because you complicate life.

She also told us,
God has given you every kind of helps He could give.. what's left is you yourself to decide whether you want it or not, whether you see it or you don't.

A lot of things she spoke yesterday before the office hours ended made me realized a lot of things I was not aware of.

She even told us a very good story.. I've heard about that long ago I didn't even remember anymore until yesterday.

It's about an old man who was very religious and believed in God more than hundred percent. He lived on top of a hill.

One day, his son came to his house. That guy came from a village below the hill. He told the old man that soon it's gonna be flooded and adviced that man to move out. But that old man said, "No, no.. I'm not leaving. I believe God will help me." So that young guy went off.

True enough, the next day the village was flooded. So was the old man's house. He could see people were trying to save their lives with their canoes and even old tyres. So that man prayed, "God, God.. please help me. I never forget you.. I always pray and believe in you." Later, a speed boat came to him to save him but he resisted. He said, "No, no.. I don't need to be saved by you cause God will save me." And so, the boat left.

The flood was getting deeper until the roof top so the old man had to climb up to the roof. He could see some people were drowning and most of them were already gone to a safer place. Thus the old man continued to pray, "God, God.. please help me. I pray everyday and never forget you." Later, a helicopter came to rescue the old man but again, he refused. He told them, "No, no.. I don't need your help because God will come and save me. It's better you go and save other people."

The flood got worse than ever and at the end of it, he died. He made it to Heaven and started to question the God.

"Why, God.. you didn't save me? Why, God.. you let me died but other people who did all the sinful things survived? I was very religious.. I prayed to you every single day and never I had forgotten you. But, why did you let me die?"

God answered, "I did helped you. I sent a young guy to warn you about the flood, but you didn't want to listen. Later, I sent you the speed boat when everyone was using canoes and old tyres, but you refused My help. My last choice was to sent a helicopter right away to you, but again, you resisted My final help. If I came down by all Myself just to save you, what do you think others would think?"

Well, basically that's the story.. To those who've heard bout this, I know it might not be exactly as it is, but what I'm trying to tell everyone.. just think what have we done for our God.. or at least, for our own's sake? God has given us brain.. enough for us to distinguish what's right and what's not. God has given us everything we could ask for, it's just that we don't even realize the gifts. We only see what we don't deserve.. we thought we need it, but in reality, we don't.

We even told ourselves, we're stupid.. we are going to fail.. we are not able to do this and that.. it's not even worth to try. We even said, we are ugly, we don't have fair skin.. we don't have ideal figures and heights.. life is not fair. Do you think such things really exist? God created us since we were born..when we were only babies. How many of us do realize, we can't even differentiate whether the baby is a boy or a girl. We can only guess by what it wears. Why on earth do you think most of baby clothes are white, blue and pink?

Just come to think of it.. we have neglected so many things and we don't even bother.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Parry Hotter?

Really I'm not in a good mood..
I'm in a terribly huge dilemma..
I'm upset, I'm frustrated..
If you're thinking its because of my test, its not.. I havent got the result..
It's sumthing else.
I'm trying hard not to think about it.
I'm tryinggggg~
So, here I am.. trying hard to forget those things.. by updating my blog with nothing.
Though I can't see any significance between what I'm doing and what I'm ignoring.

Let. it. be.

No, I din purposely answered the questions just to get Harry. I chose to be Chaser instead of Seeker.. I chose to be DADA teacher rather than Quidditch Pro. So, don get me wrong. Lucky, I guess? Or.. I'm just part of him? Ha. Ha. Ha. (faking the laugh, I'm not in the mood, remember?)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Yelaa... mau update la ini. :P

Semalam dan hari ni aku off sebab system kat ofis under maintenance, plus tempat kitorang diguna pakai oleh team lain.. taktau la untuk ape.. but then, aku dapat tahu hari ni ade interview session. Dulu aku interview kat exact place aku keje sekarang ni.. so maybe that's one of the reasons.

Elok pulak aku off.. malam tadi aku tak leh tido angkara masalah penghadaman yang agak teruk hingga menyebabkan aku bergulung atas katil. Kul 7 pagi baru la aku berjaye tido. Terseksa betul rasanye. Doc nak inject, mampus aku tak bagi. Hahah. Selepas ini, saya berjanji tidak akan mendera perut dengan makanan pedas lagi.

Dalam minggu ni ramai ofismate aku tak sehat.. beberapa orang dah start MC.. dan yang lain mula menyebarkan virus masing-masing. Haha. Ade sorang membe aku ni.. kena food poisoning.. masa tu aku tak perasan dia ni tak sihat sebab lain-lain cubical. Pastu trainer datang kat dia dan tanya dia tahu tak Streetmall kat ne.. Aku dah paham dah, terus aku volunteer nak bawak gi klinik since aku memang tau la kan Streetmall kat ne, dan aku ade kete. Membe aku ni punyelah teruk food poisoning dia... asyik nak muntah je. Aku dah cuak-cuak dah.. siap warning banyak kali supaya dia bagitau kalau dia betul-betul nak muntah. Aku bukan boleh tengok orang muntah ni, silap-silap aku join sekali. Pastu sampai je Streetmall, membuak dia muntah. Ya Rabbi... memang dugaan la aku time tu. Kena la tahan, bulan puasa lak tu.. Balik ofis, turun kete, dia muntah lagi tepi jalan.. Hiyarkhh~!

Anyway esok aku test.. (don't ask why I still got time to update this blog) To be honest, most of us dah jadi half-hearted untuk amek test ni... it's too complicated.. It's gonna be a miracle kalau kitorang pass test ni.. Entahlah.. Ape pun, aku akan buat sehabis baik.. eventhough dalam keadaan perut yang berombak ini. Pass or fail, I don't really care.

Trainer aku ni kekadang supportive, kekadang menakutkan kitorang.. Huhuh. But overall, she's a kind lady. Aku tahu dia nampak kitorang dah putus asa.. memula dia rajin la tiup semangat kitorang.. tapi lelama, dia pun dah macam give up.. haha.. Selalu dalam kelas, dia akan tanya macam-macam soklan.. tapi bila pas lunch hour, masing-masing tengok screen PC.. tapi mengelamun.. So bile dia tanya, mesti kitorang akan tanya balik, "What was the question?" Aku siap penah terjerit, "We're dyinggg~!" Free-free je kena gelak.

Trainer aku ni bes sebab dia strict.. Dia suka penalize kitorang. So kitorang ade house rules.. dan setiap rule yang dilanggar ade la fine dia. Cam contohnye, latecomers will be penalized RM1. Tak kisah la lambat masuk time ofis atau time break. Other languages than English are totally forbidden.. ten cents per word. Even 'lah' pun tak leh.. cam "okay lah." Ade skali trainer aku nak penalize aku sebab aku tercakap "Eh!". Aku siap argue dengan dia, "come on.. it's an expression. it's not even a word!" hahaha.. Banyak lagi la.. daripada common rules sampailah rules yang bodo-bodo seperti not answering question, littering, not pushing in chairs, not sharing knowledge, "Ringgit" is also forbidden (since we're working with Singaporeans),bla bla bla..

Anyway aku dah kena fine RM1. Ha. Ha. Aritu laa break solat Zohor, kitorang terlewat tiga minit je sebab stuck kat lift.. orang duk angkut2 barang. Sekali enam orang terus kena fine. Best betul. Anyway, duit-duit tu semua akan disumbangkan untuk Pot Luck nanti. So aku tak kisah la pasal house rules. It's fun actually. Tempat keje aku ni best sebab kitorang digalakkan to work as a team.. so kitorang ada theme day once a month.. mula nak buat once every two weeks tapi takut tak mampu. This coming monday is our first theme day, which is Hawaiian style. Adoi.. aku nak pakai ape ni.. kang aku pakai ala-ala Lilo and Stitch kangg. Takpun aku petik bunga2 kat tepi pagar tu, lilit-lilit je kat kepala. Alohaaa~! Ahaha. Second theme day tak kurang merapu jugak... Prom Nite. Haiyayaya~~

Okay lah.. time for revision. Thanks for reading. Selamat berpuasa.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ramadhan is coming!

