Friday, February 12, 2016

Love-Hate Relationship

Have you ever been into one?

So how do you actually define this love-hate relationship? Is it real?

This is one of the best definition for me..

I sometimes get mad very easily over something and I dunno why. Maybe because of frustration or the bad experiences I had been through that somehow related to it? Perhaps yeah.

Sometimes I felt like I'd be better off alone, but sometimes I felt lonely and I hated it.

I am not perfect. Obviously far from it. But everyone is trying to be the best for someone, yet sometimes I felt like giving up. You may have seen my darkest side, but you still stay. That's just unbelievable sometimes.

The argument can drive me crazy and all I want to do is escaping from it. I'm a coward, I know. If that's how you see it, probably I am. Trust me, I am extremely tired enduring the same excruciating pain. But I heal fast tho'.. and I'm back to where I belonged.

Maybe this love-hate relationship seems like a myth to someone, but it is real to me.

p/s: And I still write about you in this blog.. doesn't that tell you something?

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