Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Insignificant Random Things Happened Today.

1. CEO of PACS, Mr Phillip Seah which means CEO of our mega project that my company currently doing came to visit our office this morning. He was scheduled to give a short briefing but when everyone was standing in front of him, he advised us to sit down on the carpet as it was not going to be only five minutes. Most of us kindly refused and unfortunately I was wearing 2 inches heels and had to bare the consequences as he was damn right.

2. Another road accident happened at Persiaran Bestari junction near Cyberia and I was driving passby and saw a car hit the signboard (lost count how many times they replaced with a new one). It was a female driver and seemed to be having head and neck injuries (hope she's okay). I think it is about time for the junction to have new friends called 'traffic lights'.

3. Funnily I could reach my favourite radio station, pretty easily from my office desk which previously I never succeeded to get through it. (In case you don't know, I only listen to Mix and Sinar.)

4. There was a light refreshment being served after Mr Seah's briefing. The tuna sandwiches with cheese were amazingly delicious but the fried beehoon was a disaster.

5. Someone who willingly served the drinks to us who are sitting nearby the pantry accidentally spilled the cold drinks onto my colleague's computer desk causing everyone nearby his cubical to jump off from their seats waving up their tissues. What a great team they can make.

6. I received 3 mails today which two of them are Raya cards.

7. My office is full of food because of various visitors including a whole bunch of INTI college students thus I didn't get the chance to eat my own sandwiches and fried spaghetti I cooked last night for today's lunch.

8. All Business Analysts wore red attire today and gone before lunch. Wondered where they went to until my colleague told me they might have Team Building. When I first saw them, I could only relate the red shirts with Chinese New Year and Liverpool. Now you know how far I could go..

9. Someone who I used to have a crush on sent me a message early in the morning but I felt nothing.

10. A long lost friend which I haven't met for fifteen years called me by surprise which I nearly thought it was a prank call like 'Panggilan Hangit'.

11. PM has decided not to defend his Umno president post.

* * * * *

Something that made me smiled today. Quoted from Che Det's blog.

1. I have a problem. I cannot remember the date I was married. As a result I always get into trouble with my wife.

2. She has a remarkable memory for dates, not just her own or our special dates but she can remember the dates of birth of all her children, the dates of their marriage, the birthdays of all 17 of my grandchildren and even of her sisters and brothers and late parents.

3. So I can rely on her and sign the birthday cards she passed on to me. Unfortunately she cannot remember much of what she read when studying medicine. So I used to coach her. Thus we complement each other.

4. God has endowed Man (and Woman) with the ability to remember. That is the basic difference between us and the animals.

10. So please try to memorise everything you do every day. Don't forget the details. It can be fatal for you.

One question, if men are so good with technical stuff, why are they so clumsy at remembering numbers or dates to be precise?

There's not even one guy in this world that I know of that remembers well on birthdates.

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