Yeah... puasa dah nak tiba.. macam tak percayee jer.. Weekend ni aku dah tanya member-member, mostly semua nak balik rumah.. Housemates aku pulak memang spesis balik rumah tiap weekend. Tak boleh jadii.. aku terus mintak tolong Shidi belikan tiket ketapi balik Ipoh. (thanks, D!) Kenapa ketapi ye? hehehe.. my friends can definitely guess why.. 1st, eventho i got my own car, i dont have the green lite to drive back to ipoh all by myself. 2nd, paham-paham ajelah kondisi dan isu-isu hangat yang melanda arena per-bas-an sekarang. And third.. due to that issue... aku kepingin gilo nak naik keretapi.. last time aku naik mase tu kecik lagi.. tak ingat pape.. mase tu keretapi sangat bising dan tak berapa convenient.

So sempena bulan puasa yang bakal tiba ni, aku mohon maaf pada semua yang kenal aku... atas segala salah silap dan keterlanjuran kata.. Halalkan makan minum atau apa2 sahaja hak korang yang pernah aku guna samada secara sedar atau tidak sedar diri.. Kalau aku ada hutang sesiapa, harap bagitau... mungkin aku terlupa atau terlepas pandang. Apapun, selamat menyambut Ramadhan buat semua.

Anyway, dah masuk minggu kedua aku bekerja. I'm still on training... it's so freaking tiring. Busan dan memeningkan kepala sebab terlalu banyak benda nak ingat..and we've to catch up really fast.. OCBC offers so many benefits to the employees.. it might sound interesting, but it's not actually once you work with OCBC. The expectation is tooooo high, I don't know if I'll be able to meet their target or not. Of course I'm doing my best but.. that doesn't mean I'm good enough! Entahlah.. kalau training bodow je takpe.. ni tests berlambak-lambak and the passing mark is 85%.. We've asked our trainer, what's the best record so far. She said, the best batch she trained.. 2 failed for the first test.. half of the batch failed for the 2nd one.. and only 2 passed the 3rd test. and.. we've 5 tests. All the 5 tests will be done during our training.. and we've our probation period and that's another story. Ouh yes, bear in mind.. that's the best record. (Now i'm officially scaring myself)

Whatever it is... we'll see how far it goes. We've done a quiz, basically to see how ready we are to take the first test.. All of us failed.. but the good news for me is I got the highest mark. How good is that good news anyway?

For those who've been thinking to work at OCBC.. think deeper. It's a great company with lots of benefits.. but when the company gives you something.. it wants double of what you receive. If you can handle stress very well as my trainer said it's 'very very very extremely stressful', then go for it.

Let's change the topic before I got a heart attack and died with my face on the keyboard.

Bebaru ni, aku dan beberapa orang sahabat pergi tengok event ape tah kat Kelab Komuniti Cyberjaya.. ade macam-macam.. paintball, blood donation, go-kart, paintball, fishing, performances by local artists, paintball, local fruits fiesta... wut else.. did i mention paintball? Ngahaha.. sorry if you're wondering why on earth I kept repeating about paintball. (now now.. Cma.. stop giggling.. and you too, kakya! yes, I'm looking at you, shidi!)

The weather was sooo.. ah I really don't have to mention about this, do I.. everyone knows how hot cyberjaya can be.. Anyway, I enjoyed being there.. not only because of paintball :P but also I got the chance to forget all the stress and headaches because of work.

I've gotta stop here. Thanks for reading. Salam Ramadhan!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Long live, Malaysia.

This is my last entry before I move back to Cyberjaya and start a new chapter in my life. =)

Esok pagi aku dengan family akan bertolak ke sana untuk bawak masuk semua barang-barang. But then aku akan stay di rumah Ampang sampai hari Rabu sebab ada orientation program kat Menara OCBC. Nervous jugak sebenarnya.. but hope everything will be fine.

Birthday aku baru je berlalu. To those who still remember my birthday, thanks a lot for the wishes! (I guess FS gave such a big help, didn't it?). This year, I got the chance to celebrate the day with my family and relatives. Kebetulan birthday aku sama dengan anak buah, so kitorang sambut sekali kat rumah aku dan jemput semua sedara-mara datang. Ehee.. bes bes. Moreover, I got a gold necklace from my parents. To be frank, selama ni aku hanya ada seutas rantai emas dari kecik sebab aku tak suke pakai emas. Dan rantai tu aku tak penah pun pakai. But since masuk MMU, aku noticed kekawan pompuan aku semua ada rantai emas yang dipakai hari-hari. Bile duk tengok, lelama aku rasa macam pemanis pulak. So aku terlepas cakap kat mak aku pasal tu tapi aku takde la terniat nak suruh diorang beli. And there you go, a lovely necklace for my birthday. Wut a pleasant surprise!!! Terima kasey abah dan ibu.

Anyway, today is Abah's birthday... Selamat Hari Lahir yang ke-57, Abah! Thanks for everything! You're the best Abah ever.

And also, it's Merdeka Day! Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to join the countdown. I wasn't really well and felt like my head was going to blast, so I got off to bed around 10. But dalam pukul 12.10 camtu aku terjaga sebab terdengar bunyi fireworks dari stadium. Sambutan Merdeka kat Ipoh ni agak gilang gemilang jugak sebab aku tengok persiapan kat sana sini dibuat macam gempak je. Kali ni banyak jugak kereta yang bubuh bendera besar kat bonet depan.. Aku terpikir nak buat tapi kereta pun dah jarang berasap kan..

Aku jarang online dua tiga hari ni sebab PC aku buat problem.. and I've to change my motherboard againnn.. Dear, dear.. wat a lousy user, I am.

Okay lah.. I haven't finished my packing yet.. (I hate packing, but I hate unpacking even more) so, gotta go. Happy Merdeka Day! Malaysiaku Gemilang! Weeee~!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tahniah sana dan sini.

Update, update.. walaupun takde apa nak di-update sangat.

Anyway, aku akan stat keje bulan depan dekat OCBC Cyberjaya.. saje pilih Cyber sebab rindu nak turun silat. huhuhu.. Tak sangka betul-betul dapat pulak kan.. Tapi taktau lah pulak ade mase ke tidak nak bersilatnye.. Takpe, yang penting, pasang niat dulu.. ahaks!

So adek-adek seperjuangan ku, nanti kan kedatangan akak mu ini yang akan menjadi halilintar di sana nanti. Wakaka.. ape aku merepek ni.

Di sini, nak ucapkan tahniah pada sepupu yang bakal di .. err.. hantar tanda.. (hantam je) minggu depan. Elok pulak laki hang tu birthday sama dengan gwe.

Tahniah gak pada kawan aku yang tidak dapat disebut namanya atas sebab-sebab menjaga privasi (haha) yang bakal melangsungkan perkahwinannya ujung tahun ni..Dah lama tak jumpa dia ni.. insiden yang agak kelakar jugak la.. Hari tu aku gi Cyber.. singgah petronas, then rase nak melakukan pengdehidratan. Gi toilet, tunggu turn, toilet penuh. Tengah2 belek diri kat cermin yang menghadap toilet, tiba2 girl tu keluar.. tapi dia tercegat dan terlongo tengok aku. Aku wonder apasal dengan minah ni.. tiba2 aku membulatkan mata aku yang memang dah bulat ni dan menjerit panggil nama dia. Ya Rabbi, it took me nearly ten seconds to recognize her. Tak guna punya ex-housemate. Haish, sorry friend!

Ape pun, tahniah jugak laa pada semua yang nak kawen tahun ni.. (layankan aje repekan aku ni).

Lagi-lagi tahniah pada pasukan Man U juniors yang menang Youth Cup tadi.. tapi kasihan kepada abang2 senior korang yang kalah dengan Man City.. ahaha.. tu la, kena jampi dengan Thaksin ler tu. Anyway, cakap pasal bola ni.. tringat pulak pada fave football player aku, si Deco tu. Barca dah banyak pemain bagus.. khidmat dia pun macam tak diperlukan je..huhu.. Timbul ura-ura dia nak blah ke Chelsea.. musuh tradisi tu, haish.. ape cite ni.. Some of my frens (yang tau aku suke sgt kat Deco) might wonder adekah aku akan support Chelsea kalu Deco pindah ke kelab tu. My answer would be, never. Barca masih best.. nak2 Thierry Henry dah ade.. alahai bes bes.

