Friday, December 12, 2008

Let this day be the worst day of my life.

No, it was not a good week for me. (refer : my last sentence of my second previous entry)

I took the normal train departs at 6.55am (more or less) everyday so I did not expect anything bad. Everything I planned went well. I was not late. Sempat lah periksa kereta yang ditinggalkan di ERL, lock gear, tarik wiper ape semua.

By 7.10am (more or less), I reached KLIA on time, of course. My flight was at 8am. I always checked in around that time, this is my fifth trip. When I went to the 3rd floor to check in, I found the queue was unbelievably long I didn’t even know where it started and where it ended. After a few minutes trying to solve the human maze, I gave up and just stood in the middle of nowhere (and even some idiots queued up behind me.)

I waited a few seconds.. for a.. miracle. No, for some last minute announcement.

“Attention to flight passengers for MH601 to Singapore, please kindly proceed to counter C14 and C15 for immediate check-in.”


While queuing up, I realized I was not fully recovered from my fever which I was having since Sunday as I started to feel lightheaded. But luckily the queue was not that long.. lebih kurang 20 minit. Then terus pegi Immigration. Pastu masa scan dekat Customs, the guy felt something suspicious with my handbag.

Oh shit. I forgot to remove it. Ok, I always forgot to take it out tapi tak tau kenapa selalu lepas je. Haha.

“Scan lagi sekali ye,” he said.

I just nodded.

After examining it for a while, he asked, “Ada bawak gunting ke?”

I nodded again, “Ada.” and passed him the scissors.

“Ni tak boleh bawak ye?” he said politely and threw it into a translucent box.

I nodded silently for the third time and walked to the Aerotrain. There goes my loyal companion. You know, the scissors I always kept in my handbag just in case I had to stab someone?

I do not like the Aerotrain. It makes me feel sick. Whenever my boarding pass says my gate is C something.. I immediately feel like it has just spoilt my day.

Right after I found my seat, I intended to ask for a cushion and a blanket. But the flight attendant seemed to read my mind. Then I took out my immigration card to fill up and hurm.. I had no pen in my handbag. It was so bizarre. I used to have at least three! Come on! Luckily the guy sitting behind me was friendly enough so without hesitation I asked him for his pen. Twice. Because I forgot to tick my gender. Oh please, don’t tell me you can’t tell if I didn’t tick it.

The journey to Singapore is always too short. I could never take a nap. After passing the immigration (I took the always-unnoticed counter because it’s a little hidden so it had the shortest queue), I went to carousel number 33 to get my luggage.

After 15 minutes waiting, I started to feel uneasy because you don’t have to wait too long for your luggage when you’re in Changi Airport. Tak macam KLIA. Siap boleh pergi berak dan bersiar-siar dulu.

Half an hour passed, I still didn’t see my luggage coming out. But I already lost my count on how many times the same bags had passed in front of my face. A few more people waiting just like me, looking anxious.

We all just stood there, wishing and praying hard, our luggage would come out from that stupid hole. I felt so woozy at that moment, carrying my heavy backpack plus my fever was getting worse. After 45 minutes standing like a big fat lady monument, I gave up and found myself a seat.

Just in about three minutes sitting, someone called us out to queue in Lost and Found office.

I was like, ‘oly shite.

This is another hell of a story. We had to queue up and I was like number seven in the queue but the service was *mind the bad language* freaking fucking damn slow. I had to queue another half an hour when I was feeling like fainting already.

All we had to do was just describe how our luggage looks like, and provide them address so they could deliver the bag to us. There were like four to five available counters. What made them so fucking slow, man? I just don’t get it! Urgh! I was like screaming in my head, “Has anyone of you ever thought that one of your passengers could have been sick and need to stand this long?! Come on! It’s me! Think of me!”

As if they heard me.

By 11.10am only I reached my office. Normally I could reach there before 10am. I usually had a nice talk with the cab driver but that day, I had no mood at all and I could see the cab driver could sense it. Bagus.

I asked him to drop me at my apartment since my office is only a five minutes walking distance. I was feeling dreadful at this time, I couldn’t even count my coins properly so that I could pay the driver at the exact amount.

I think he knew I was in such a bad condition so he said nevermind, just give what I have on my palm.

So yeah, it wasn’t enough but he was very kind. God bless ya.

I went straight to my apartment which is the same as my previous week. And guess what, I went to the wrong level, which was 9th. My room was at 7th floor. The reason I punched no 9 in the lift was because my house at Cyberia apartment is at level 9 so I’m like so used to hitting number 9 (eventhough sometimes I am already at the 9th floor). I only realized I was at the wrong floor after I reached right in front of the door I thought was my apartment.

“Ya Allah…” Itu je lah yang mampu aku ucapkan.

So I headed back to the lift which I felt like hundreds steps away. Waiting for the lift is another painful memory to bear.

Finally after I got into my apartment, I collapsed on the bed (I was still conscious), trying to take deep breaths and motivate myself, “I can do this. I can do this.” Memang buduh sekali.

Then I got up and went straight to the office. The CSC consultant, Jo who sat next to me turned to look at me, I guess she could sense something was not right.

So I just said, “I lost my luggage in the airport.”

The whole cubical was looking at me.

“And I am having a really bad fever right now..” I sighed.

“Why did you even come here? You shouldn’t fly you know.”

“I know. I guess.. I’m just.. too kind?”

“I can see that,” she replied.

Jo urged me to go down to the clinic but I had to tell my UAT Manager first. After I told him and he said, “Please go now”, I went down to see the doctor. Luckily they have a clinic in the building.

The doctor was kind and the assistants were like so delighted to hear I’m from KL. Duh. What? KL people can’t get sick, meh? :P

I don’t know why I was being polite by asking a silly question with a shaky voice, “Can I get an MC for today?” And the doctor was like, “OF COURSE! Why not? I’m giving you two days MC.”

So there you go. I went back to the office at 5th storey to e-mail my team lead and my UAT manager about my medical leave and headed back to my apartment. This time I ensured I hit the right floor.

I took a good longgg rest as my body temperature already reached 39.7 degree Celsius. (Luckily I brought my digital thermometer along.)

Around 2 pm, someone from the airport gave a call saying my luggage will be delivered around 3-4pm. Great, I really need my stuff in it. I need to change my clothes! Before 4, a front desk officer called me, so with a really dizzy head, I managed to go down to the lobby and dragged my luggage.

The next day, I was feeling slightly better. The problem is, when I get rest, I tend to feel sicker. So besides sleeping and just laying down on the sofa watching TV, I wore my sweater and decided to jog around the apartment. I did, just to make myself sweating.

It worked. It was hard but yes, it worked. By late evening, I felt fit enough to go to office on the next day.

In those two suffering days, I only ate two slices of toast with cheese. I completely lost my appetite. Thus on the third day, I lost half of my energy and a couple of kilos. Cool.

On Thursday, Jo decided to bring me to an Indonesian restaurant. Geng dia ni memang suka gila masakan Minang. As for me, I think Minang style and Malay dishes don’t have such a big difference. But I did find the rendang was very delicious. But still a little too spicy for me. Duh.

[photo removed]

Anyway it was when I finally took a heavy meal that week.

I went back to KL on the same day and I did feel a little regret for not having the chance to loiter around Orchard Rd to see the Christmas preparation. (pictures below were taken during my earlier trip)

Anyway, I’ll be flying again to Singapore next week and will be staying there until Christmas!

Ow hell.. shopping time!!!

Oh yes, when I went back to KL, I left my Medical Chit and S$53 receipt behind. Along with a cable for my newly bought rice cooker.


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