Oklah.. sila lah layan survey aku yang tak seberapa ni. Salam sayang~~ (hapekejadahnyesumeini)

How much have you changed?

---- 6 Years Ago -------

1. How old were you?
~ 23 tolak 6.. err.. 17.

2. Where did you go to school?:
~ smk kuala kubu bharu, selangor.

3. Where did you work?:
~ tak keje lagi mase tu.. duk sibuk nak spm.

4. Where did you live?:
~ kuala kubu bharu.

5. Where did you hang out?
~ rawang. hehe.

6. Did you wear glasses?:
~ pakai kekadang dalam klas. dah rabun terpakse ngaku la kan.

7. Who was your best friend(s)at that time? :
~ syakiera, ayu, iera dan najwa.

8. How many tattoos did you have?
~ ade la lapan belas tujuh ratus..

9. How many piercings did you have?
~ two.

10. How many scars?
~ tak ingat la beb ade scars ke tidak.

11. What car did you drive?
~ pas spm baru nak amek lesen hokeyy.

12. Had you been to a real party?
~ what do you mean real?? birthday parties ade.

13. Had your heart broken?
~ adooo.. saat mengenali cinta pertama.. :P nice experience anyway..

14. Were you
~ on and off.

-------------2 years ago-----------

1. How old were you?
~ 21

2. Where did you go to school?
~ MMU Cyberjawa.

3. Where did you work?
~ Tak keje laa.. study lagiii.

4. Where did you live?
~ Cyberia apartment.

5. Where did you hang out?
~ uptown, hartamas, bangsar...around KL. time lagha..

6. Did you wear glasses?
~ ketika driving dan di kelas.

7. Who were your best friend(s)? :
~ my housemates, dak2 ptpl, and still, sha and syakiera.

8. How many tattoos did you have?
~ tiade.

9. How many scars?
~ entah lah..

10. How many piercings did you have?
~ still two. hampir2 aje nak tindik kt kening.. dah pegi kedai dah pun..

11. What car did you drive?
~ satria cabuk.

12. Had your heart broken? :
~ mase tu enjoy jer.. heartbreaker.. :P

13. Were you single/taken:
~ single.


1. How old are you?
~ lagi enam hari, genaplah saya berusia 23 pada 10.35 malam. <-- tidak menjawab soklan.

2. What school do u go to?
~ takde.. dah grad.. yeehuuu.. will be working next month.

3. Where do you live?
~ currently at Ipoh. tidak lama lagi, gwe akan berpisahh dengan keluarga.. tidak bess..

4. Do you wear glasses?
~ iye.. power saye sudah double. sangat seronok seperti mendapat megi kari Mawi percuma.

5. Who are your best friends?
~ masih sha dan syakiera.

6. Do you talk to your old friends?
~ not much, but doesn't mean i've forgotten them.. slalu teringat, tapi tak terucap..

7. How many piercings do you have?
~ soklan boring.

8. How many tattoos?
~ lagi lah boring.

9. How many scars?
~ baru dapat dua hari tu, small scars akibat melecetttt.

10. What kind of car do you have?
~ masih satria.. pasni, persona. hahahah.

11. Has your heart been broken?
~ lately, tidak ade. duk umah je, sape nak hancurkan hati ini? wahh tak laratnye.

12. Were you Single/Taken/Married/Divorce?
~ masih solo.. dan akan terus solo selagi cita2 tak tercapai.

Monday, August 13, 2007


[photo removed]

Finally, we made it!

Wut can I say.. dengan rasminye aku kini bergelar graduan MMU. Alhamdulillah...

Di sini, aku nak ucapkan terima kaseh kat parents aku yang terlalu banyak berjasa kat aku dalam memastikan aku berjaya mendapat segulung ijazah. Thanks for all the presentss.. flowers, teddies, chocolates!! I love you, abah and ibu.

[photo removed]

Of course...a million THANKS to all my friends.. to Sha, Kakya, Memel, Fezal, Shidi for all the flowers and teddies.. Saya sangat suke kesemuanye!! Kekawan lain yang turut sama menyambut hari yang sangat bermakna ni... thanks for being there!

[photo removed]

Tahniah jugak pada semua kekawan seperjuangan yang sama-sama diraikan dalam majlis konvokesyen semalam, hari ini dan esok! My personal congrats to all E-Commerce graduates (yang sentiasa kecoh).. to kak G, Memel, Zurin, Bern, Warda, Zie dan semua kekawan yang turut diraikan.. juta-juta tahniah!!

[photo removed]

Now that we're going on our own separate ways.. Hope our bond of friendship will remain strong no matter how far the time leaves us.. A friendly reminder to all of you, kahwen jangan lupe jemput wei.

Once again, thanks a zillion and congrats!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

A short update.

Ogos dah muncul..
This is the month which is full of birthdays to people I know, including me myself.
Sedara mara terdekat aku jer dah sembilan orang.. tu yang aku tau la.. yang aku miss out, tatau la brape..
Even anak buah aku berkongsi tarikh lahir dengan aku..
Sabtu lepas dah sambut empat orang..
Diorang nak sambut birthday yang selebihnye on my birthday..
Tapi tatau la jadi ke tak..
Semalam birthday Mak Ngah.. dan esok birthday my cousin, Nurul..
Kekawan pun ramai sangat..
Dan ade yang aku dah missed.
Anyway... kepada semua yang sambut birthday bulan ni..

A little update about me..
Aku dah beli dan baca buku Harry Potter yang ke-7 dua minggu lepas..
Aku beli kat Tesco, save budget.. RM69.90.
Mula macam sayang nak baca.. haha. Tapi berjaya lengahkan tiga hari je. Haha.
Aku pun tatau nak komen ape..
Happy ending, tapi aku sedeyh.. apsal tah!
Sampai kekadang termenung pulak pikir pasal tu... tatau la apsal.
Mungkin sebab ending dia betul-betul final...
Di mana secara rasminye menghancurkan harapan aku untuk lihat JK tulis lagi buku pasal dunia HP ni.. Tapi tatau la kalau betul itu puncanye..
Dan ah yess... satu sebab aku moody... terlalu banyak fave characters aku yang mati...
Konon dua orang... aku rase lebih sepuluh!
Too many sacrifices... too hard for me to accept.
Anyway wut can I say... it's still a good book.

Convocation day dah dekat..
Mine is on Saturday, 11th.
Kekawan, datang la tengok saye yer!

Oklah.. chiauw dulu.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Karnival Rakan Muda Rakan Wajadiri 2007

[photo removed]

Sekarang aku kat MMU Cyberjaya.. hehehe. Wut an odd feeling to be here. Actually aku datang MMU sebab nak tengok event silat terbesar yg pernah di-organize oleh silat cekak hanafi kat sini.. so of coz, i've to come to show my support. Haish bercampur baur jugak perasaan ni bila tengok semua orang pakai uniform silat.. dah lebih kurang dua bulan aku tak turun silat, rindu rasanye.. tengok lah kalau ade rezeki keje kat CJ, insyaAllah dapatlah aku turun trening macam dulu..

Anyway tahniah setinggi-tinggi tahniah pada semua yang menjayakan program Wajadiri ni.. you guys did a marvellous job.. rase guilty sgt sebab langsung tak menyumbang apa-apa. Truly sorry.. semalam singgah tengok rehearsal kat grand hall.. niat di hati macam nak tolong tapi bila tengok semua terkejar sana-sini, I was totally stuck..

Tahniah jugak pade pasangan untuk kategori sepasang tongkat, Izmi dan Amam.. emas dua tahun berturut-turut.. what can I say? Siap dislocate tulang lengan kiri lagi si Izmi ni.. haih tak terkata risaunya kitorang tengok ko masa tu. Mujur dah biase, terer pulak masukkan balik sendiri. Anyway, you deserve what you got, bro.

Congratssss to everyone.

p/s: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows baru keluar arini.. and I've already got it's e-book copy.. and yes, for free. how cool is that?? Oh definitely I'm gonna buy the book anyway.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When the wizards meet the robots.

Hermm... time for Harry Potter's review. Bagi anda yang belum menonton filem tersebut dan mempunyai keinginan untuk menontonnya, juga kepada mereka yang begitu fanatik terhadap HP hingga tidak mampu menerima sebarang kecaman mengenainya, diminta jangan meneruskan pembacaan anda. Haaaahahaha..

Well, well.. where to start. Beberapa hari ni aku ada baca review dekat newspaper pasal HP. Most of them are true.. I mean, at least to what I feel about it. It is a great movie.. at least I get a clear picture about how the Ministry looks like.. (eventho dlm movie tu dia tak mention clearly itu adelah Ministry of Magic.. so that my bro and my cousin had to ask me what the heck is that place supposed to be). Pretty much what I imagined anyway.

I loveee to see Harry's back on screen.. but certainly not with that decent hair cut! Dem.. mane boleh buat camtu.. dalam novel dah terang-terang cakap (few times!) rambut Harry tidak buley lie flat. That meanss.. rambutnye sangat serabai sampai tidak mendapat sebarang hasil apabila disikat. Anyway, what's so important about the hair, you might ask. Ah well..aku pun tatau, but still aku tidak berapa setuju.Haha.

The thing that dissapoints me the most is how they deliver the plots. Aku tahu mustahil nak letak semua plot dalam novel yang setebal 766 mukasurat (which makes the thickest book so far) but.. changing it?? Entahlah.. taktau la HP fans yang lain macamane.. tetapi aku agak marah jugak lah. Goblet of Fire pun tebal tapi filemnye bagus.

Ada dua benda yang obviously diorang tukar, first.. the detention Dumbledore's Army had to do.. yang diorang kena tulis I Must Not Tell Lies dengan quill yang menggunakan darah penulis tu sendiri. Sebenarnya takde pun dalam novel. Pandai-pandai aje diorang ni menambah. For your information, hanya Harry yang kena detention tu (twice).. bebudak lain takde pun. And the scar is permenant.

Secondly, bila Cho kena tangkap sebab kantoi pasal DA lessons.. it's supposed to be Marietta, Cho's friend. Harry dan Cho takleh get along lepas tu bukan sebab Cho kantoi.. tapi sebab Cho macam takleh masuk sangat dengan Harry... Cho asyik nangis.. nangis.. nangis.. dan mengadu pasal Cedric (ex-bf dia yang mati masa Triwizard tournament) .. dan Harry tak pandai handle pompuan fragile macam tu dan dia tak suka Cho asyik ungkit pasal kematian Cedric. Plus, Cho macam backing Marietta.

Ada review dlm paper cakap, wujud ketidakseimbangan karakter. This is very true. Aku agak frust diorang tak fokus banyak pada Ron dan Hermione.. sebab diorang jugak memainkan peranan yang sangat penting especially Hermione yang sangat banyak tolong Harry. Harry isn't someone who-knows-it-all, so dia perlukan orang lain untuk tolong dia solve problem. Ni la masalah Harry.. lebih banyak mengikut perasaan, tu yang end up his godfather getting murdered tu.

Satu lagi, masa DA members nak pergi Ministry untuk selamatkan Sirius dengan terbang bersama Thestrals.. perjalanan diorang untuk masuk ke bilik Prophecy tu sangat lahh susahnya.. pintu bergerak dan bertukar.. bilik yang penuh dengan benda-benda pelik (Ron kena serang dengan otak yang hidup dan membelit menggunakan tentacles).. they had a very tough journey.. sampai la dapat ke bilik prophecy tu. Eee.. memacam lah.. plus masing-masing badly injured.. bukannye skadar calar-balar gitu jer.

Actually bebudak ni boley menang kalau diorang brani gune dark spells macam Death Eaters guna.. Avada Kedavra (the killing curse).. cruciatus curse.. levicorpus (curse yg menyebabkan orang tu tergantung up-side down).. sectumsempra (curse yg menyebabkn darah membuak keluar mcm kene hiris dgn pedang)..dan memacam lagi lah.

Mcm komen2 yg aku dengar daripada orang yg tak baca buku HP, ada yang cakap ending dia tak best sebab Dumbledore yang fight dgn Voldermort, bukan Harry.. Masa battle between diorang dengan Death Eaters adalah plot yang paling menarik. That's why lah aku rase David Yates rugi besar kat sini. Dia patut tekankan plot tu. To me this is where the climax is.

As for Prof. Umbridge.. she looked like a large, pale toad.. which means she's supposed to have a toad-like figure. Flabby.. with very little neck.. bukan macam dalam movie tu which she looks a lot better. Umbridge memang sangat irritating ler.. huhu.

Menurut akhbar, HP movie dah hilang bisanya... tapi bagi aku tak.. next movie akan jadi lebih menarik kalau betul pengolahannya. Kalau dia pakai David Yates jugak.. memang punah lah harapan aku. Chris Columbus is the best director so far.

Okaylah.. cukup takat ni dulu.Bebel banyak-banyak pun buang masa je kan. hehe.. Kalau ada yang tak setuju dengan review aku ni.. mintak maap lah ye.. this is my own point of view.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Survey lagi pliezz..

Sori tengah agak kemaruk. Hahahaha.. Anyway some questions are missing..and I dont know how the hell that happened.

1.The phone rings. Who do you want it to be?
-- Harry Potter.. I mean the real Harry.. but dem.. he's a wizard.. he doesn't know what's telephone.. ok fine, he doesnt exist. I'll choose Deco then.. haha.

2.Complete this sentence: THE WORLD NEEDS..

3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener?
-- a listener.. i dun talk much about my personal problems.

4. Name famous people you had a crush on?
-- Had? Ok well i've to refresh my memories back.. herm..this is funny.. Brian Littrell (BSB), Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne Dorough (The Rock), Paul Walker.. etc.

5. 0ne funny name u were called by ur close friends?
-- close friends? takde lah.. but when i was a kid.. ppl called me mak enon (i was only 17kg) , and then i got fat.. the boys in my class called me ketua gajah (i was the class monitor) and ikan puyu (bcoz my name is ayu). u may laugh, i dont mind.

6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive?
-- no, i'll be dead in less than 30 seconds.

7. Last person who sent you a message?
-- Incik PGup. Miss you, buddy.

8. Did you ever go to camp as a kid?
-- yes, once when i was 10 i guess. my parents din allow me to go.. therefore i ended up getting lost in the forest. there you go.

9. What was your favorite game as a kid?
-- rounderss!! yippie yee yeayy! i loved playing with boys.

10. If a person you really liked was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was married, would you?
-- i won't allow that to happen.. insyaAllah.

12. Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you?
-- i've experienced this.. and i couldnt take it. so, no. i need to have sumone who can guide me, not sumone who needs my guidance.

13. Do you like to pursue or be pursued?
-- both ways can drive me mad.

14. Movie you wished you had starred in
-- without any doubt, all Harry Potter movies. I wanna be Ginny please.. akaka. But my fave character is Luna Lovegood.

15. what your ideal mate should be interested in.
-- football (i dun mind if he supports clubs other than Barca), bowling, current issues.

16. have you been using the other opposite toilet?
-- selalu sangat... haha!!! n i lurve it... <--- ni previous sender yg jawab ni.. gile tul! but.. yes i have, once.

18. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you'd grab? -- my pc. haha..dpt slamatkan hard disk pun jadi la.

19. How often do you read books? -- whenever i find that caught my eyes.

20. When was the first time you slept alone? -- mase kecik2 dulu.. merajuk dgn ibu, trus tido bilik tetamu. kecut jugak tp merajuk punye pasal~

21. What is your favorite children's book? -- Dragon Ballz!!

22. Do you have any friends who are famous? -- no, but my uncle was a singer from a reality TV show.. na'ah cant tell who is he.

23. Do you like Batman? -- batman has the second weirdest costume after Superman.. having nipples on a bat suit.. that's NOT sexy.

24. Where is your dream house located? -- near the beach.. ahh bestnyeh.. tiba2 datang Tsunami..

27. When you meet the right person, do you fall fast?
-- how on earth will u know it's the right person, anyway?

28. Do you want someone you can't have?
-- (thinking of sumone with round spectacles holding a wand..) yeah.. i do.

30. Where was the furthest place you traveled today?
-- tak jauh pun.. either thailand or sabah.. not sure about the exact distance.

32. Do you like Burgers?
-- no i dont. kalu makan, mesti comot. sumtimes i've to eat piece by piece.

33. Does anyone know your password to your email?
-- sumone knew my password to my alternative email.. but i dont think he remembers.

34. Faked being sick to miss school?
-- tak penah.. im not good at fact, i can make myself sick if i want to. but i'll never do that.. making yourself sick to get out of trouble is coward.

35. How long does it take you in the shower?
-- 15 to 20 minutes.

36. Can you do the splits?
-- i can't..and i don't want to.. macam tak snonoh je.

37. What movie do you want to see right now?
-- Live Free or Die Hard. Entah best entah tidak.

39. What did you do for New Year's?
-- nothing. idup macam biase.. i dun celebrate new years... and i dunno why do i have to.

42. Are you too shy to ask anyone out?
-- oh yes. one of the hardest thing to do.. so guys, if i ask you out, you should be struck in horror.

44. Was your mom a cheerleader?
-- hell no.

45. When was your last kiss?
-- last night..i asked my mom for a kiss.

-- Seluar itam, tshirt pink.

49. What do you buy at the movies?
-- tickets? :P i love cup corn.

50. What color are your underwear right now?
+ kalau aku cakap, transparent.. camne?

52. What do you wear to sleep?
-- whatever comfortable and loose-fitting.

53. favorite athelete?
-- football player kire atlit gak kan? Anderson Luis de Souza, aka Deco.

54. What your ideal mate should look like?
-- decent, smart and simple.

56.What was your last purchase?
-- DVD cite Surf's Up and Die Hard 4.0.

59. 3 Fav Club in kl?
-- zouk, nouvo and planet? haha.. ok takde.

60. Do you like someone right now?
-- yes i do like someone right now.. but he's far away from me.. i'm not really serious though.. it's just a crush. but i do miss him...

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Bila main macam hampeh, duk salahkan penyokong.. tak sport-minded lah.. tak cukup support lah.. Sekarang penyokong dah datang.. main cam t**i jugak. Taktau ape lagi alasan nak bagi.. Memula aku senyap lah juga.. mungkin betul sokongan takde.. Tapi bila orang datang menjerit bagai nak rak.. makin teruk jugak. Kalau penyakit suka menuding jari tu tak hilang2, sampai bebila pun pasukan bolasepak negara takkan maju. Kebanyakan pemain negeri taknak main, bayaran tak tinggi. Pihak atasan pulak macam lebih pandang pada duit dan politik, bukan prestasi. Kalau ini sikap diorang lah.. losing is the only thing they deserve.

Anyway, aku baru je pegi tengok Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix siang tadi. Well, well.. sbenarnye aku berharap jugak aku takkan cakap bende ni.. (don't worry, no spoilers on the plots.) I didn't say it was a bit dissapointing.. I think it's a great movie. maybe sebab aku baru je baca buku HP tu dua minggu lepas.. so aku masih ingat setiap plot cerita. bila tengok movie tu.. (yes yes i was mentally-prepared untuk tidak berharap tinggi, but I couldn't help it.) ada lah certain things yang buat aku kecewa sangat. Not because they cut out a lot of scenes.. if that's what you think the reason might be.

Anyhow, tak sesia jugak la aku berharap yang terbaik untuk watak favourite aku, Luna Lovegood. Exactly what I expected to be. Good job, Evanna Lynch. And Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny is prettier than ever.. which is truly great since she's gonna be Harry's girl in the next movie. As for Cho.. lots of HP fans never feel sorry for her.. but in the movie, you will. You'll find out why if you read the book.

Anyway later jer aku komen habis-habis. Since baru released hari ni.. I think it's not fair for me to tell everything about the movie. I certainly have lots to say.. but I'll keep that for awhile.

For those people who have been eagerly waiting to watch this movie, my advice would be.. clear out your mind and don't expect too much especially HP fans.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Female Survey (so whatever..)

1. Do you ever lie about your age?
+ no, but when people wrongly guessed my age.. i let them be.

2. Do you prefer "sensitive boys" or "tough guys"?
+ tough in the inside of coz. i'm not good at handling sensitive ppl.

3. Do you prefer blonde or dark haired guys?
+ blonde? if it's brad pitt.. then fine. dark is preferable.

4. Are you currently single?
+ yes.

5. How many things in your past do you regret?
+ a lot.. but i tend to forget it. not that i wanted to, but becoz i'm a forgetful person.

6. Do you have a best friend?
+ no, i have more than one.

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?
+ i've grown up. this is the path i'm heading to and this is where i want to be.

8. Who was the last person you hugged?
+ just now, my mom.

9. Have you ever had your heart broken?
+ yes indeed.

10. Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery?
+ yes only if its painless and legal.

11. Do you like your life?
+ pretty much. but i'm eager for more.

13. Has one of your friends ever stolen a boyfriend from you?
+ not that i'm aware of.

14. Has one of your friends ever stabbed you in the back?
+ yeah when i was in secondary school. sakit benar rasanye..

16. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys?
+ girls of coz..

17. How long have you had friendster?
+ since my Alpha year.. 2002. mase tu dak MMU ramai xde fs.

18. Have you ever cheated on someone?
+ in terms of? ok I got what u mean.. yes i have.

19. Has anyone ever cheated on you?
+ entahlah.. i dun really give a damn.. what past is past.

20. Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?
+ hahahahahahahaa.. penah.. sampai berdarah mulut dia. dun play play.

21. What is one of your biggest fears?
+ losing my family.

22. Have you ever skipped class?
+ yes a lot of times since i was in form two.

23. Has anyone close to you ever passed away?
+ late grandma.

24. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
+ pernah. paling teruk, bangun2 je.. sedar2 tgh tersedu. terrible nightmare i had.

25. Have you ever not been able to get someone out of your head?
+ sekarang ni ado la few ppl... i just miss them.. that's all.

26. Do you believe in the saying "once a cheater, always a cheater"?
+ sometimes.. i cant help it.

27. Have you ever had a good feeling about something and it turned out you were right?
+ yeahh several times. but i tend to have more bad feelings that good ones.

28. Do you ever wish you were famous?
+ tidak mahu. saya suka kehidupan sederhana.

29. Do u ever wish u were a man?
+ no way, it's a scary thought.

30. Do you think any men will read this just because it's labeled "The Female Survey"?
+ herm... does it really matter? it doesnt really tell what men want to know.

I love answering surveys but I know lots people dont read it. Nevermind that..

Monday, July 09, 2007


Tiba-tiba rindu kat ko..
Mana tah ko pegi.. tibe2 je senyap..
Kitorang duk tertanye-tanye.. wondering what goes wrong.
Kitorang rindu gile nak hang out macam dulu..
Tapi tah...
Eee... tibe-tibe aku tringat kat kau..
You used to be my informer.. y'know, about that other world we always thought we were part of it.
And now it's coming again.. real' soon.
Mane koo??

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Aiseyh.. lama tak update. Tak banyak benda nak dibebelkan.. in fact, takde apa yang menarik pun kecuali berita aku dah selamat bertunang. I'm joking of coz. Wut are you thinking? Terasa rindu kat kekawan di MMU tapi nak buat camne kan.. blom ada rezeki nak jumpa. Ada gak try bodek2 mak aku kot-kot leh drive gi sana.. tapi memang tak dapatlah kan.

Hanya satu keburukan yang melanda apabila aku kembali ke pangkuan keluarga dan saudara-mara. They can't stop joking around about me getting married soon! Tak larat nak layan, dah letih nak jawab! Siap kenen-kenenkan lagi tu.. haishh.. Shamam, I'd definitely understand your situation now. Abah siap bagitau pakcik-pakcik aku, keje 3 tahun dulu.. within that period, sapa datang risik ke hape.. rejecttt~ HAHAHA. I put no worries on that.. I assure you no one will be coming.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix dah nak kuar 11 July ni. Teringat pulak janji-janji nak tengok dengan Sha dan Fieza sesama.. nak beli tiket Gold Class lak dengan Bern dan Shidi. Hehe.. Macam tak de rezeki je kan? And so I already made my promise with my brother and cousin.

Ooooh... speaking of Harry Potter, setiap hari duk menghabiskan masa baca buku-buku HP...the only books I can read over and over again. But due to that habit, I get to dream about Harry Potter's world almost every single night.. which you might think it's great for me, but it's not. Sometimes they became nightmares! Gilo.

Dua minggu lepas (kalu tak silap), aku gi tengok Fantastic 4 dengan adek aku dan spupu, Azmil. Cerita tu okay tapi tak mencapai expectation aku. Hurm.. maybe because I put such a high expectation.. ye ah teruja jugak bila tengok 'The Making' dia. Overall I give 3.5 stars. Ouh yes, Chris Evans is sizzling hot.

Semalam gi tengok Transformers lak.. one of my most awaited movies of coz! Taktik yang sangat brilliant I guess untuk trailer dia..(trailers yg awal2 dulu) sbb diorang tak letak banyak aksi robot dalam tu. Even Megatron dan Optimus Prime pun takde. So I was wondering, cite ni macam takde banyak robot je. So aku terpengaruh untuk tak terlalu berharap, tambah pulak dah agak tak best tengok Fantastic 4.

But damn, wut can I say.. the best movie so far!! (and here comes Harry Potter..) With all breath-taking scenes and jaw-dropping robots..oww man, I lost count how many times I muttered "gile ah.." but certainly it was in my head all the time. TERUJA BEB! Haha. There are certainly a few jokes only robots can do, like hiding behind the walls, acting like you're so small. Kelakar siyal, heck, wut are they thinking? I feel like watching it again and again.. This is one of the best movies I've ever watched. And yes, Harry Potter, I'm eagerly waiting for you.

Tapi still ada scenes yang aku tak suka sangat especially masa dem.. wut's his name.. Sam Witwicky bertekak dengan parents dia masa dia tengah cari spectacles tu.. It was so irretating when everyone's using such a high-pitched voice to argue. Rasa nak sepak je. Sam pun pada awalnya gelabah biawak dan kalut sangat!

Anyway, sesape tak tengok lagi, jangan tangguh-tangguh. Gi la tengok.. hehe.

And yeah.. I can't stop hoping that one day, I'd get a chance to say, "I bought a car and it turned out to be an alien robot."


Friday, June 08, 2007


My final exam result has been released. Alhamdulillah.. I passed all the subjects and managed to increase the CGPA as I truly hoped.

Pheww... wut a relief..

Now, I'm officially graduated. Guess not, have to wait for the convo first perhaps?

Ah well, nevermind.. I'm too happy and thankful right now.


Sronok jadi penganggur ke? Haha..

Anyway, I should go back to MMU for Wajadiri.. but sadly, yes dear friends.. I'm bringing you the bad news.. Most probably I won't come back to MMU ever again.. unless for my own personal things I've to settle with.. But for Wajadiri.. I don't think I can make it. Guess I din get the green light from my big bosses. I'm truly sorry..

But I'll surely come for the event! InsyaAllah..

So guys, all the best!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A new beginning.


Finally aku berada hampir di garisan penamat. Finally, it's final. Exam dah habis.. skang tunggu result pulak.. Harap semuanya baik-baik belaka. Harap sem terakhir ini betul-betul pengakhirannya. Dah penat rasanye bergelar pelajar. Tapi semestinye aku akan merindui student's life yang penuh warna-warni. Seronok. Banyak pengalaman.. banyak kenangan...

Dan kini, aku bergelar, penganggur. :P

Seronok rasanye bila nak grad ni.. tak sabar nak kerja.. nak merasa duit sendiri.. Tapi entah lah kan... a lot of unexpected things are waiting right ahead of me. Hope I will be fine..and everything will be okay..

Masa last paper ari Sabtu lepas, exam kat MPH. Aku tak suka exam kat situ sebab lambat nak keluar pas paper dikutip. I was sitting at one of the front rows. Habis je invigilator cakap, "Okay you may leave now." Semua budak major aku (E-Commerce) yang duduk row belakang menjerit. Tersentak aku. Woo sudah plan lah tu. Kat luar MPH, bebudak ni excited gile.. dan sibuk berkumpul nak bergambar. Kecoh sangat. Aku terdengar budak major lain tanya kawan dia, "Diorang ni seronok sebab dah habis exam ke.. sebab dah grad?" Hehe..

Plan nak angkut barang dan check-out hostel esoknye... Pas exam lepak makan jap, pastu balik bilek untuk packing. I told my parents to come after Asar, tapi tetiba ibu call cakap diorang dah sampai Rawang.. masa tu baru kul 1 lebih. Gosh.. kelam kabut aku packing. Aritu plan nak angkut baju je dulu balik rumah Ampang. Esok baru clear semua barang.

My parents and my sis arrived.. They helped me packing my stuff and suddenly my mom made an unexpected decision to go back to Ipoh on the same day. Gilo. Masa tu aku br packing baju! Rupe-rupenye ibu plan nak balik seawal mungkin sebab esoknya ada kenduri anak sepupu dia (something like that :P ) nikah. I couldnt refuse so I had to agree. Magiknya aku berjaya packing dalam sejam macam tu.. dengan bantuan Kakya, my mom and my sis. Seb baik lahh ade Kakya.. tu yang jadi lagi cepat tu. Sadly, aku tak dpt nak say goodbye bebetul pada semua kekawan esp. to my own ex-roommate, G, and my best buddy I knew since Alpha year, Sha. So sorry~!!

To my ex-roomies, thanks for everything.. Thanks for willing to live with me and be part of my life. Thanks for all those great memories we had together.. thanks for lending me your stuff.. thanks for ur company and advices... thanks for accepting me the way I am.. thanks for being so patient for having me as your roommate.. thanks thanks thankss~! I'm so thankful to have both of you as my roomies!!

Kepada semua sahabat, terima kasih mewarnai hidup aku.. you guys are the best!

Anywayy, I'll be back to MMU after the break to settle up things and finish up my responsibilities. InsyaAllah.. Hoping to see you guys again next semester!

See youuu!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Random Meme.

Do you prefer to sleep or talk to a friend when it gets boring in class?
:: talk. to fall asleep is not an easy thing for me. sumtimes it takes more than a hour.

Do you wave hi with a smile or a serious face?
:: with a smile of coz.

One thing that you like about your house?
:: its kinda space-y.

The last time you cried, is it because of someone?
:: no, its because of the movie spiderman 3!

Chocolate ice cream or chocolate bar?
:: i hate chocolate, and i dun really eat ice cream.

What's the good thing about schooling?
:: u can meet ur eye-candy 5 times a week.

Which part of your body is itchy and aching now?
:: my neck. salah tido. takleh toleh kanan.

Worms or cockroaches?
:: none. disgusting! worms make me throw up.. and the worst thing bout cockroaches is they run to u! demmit.

Yawn with your eyes open or closed?
:: open.

If you can have a choice, would you prefer to be friends or attached with someone you love now?
:: i'm not in love with anyone right now..

In one word, describe your day:
:: lame~ i'm so weak today becoz of the flu and my aching neck.

What website(s) have you opened?
:: friendster, theme XP, mmls, cybertracker, my blog, hi5.

You listen to music when you..
:: in front of the pc, or bored.

What song are you listening to now?
:: Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne.

The latest news you've received?
:: there's one in the newspaper.. kakya bagitau.. herm.. psl sorg bapa yg budow telah membunuh anaknye yg berusia setahun lebey kerana suke kencing merata. sgt lah bangangnye manusia zaman kini...

Last clothing item you bought?
:: telekung.. huhu.

Name 5 things you have around you:
:: printer, specks, pencil case, watch, 2 packets of tissue.

What can't you live without?
:: air.

Who can't you live without?
:: my beloved ones.

State the date, day and time at this moment:
:: Monday, 21st May 2007, 11.41pm.

What do people think when they first meet you?
:: fat girl.

What color is your hair?
:: black

:: natural.

What was the last book you bought?
:: hurmmm.. cant remember. i dun buy books. hahaha.

Do you like reading books?
:: yeah.. novels to be specific.

Do you like answering surveys?
:: yeah when my mind is distracted and i can't study.

Last thing you did?
:: watching Pussycat Dolls Present The Search for the Next Doll - 103 - The Transformation. I lurve it.

Two things that people don't know about you?
:: im homesick at the mo, and my true feelings about ppl around me.

Are you a frequent user of myspace?
:: i HATE myspace.


I like it when...
:: it's raining.

I love it when...
:: i'm near with my family.

He knows I...
:: he? who? wha-?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Malam Menggamit Kenangan

[photo removed]
Dinner ni dah agak lama lepas.. yaitu err.. 5 Mei yg lepas.. berlangsung di err.. Mahkota Century Hotel, Melaka.. organized by Silat Cekak Hanafi MMU Melaka.

Mula-mula masa member Melaka cerita pasal dinner ni.. tak terlintas di hati nak pergi.. sebab baru lepas MSB.. pastu tengah tensyen dgn FYP. Then dengar dak2 juniors ni nak pegi.. cam teringin la pulak. So mula ingat nak pegi dgn Zura je.. last2 ramai pulak nak pegi.. Best, best.

Overall dinner tu bes la.. lain sket dari dinner silat kat sini.. Bak kata orang, lain padang, lain belalang.. lain lubuk, lainlah ikannya. Tapi, makanan dia.. perghhh heaven.. Sangat berbaloi dengan tiket RM30 tu.. Selalu gi dinner silat ni, tak dapat nak enjoy the food sangat sebab sibuk jadi komiti la.. dengan persembahan lagi.. Tapi kali ni, 2,3 kali bangun jugak laa amek makanan.. hehehe.. Nice.

Tapi ade satu insiden yg agak memalukan la malam tu. Tetengah ralit peratikan manusia2 yang ada.. tiba-tiba ade orang sapa bahu aku dari belakang.. ha melatah la aku.. "Oh mak aku!" Elok pulak time melatah tu, mic MC yang sapa aku tu betul-betul depan mulut.. Hiskk.. bila pulak MC main tegur-tegur tetamu ni.. sbelum tu takde pon. Tu yg aku terkejut tu..

Pastu siap suh nyanyi lak tu.. haish.. macam ada orang suruh je ni.. Memang blank la kan nak nyanyi ape.. tambah-tambah aku bukan jenis hapal lagu. Ha aku blasah je la lagu Permata Dunia. Tak boley blahhh~ hahah.

At last, baru semalam aku tau.. ini Simaa punya kerjaaa~! ooo pandai kau ye..

Pastu masa cabutan bertuah, Rais cakap dari dulu lagi.. dia tak pernah dapat cabutan bertuah.. dah bertahun-tahun, memang sekali pun tak pernah.. Then, dia pun bangun gi amek dessert. Cara lucky draw tu, diorang call no fon yang dicabut.. Tiba-tiba Rais tersengih-sengih cek henfon dan naik atas pentas. Haha. Lawak je.

Untuk exchange gift aku dapat mug harimau yang sangat comel, siap ada bunyi.. tp bukan bunyi mengaum, bunyi kucing. Hehe. Bertambah-tambah lagi mug yang ada.. semuanya orang bagi pulak tu.. I don't really mind sebab aku suka mug-mug yg macam2 fesyen ni. Tapi seriyes aku rasa bersalah gila sebab hadiah yang aku beli tu sangatlah cikainyee.. last minute beli. Huhu.. Ampunn~

Majlis habis sekitar kul 11 malam.. then kitorang mula decide nak tidur..sok nak jejalan.. yelah bukan senang nak datang Melaka.. but then, sebab dah kul 12 lebih.. kitorang pun dah penat dan tatau nak tidur mana, so kitorang decide untuk balik je.. Alhamdulillah selamat sampai pukul 2.30 pagi.

Begitulah dia.. memang betul lah malam yang menggamit kenangan.. hehehe..

Thursday, May 10, 2007

FYP Presentation

[photo removed]

Alhamdulillah.. akhirnye selesai lah sudah azab FYP yang sekian lama membelenggu kepala otakku selama dua semester.

Banyak gak la insiden2 yg kelakar during the presentation. Kitorang present mungkin tak se-formal faculty lain la.. kitorang banyak gelak je walaupun Coordinator, Dr. Marthandan hentam kitorang teruk-teruk. Huii dia ni, bahye betul.. the system has to be p.e.r.f.e.ct. Bila tengok system2 yg kebanyakannye lebih gempak daripada aku pun kena hentam jugak.. aku dah jadi kecut perut..

I was supposed to present at 10 am. Tapi supervisor aku tak datang-datang. Dan nama aku pun tak dipanggil. Aku terasa macam ada benda yang aku tak tahu.. but I could sense it. Bile supervisees Mdm. Rathimala dah present, aku pun gi kt Mr. Rozaini dan tanya where the hell is my supervisor. Dia cakap, "She's not coming, she has another arrangement today." Bammm~

Aku dah agak dah.. aku memang dah lama terasa macam supervisor aku takkan dapat tengok langsung system aku macamane. Even nak consult dia pun susah.. dan akhirnya she din even turn up during my presentation. I felt so left out~!

So I was the last person to present during the morning session. Sebelum present tu, diorang take five jap.. sambil tu pasang laptop, dan sibuk amek gambar. Haha. Memang tak ingat nak present agaknye aku. Mood formal tu memang dah hilang ler bila present.. duk memain je.

Bayangkan.. belum start lagi, aku dah kena. Ini kes memang kelakar la. Dr. Marthandan check aku punye documentation. Pastu die tanye2 aku bile due date.. aku heran la.. bukan arini ke? Pastu dia tanye2 lagi.. aku x faham menda.. Pastu die suh tengok cover buku aku, rupe-rupenye aku silap letak tarikh, 9 September 2007. Camne la aku bole silap ni.. actually cover tu mmg dh salah tarikh.. aku tampal je la tarikh yg baru.. tp salah jugak!! Lawak siot, blom pape dah kena gelak.

So the presentation went fine.. klik2 here n there.. sampai die xleh nk tanye pape.. hahaa.. menjadi jugak trick aku ni. mujur tak kena bash out apa2.. hehe.. lucky me. Z siap tnye, "u pakai doa ape untuk dia tak tanye banyak?" haha.

Pas lunch hour, aku dtg balik tgk kekwn present. i was really impressed with Iylia's and Raimi's systems. Gempak aa bg aku yg naif ni kan.. Iylia buat MMU Mall.. mcm online shopping for MMU students. The basic idea might not so impressive but the system was so detailed. Macam susah nak cari mane silapnye. As for Raimi's, he did Mobile Commerce for MMU students. Guna language yg kitorang tak blajar pun.. superbbb~ Ternganga aku tengok.

Anyway, THANKS to Farahani@Monyok for lending me her printer.. 400 pages tuuu aku print. steady lah! And also to Kak Mar for lending me her precious laptop! Thanks thanks thanks!! Sangat2!

Okay lahh sekarang boleh fokus pada final laks.. Tapi malam ni mau gi tengok Spiderman 3.. yeeehaa~~

"Spidermannnnn... Spidermannnn... Does whatever a spider cannn..."

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tentang Lelaki..

01.Would you mind if your guy is fat?
> not really. lebih baik daripada kurus tapi boroi. and i dun like skinny men.

02. Would you want your guy to do house chores?
> aku sangat tak suka laki yg tak reti buat keje rumah. bukan bermaksud kena buat, tp kalau menyapu pun fail...

03. What is the maximum age gap you and your guy can have?
> At least four years older. If possible la kan.. tp mcm susah nak cari..

04. Would you mind if your guy smokes?
> i hate smokersss~!

05. Must he get good grades?
> erm... yeahh..

06. A muscular/mature guy or a childish/cute guy?
> mature. definitely.

07. Must he be popular to suit you?
> hahaha.. i dun go for famous guys.. never. they tend to be a bit arrogant and perasannn especially when he's famous becoz of the looks.

08. Would you allow your guy to join a gang?
> takyah la kot.. :P

09. Must he have perfect eyesight?
> hahaha.. does this matter? i dun even care.

10. Must he be perfect in everything?
> no, he doesnt have to. perfect guy is the most boring creature.

11. Will you be furious or worried if your guy gets into trouble with the DM?
> hah.. DM tu ape?

12. Must he be taller than you?
> yes, but not so tall.

13. What is the first thing he attracted you?
> hermm.. ntah. i dun really believe love at first sight. his smile i guess..

14. Does how much he loves you matters or as long as you love him is enough?
> how loyal that matters.. Kekadang cinta macam nak mati pun, within a split second pun boleh goyah.. Hati manusia ni bukan leh percaye~

15. Would you allow your guy to show tantrums on the elderly or worthy of respect?
> tidak patuttt! tp tengok gak laa kan kalu elder ppl tu kuang ajau tak bertempat.. sampai menjatuhkan maruah, takkan kita still nak "baik baik tuan.. saya trime.. saye mmg bodo. kecik2 tanak mampus kan.. dh besar menyusahkan tuan pulak.."

16. What if your guy's ex still loves him?
> rasa tergugat.. tp doa je lah kan.. wut to do..

17. Which of his character or looks will make you leave him?
> hypocrites.. snobbish.. liars.. egoistic..

18. Must you be his first girlfriend?
> gile la kalau ini requirement dia..

19. After marriage, must you be together or follow him back to his country or the country he's in?
> country?? hahaah.. aku nk gi Barcelona la kawen dgn Deco camnie.. Kalau negeri lelain, I dun really mind kalau kena ikut dia.. isteri kena ikut suami, bukan family lagi dah..

20. What will you do if his friends bully him?
> hahaha wut a shame.. kasik malu je. aku tinggalkan je, biar die kena buli.

21. What are the most important things you seek in your guy?
> a person who loves me for me.

22. Would you rather your guy be a studious or bad boy kind?
> baik sangat pun tak besss.. nakal sikit la.. hihi..

23. What if your good friend likes your guy?
> a bit uncomfortable lah kot..

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Forever in my heart..

[photo removed]

Detik-detik yang berharga telah pun berlalu.. Saat yang paling ditunggu-tunggu, kelas silat terakhir bagi kami yang bakal grad telah pun mengukir sejarahnya sendiri pada Jumaat lalu..

Sedih.. Sebak..
Air mata menemani pengakhiran kelas itu..

Terasa seronok sangat bila tengok kelas silat malam tu luar biasa ramainye.. Teringat pulak masa zaman kegemilangan batch aku dulu... sangat ramai..

Lepas kelas, naik bas, kita ramai-ramai makan sate Kajang kat Hj. Samuri. Wahh.. tak terfikir pulak nak makan satay malam tu. Ape lagi, layannn~~

Kita sampai MMU lebih kurang pukul 2.30 pagi.. Ada yang dah ngantuk, tapi aku dah mula sayu.. sebab malam tu dah nak berakhir..

Tiba-tiba Arom suruh berbaris.. buat bulatan ikut laki pompuan.. Ingatkan kenapa lah.. aku tak faham mulanya.. Masing-masing dah amek tempat, dia terus peluk member lelaki kat sebelah dia.. dan seterusnya..

Oh nehi.. I was sooo not ready~

Maka malam itu, ramai antara kita dihujani air mata..

Sebaknya lah.. tak tertahan rasanye.. Bukan aku fikir sebab nak berpisah.. tapi aku fikir this precious moment tak akan dapat dirasai lagi.. Segalanya takkan sama dah... eventhough kita akan berjumpa lagi jika ada rezeki.

Sekalipun, lepas grad, kemungkinan aku akan pulang ke Ipoh dan bekerja di sana.. tapi InsyaAllah jika ada kesempatan, aku akan turun melawat adek-adek di MMU ni.. dah sayang sangat kat korang ni.. Semuanya sekejap jer, tapi cukup indah dapat bermesra dengan korang semua.

Untuk semua, all the best. Keep in touch. Mohon maaf atas segala salah silap.. harap tak simpan dalam hati. InsyaAllah blog ini akan setia aktif selagi terdaya.. rajin-rajin jenguklah.. :)

Monday, April 30, 2007

50 Things About Me.

1. How tall are you barefoot?
- more appropriate if you ask me, how short. 155cm.

2. Have you ever smoked?
- penah la dulu mase umur 6 tahun nk try.. tp x reti sedut. so that doesnt count.

3. Do you own a gun?
- tadak.

4. Do you hate someone right now?
- I think I don't..

5. Do you get nervous?
- Yes sometimes.. esp bila fikir presentation fyp dah dekat..

6. What do you think of hot dogs?
- mengenyangkannnn..

7. What's your favorite Christmas song?
- I don't celebrate X'mas but there's one song I do like.. ape tah tajuk dia.. Nsync nyanyi.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
- Iced or Hot Milo.

9. Can you do push ups?
- Boleh.. 8 kali je.. pastu.. collapseee~

10. Is your bathroom clean?
- Kat rumah memang sentiasa bersih sebab jarang guna.. I've 8 toilets. Haha.

11.What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
- ring.

12. Do you like painkillers?
- TAK SUKE!! BENCI!!! I'm allergic to pain killers. Kalau termakan, muka bertukar menjadi katak kodok yang cacat!

13. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
- Simpan sendiri sudaaaa laaa~

14. Do you own a knife?
- Gunting ade ler..

15. Do you have H.I.V?
- Simpang malaikat~

16. Middle Name?
- Norafida boleh ke? HAHA.

17. Name 3 things u wanna do at this exact moment?
- minum Nescafe O Ais, siapkan FYP, mandi.

18. Name the last 3 things you have bought lately:
- Marker, deodorant, gifts for my frens.

19. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:
- Nescafe O Ais, Milo Ais, air masak.

20. What time did you wake up today?
- 8.45 pagi.

22. Current worry?
- My FYP la ape lagi.. and also, about my future.. my life after graduated from MMU..

23.Current hate?
- Chelsea? Haha. Sifat malas di dalam diri, projek Java dan PHP yang tak siap lagi..

24. Favorite place to be?
- My home~!

25.Least favorite place to be?
- Ofis supervisor.

26. Where would you like to go?
- Nak balikk...

27. Do you own slippers?
- ado dua pasang..

28. What shirt are you wearing?
- Sikalang ke? T-shirt Karate Tournament.

29. Do you burn or tan?
- Dedua tak.. ada pasif la sekarang. Lamanye tak main badminton.. huhu..

30. Favorite color/s?
- soft purple, apple green..

31. Would you like to be a pirate?
- Pirate? Ewww.. I hate pirates.. busuk, tak mandi.

32. Last time you had an alcoholic drink?
- Never la wei~

33. What songs do you sing in the shower?
- Entah.. kat rumah slalu, kat hostel jarang.

34. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
- Kidnappers.

35.What's in your pocket/s right now?
- Its empty.

36. Last thing that made you laugh?
- Apa ek.. some nonsense jokes I made with Shiedan and Warda during lunch.

37. Best bed sheets you had as a child?
- Tak ingat.. semua pun best.

38. Worst injury you've ever had?
- Takde yang seriyes.. Alhamdulillah.. Paling teruk pun torn ligaments je. Tapi ada sikit efek la sampai ini hari.

40. How many TVs do you have in your house?
- Four.

41. Who is your loudest friend?
- Zura. HAHAHA! Aku sendiri la kot.

42.Who is your most silent friend?
- Hurm ramaii.. ada berlian kot dalam mulut. hehe..

43. Does someone have a crush on you?
- Memang takdak lah kan..

44. Do you wish on shooting stars?
- Takde keje.. I have Allah with me.

45. What is your favorite book?
- Harry Potter series! Weehuu~

46. What is your favorite candy?
- I dont eat chocs and candy. It'll hurt my throat. So I dun hav any favourite.

47. What song do/did you want played at your wedding?
- Destiny - Misha Omar. Ada rezeki, I'll sing this song to my husband.. hahaha..

49. What were you doing 12 AM last night?
- FYP timeee.

50. What was the First thing you did today?
- turned off my alarm.

p/s: Credit to the person I got this survey from. Tak kenai sapa.